UD Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

Before I get into the topic of today’s blog post I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you guys for the views, comments and likes on my last post. I was honestly a bit surprised because I’ve been so MIA on my blog lately but seeing that there are still people who seem to enjoy reading what I write has definitely motivated me even further to stay on track this time, so thank you!

With that being said let’s get back to makeup! Although my skin is not making too many problems I do have quite sensitive skin, which is why I like to stick with what I know and love when it comes to the base of my makeup (foundation, concealer,powder). I love to try out and experiment with all kinds of products, just not my basics. Hence I literally use the same foundation, concealer and powder every single time I do my makeup and rarely ever try a new product. However, every now and then I come across one that does spark my interest and I will eventually try it after doing some online research first obviously.


After hearing lots of raving reviews about the UD Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (seriously though could they have made that name any longer?) I caved in and decided to try it out because I do love Urban Decay as a brand and never purchased a product from them I didn’t like. Since I’m ridiculously pale anyway I didn’t even go to a store to get matched but just ordered the lightest shade available online.


I do have to say I was a little surprised with how light the shade actually was but I do found it to be the perfect shade for my skin tone for highlighting and brightening up the under eye area. However, for covering any redness or blemishes on the rest of my face this shade definitely would have been too light. Luckily my skin is pretty clear so my foundation will usually cover up everything and I don’t need to add much concealer most days.


What I really love about this concealer is that just as the name promises it feels so weightless and light on the skin. I know some people don’t mind but I just don’t like wearing products that feel really heavy on my skin. In general, I really like the formula. I find it definitely has enough coverage to cover up any dark circles and although I’ve read some people had problems with it creasing I definitely didn’t experience any creasing under my eyes with this concealer. Another thing I really like is that is has more of a luminous finish, which really adds to brightening up that under eye area.


Before trying the UD concealer the Mac Pro Longwear was my holy grail concealer! So would I replace my Mac one for UD? Yes and no. When it comes to covering up dark circles and brightening I would actually prefer the UD one because it doesn’t crease on me at all, it’s very lightweight and I like the luminous finish it provides. But if it comes to covering any blemishes or redness I will definitely stick to my Mac Pro Longwear because I feel like it gives more coverage and it comes with a pump. The UD concealer comes with a wand like applicator similar to a lip gloss and I always find those to be to so unsanitary.

So to sum it up I feel like my UD and Mac concealers would make the perfect team for a flawless base.

Thanks so much for reading!



A Palette I Neglect Too Much


I think it’s quite obvious that I have a teeny tiny okay maybe a huge obsession with make up. I always have a list on my phone of which products I need to get next and once I cross one item off I add another five. It’s a never-ending cycle. Just like every other make up obsessed girl I have to admit that I sometimes purchase products simply because I want them and not because I need them or will get a lot of use out of them. One of these products is my Urban Decay Electric palette. The palette obsessed girl that I am I immediately decided that I needed this palette in my collection when I first saw it. I have nothing even close to similar to this palette and I loved the crazy colors and the cool packaging. There’s nothing much to say expect that I just fell hard for the palette.


When I was in the hospital last summer my amazing mom actually went out and bought this for me as a gift to make me feel a little better and cheer me up! Well, her plan definitely worked and I was on cloud nine when I unwrapped it. When I told my friends about his palette none of them shared my excitement and they just thought the palette looked like a paintbox and I was crazy for wanting it.

Ever since I was quite young I’ve loved make up and I’ve loved experimenting with crazy and bold looks (even thought I wouldn’t wear them outside my bathroom) and that passion never went away. I know the colors this palette includes are very bold and loud and maybe look quite insane to some people but I love the challenge this palette brings a long with it and I love how you can create some really unique looks with it and add a pop of color to a more simple look. Especially during the summer months I’ve loved using this palette for some more colourful eye make up looks.


