Road Trip Diary Part 6: Rain, more Shopping and more Castles

Hey there! Today I’m sharing the last part of my road trip with you guys. Two weeks of fun in the UK had to come to an end and so this is the final part. I had such a great time and I hope I can go back and visit some of the cools places again or visit new ones some times soon. That probably won’t happen but you never know.

So the the day before our final day we went to Newcastle. I’d been wanting to see that city of for the longest time, so I was pretty happy when the rest of my family liked my suggestion of going there. I really liked Newcastle and we wandered around the city for a while until it started to pour rain. Smart as I am I’d left my umbrella in the hotel so I got absolutely soaked! Didn’t really help my cold either. Oh well. The worst thing is that it wouldn’t stop so we started running towards the next restaurant to get some coffee and tea to warm up and dry off. When it stopped raining we went back to the car and drove to the Metro Centre, which is apparently the biggest indoor mall in Europe. Don’t know if that’s true but it’s definitely incredibly huge.

So here are some pictures my brother and I took when we were bored and some pictures of Newcastle.

IMG_6194 IMG_6195

IMG_6208 IMG_6219 IMG_6246



On our final day before our departure we went to Alnwick (hope I spelled that right) castle. We did a tour through it and it is quite the impressive place. If you have watched some of the Harry Potter movies this might look a bit familiar to you as it was used as a location to shoot some of the scene. Don’t sake me which ones though. Anyway… it’s a beautiful place.IMG_6323 SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

After our tour we went through the town itself. It’s such a charming little place and before leaving the UK I bought some more make up I knew I couldn’t get over here. Yep, that’s just me.

When we got back to the hotel we had to pack and get up at 2.30am to drive to Manchester Airport. I arrived back home incredibly exhausted and went straight to bed.

But it was definitely a fun vacation and I wish it would’ve lasted a little longer.



Chicago Travel Diary Part 3 (Days 8-10)













Day 8  On Monday we took the L to Oak Park where we visited the house of Frank Llyod Wright and took a walking tour through the neighborhood he lived in. Unfortuantely it started pouring down rain after a little while and we got absolutely soaked. After the tour we split up in groups to get lunch and dry of a little. At around 2pm we went to take a tour through Earnest Hemmingways house and after the tour we went to the Earnest Hemmingway museum. After dinner we went on top of the Willis Tower to the 103rd floor, which is also known as the Skydeck. Fromt here you can look across the entire city and you can step into on of those boxes made out of glass. At first I was terrified because I’m terribly scared of heights but then I figured that I would only get this chance once, so I took all my courage and stepped into one of the so called ledges. It was a scary but amazing feeling and I will never ever forget that view.

Day 9 Mexican time! Today we went to the Mexican district of Chicago. At first we met a priest, who has a lot of different programs to help Mexican American kids to get a better education and to escape gang violence. Later on we took another walking tour, went to the Mexican American Museum of Art and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Day 10

On our last full day in Chicago we went to the Art Institute. At first we had a tour and after about an hour we had some free time to explore the museum on our own. I don’t know what it is about art museums but I have a bit of a thing for them. I just like looking at all of the different paintings and pieces of art and interpret them in my own way. There’s just something about those museums that fascinates me. Another great feature about the museum is that it has this bridge that connects it to the Millennium Park and offers you a great view. Later that day we just did a bit more of souvenir shopping and packing.

That’s it for part 3 already. There’s one more part that I’ll be sharing with y’all soon!  Until then check out my Giveaway!

– xx Sophie


I Love London


I just got back from London today and apart from being incredibly tired I’m kind of depressed I’m already back. London was absolutely amazing. I love how the subway, or tube system (how they call it), takes you everywhere so fast and the city itself just has this British charm, that I totally adore. Besides that there is so much to see.Unfortunately I did not get to see everything but I saw a lot and it was so so so amazing.

Originally I went to London with my best friend to celebrate New Years Eve there. My last New Years Eves all kind of sucked so I finally broke the spell! This year totally rocked! I know I’m repeating myself but it was just so cool I can’t really find the right words to describe it. But apart from celebrating into the New Year we got to do so much more.

My best friend’s been to London so many times she already knows her way around there so I had my own personal tour guide in a way.

The first day we arrived pretty late so we did some late night sightseeing.

IMG_2010 IMG_2002

The next day the weather was pretty British. Rain and wind but I guess when you go to the UK you just have to be prepared for that. Of course we wouldn’t let the rain ruin our day so we checked out Piccadilly Circus and did some shopping. London was full of sales and I love how in big cities you can find so many different kinds of clothes.


After that we looked at the Tower of London and went up the Tower Bridge. Lucky for us the rain stopped so we could enjoy this amazing view.


The next day we went to see the Buckingham Palace.



On the 31st we went to Madame Tussaud’s and after waiting in line (or queuing as the British would say) we finally got in and I met one of my favourite superheroes… Captain America.


Later that day we went back to the Hotel, changed and went back to the River Thames to wait for midnight and watch the fireworks. When the clock finally turned twelve we had an amazing view over the Thames and the fireworks. It was absolutely amazing and probably the best fireworks I’ve seen so far.

I hope all of you guys had an amazing New Years Eve as well and may all your wishes for 2014 come true!