With this palette you get incredibly stunning shades and I’ve worn and love every single one of them except for the shade slow burn, which is an orange red that just does not suit me at all, but I imagine it to look absolutely stunning on someone with a darker skin tone. My personal favourites shades are Fringe, which is a gorgeous shimmery teal, Revolt (a beautiful silver),  Jilted (a shimmery blue based dark pink) and Urban (another shimmery dark purple). Except for Revolt every shade is so incredibly pigmented and they last so long!


Unfortunately this palette obviously isn’t one I grab too often because it doesn’t have the most wearable shades for a simple every day look, which is what I go for most of the time. However, I still don’t regret getting this palette. In fact, I’m really glad because it’s so unique and I wish I wouldn’t neglect it as much. Hence I can’t wait for the warmer months when I will have more time to do my make up in the morning and I always feel like bold and bright colors are much easier to pull off during summer.

Do you have any particular products that you love but tend to neglect a lot?

Thank you for reading!

Much love,


A Little Life Update & My Favorite Lip Combo of the Week

Hey there!

As I’ve mentioned in my last post I have successfully managed to make it through the first week of my 4th semester at University! Yay! It’s been a stressful week and I have a feeling that this semester is going to be the hardest one yet! I’m taking a lot of courses this year and I need to write so many final essays and papers this time I’m probably gonna be sick and tired of spending so much time in front of my MacBook once summer rolls around.

Nonetheless I’m taking some really interesting courses this year. I know I’ve mentioned before what I’m studying but I don’t think I’ve ever really explained it. Now my study program is called English Language and Culture and I chose to focus on North America rather than the UK. No offence, I love the UK and have a wonderful time whenever I go there but I used to live in the US and it’s like my favorite place in the world and I really miss living there.

 However, I didn’t just want to study English or literature so I decided to study English language and culture because it’s a mixture of language classes (Syntax and Phonetics), history, politics, art, cultural studies and of course literature. This year especially I have quite a few classes that seem so interesting! Apart from even more literature and politics classes one of the courses I have to take is called American Popular Culture, in which we talk about all sorts of new phenomenons that are part of popular culture, be it movies, music, TV, comic books or even graffiti in big cities with NYC as a case study (I actually have to do a presentation on that soon). We’re also finally putting a bigger focus on Canada and after my first class of Canadian literature I totally wanna travel there now. Our professor basically gave us a 90 minute introduction to Canada as a country in general and Canada has now moved up a lot on my list of countries I still want to travel to. You guys probably don’t even care about this but I’m just really excited about some of the courses I’m taking this year, so I just wanted to share a bit more of my experience with going to University.

But let’s move on to the beauty part now. There’s a combo I’ve been loving a lot this week! I’m a fan of lip liner and one I’ve been loving this week is the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in 132 Sweet Pink. It’s basically a soft pink nude that gives you a your lips but better kind of color while adding some volume. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like gloss too much but I’ve been obsessing over my Urban Decay Naked Gloss in Sesso, which was included in the Naked On The Run palette I got very recently. Unfortunately I think you can only buy this gloss as part of the palette but it really makes me want to try out some of the other UD glosses. As you can probably guess I’ve paired these two together and I think they look great as the Naked Gloss is rather sheer, so it adds a nice shimmer to your lips without being over the top glittery.

IMG_2874 IMG_2870 IMG_2881

As always I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’d like to read more lifestyle posts about my University experience please let me know! Also do let me know if you like me mixing lifestyle posts with a bit of beauty as I did today!

Lots of love,


January Haulin’

Okay, so today’s post is a sneaky not so little haul, that was totally not planned. Actually this wasn’t supposed to happen at all because I didn’t want to spend any money on make up all throughout January but I guess I just did it anyway because, well, no self control! I’d bought quite a few make up with my Christmas money in the beginning of January, and I wanted to leave it at that. Somehow I ended up buying things anyway ( I swear they all must have appeared in my room magically) and I’ve now noticed that it were quite a few, so here’s a January Haul for you guys.SAMSUNG CSC

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This is the first make up item I bought this month and I feel like it doesn’t completely count because it’s more like a repurchase. This is one of my absolute favorite foundations. I’m always torn between this one and my Dior Star foundation but I could never pick one of them because I love them for different reasons. Anyway.. my old double wear was a few shades too dark, like seriously too dark. I’d bought it over the summer when I apparently had much more of a tan. When the Dior foundation came out I got totally obsessed with that one forgot about my love for double wear. However, I recently used it again and got reminded of why I love this foundation so much. It’s so long lasting and has such great coverage; it makes my skin look so good. When I discovered that it was definitely too dark for me at the moment I was pretty gutted and there was no way I could work with it. Eventually I caved in and ordered it a few shades lighter. It’s a much better match now and I’m so glad to have this back in my collection in a shade I can actually wear.


The Born Pretty Store Lip Products*

I received a lip crayon in more of a neutral shade and two bright pink lip stick by the Born Pretty Store this month. I adore the design of the lip crayon and I love the shade I have it in. It’s more of a neutral shade and almost like a your lips but better shade that adds some nice volume to your lips but it is slightly darker despite it looking a lot darker swatches it’s a bit lighter on the lips. One of the lipsticks they sent me is quite sheer and adds a nice glossy pink shimmer to your lips. The other one is just bright pink and more of a matte. I’m actually really looking forward to Spring and Summer because I know I’ll be getting a ton of use out of those pink lipsticks. Gotta a love a bright pink in Spring and Summer.


Maybelline Brow Drama

I don’t really have the best relationship with my brows. I’m naturally blonde but somehow my brows ended up being pretty dark, which, I guess, is one of the reasons a lot of people ask me if I dye my hair even though no blonde color has ever even come near my hair. I don’t have the thinnest brows either, so I always struggle a bit with what to do with them. I’ve heard a lot about Maybelline’s Brow Drama Sculpting mascara, so I figured I could just give it a go. I got it in the shade medium brown and it’s a pretty good match. So far I’m really liking it.


Milani Blushes

I reviewed the Milani blush in the shade Corallina not too long ago and a few people commented and recommend Luminoso to me so I went out and got it alone with the shade Berry Amore. I’ve only tried each of them once because I got them very recently, so I can’t say too much but I have a feeling I will love them just as much as Corallina as both shades are pretty stunning in the pan as well as when swatched.


Jo Malone 

I’ve seen Jo Malone’s perfumes and candles on Instagram and a few different blogs so many times now and I always read such great things about them I really got curious. Plus I just adore the packaging. It looks so beautiful and luxurious, doesn’t it? So I decided I wanted to try one of the fragrances and payed a visit to a Jo Malone counter. I was so impressed with how lovely and helpful the staff was. They introduced me to a bunch of different fragrances and really did a great job with helping me decided on one. I eventually went for Blackberry & Bay and I’m head over heels with this. It just smells divine!


Urband Decay Naked On The Run

To be honest I never intended to buy this. The Naked On The Run palette has been dominating my Instagram feed over the last few weeks and though it is absolutely stunning I convinced myself I wasn’t going to need it. When I saw it in reality in a store yesterday I couldn’t help myself though. The packaging is stunning and just on point. You get 6 eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, a gloss, an eyeliner and mascara in one of the prettiest little boxes I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Since I found out I passed a very important exam I honestly thought I had failed yesterday I decided it was okay to treat myself and ended up buying it. The more I look at it the happier I am I did buy it. I played around with the palette this morning and OH MY GOSH I’m in love with it even more now. I probably won’t review it as basically everyone else already has but I might use it for a make up look some time soon if anyone is interested.


This concludes my little haul. If there’s anything you’d like to see a more in depth review of just let me know and I’d be more than happy to write one.

Have you treated yourself to anything nice lately?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Much love and thank you for reading,


A Fall Eye Make Up Favorite




As much fun and colourful summer make up looks are my favourites are definitely more fall and winter. I’m more on the pale side, so I love how in fall and winter pale skin is totally normal (not that it wouldn’t be otherwise) but what I mean is that I don’t feel like a ghost compared to my perfectly tanned friends. I actually really like the look of fair skin with more neutral eyes and a red lip in fall and winter.

So today it’s all about a casual and super super easy eye make up I’ve been a bit obsessed with lately. You only need a few products and it’s so easy and fast to do, meaning it’s perfect for every day. Especially because it’s super causal.

Basically what I do is I pick any lighter brown shade and apply it all over my eyelids. The eyeshadow I’ve used in this picture is Nooner by Urba Decay. Then I take another brown color a few shades darker and apply that in my crease and outer v. Then I blend it really well so you almost can’t tell it’s there. I want this to be really natural, so it’s supposed to just add a bit more definition to my eyes. Next I use any highlighting shade along my brow bone.

Now it comes to a tiny bit more tricky part. Applying eyeliner. Usually I go for deep black gel or liquid eyeliner but I want this to be really soft, so I’ve lately gotten into brown pencil eyeliners. My favorite one at the moment is the Urband Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Demolition. Demolition is a dark brown shade, which is gorgeous. The eyeliner itself is so long lasting and a dream to apply because it’s so soft. It doesn’t smudge and stays in place all day. It’s pretty much all you would expect from a good pencil eyeliner. So what I do is I apply my eyeliner along three quarters of my lash line leaving out the corners of my eyes. Then I apply it halfway along the waterline. I love this as it gives definition to my eyes and brings out the blue in them but it still looks much softer because of the brown. Last step is whatever mascara you like!



Lately I’ve really become a fan of some classic dark brown pencil eyeliner and this is how I use it. I think it’s perfect for a casual fall every day make up look. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!



June Favorites

It’s crazy but another month has already passed by just like that. June has been quite eventful for me. I spent the first week of June in Chicago, had two weeks to study for my finals when I came back and then I had all my finals and now I’m basically done with Uni until September unless I have to re-take an exam (hopefully not). Despite being busy with revision there’s still been a bunch of stuff that I’ve been loving this month, so let me share them with you guys!


Let’s start with makeup.


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I just recently bought this while in Chicago, so I guess it’s just naturally that I’ve been using it a ton this month. I really like it because you can create so many different looks with this and I’m so glad I did buy it.

Astor Big & Beautiful Lovely Doll Eye Opening Mascara Attractive Black

Okay, I have no idea what kind of person came up with this incredibly annoying long name but despite its awful name I’ve been absolutely loving this mascara recently. I had tried it out a while ago and kind of forgot about it but I re-discovered it this month and since then I’ve been basically using it daily. It gives really long and pretty doll lashes just like the name already promises. The only downside is that the wand always picks up a lot of product ( a little too much) so you have to watch out or otherwise you get mascara everywhere but if you use it carefully this will give you some amazing results for a really affordable price.

Mac Relentlessly Red

This one is another of my Chicago purchases. When I went to the Mac store I knew I wanted to buy Rebel and Diva ( which I did) and then I kind of wanted to swatch a few lipsticks and just buy one I liked. One of my friends I made in Holland is just as obsessed with makeup as me and we went a little crazy in the Mac store swatching a bunch of lipsticks. Relentlessly Red stood out to both of us, which is why I ended up getting it. I’m really glad I did because it turned out to be a perfect summer red. I’ve actually written a review about it, so if you are interested in reading more just click right HERE.

Maybelline Matt Maker Powder

This powder has been a big surprise for me. Originally I wanted to buy Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder because I’d run out of my mine but it was sold out in my shade, so I opted for this. Turns out I absolutely love it and this will be a definite repurchase. As you might be able to tell from the picture I’ve already used it up quite a bit. If you want to read a more detailed review you may click right HERE.


Let’s move on to the skin stuff.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect

The sun’s been coming out a lot more this month (Thank God) and since I’m quite pale I always make sure to use enough sunscreen because I don’t like to end up looking like a lobster. Besides sunburns just hurt horribly and the thought of my skin starting to peel off just makes me cringe. So no thanks to sunburns. I rather stay pale then turn red. I like this sunscreen because it has enough SPF to prevent sunburns but it’s not so high that there’s no chance of getting a tan at all. Plus it’s shimmery. Oh yes, it has little shimmer particles, which gives your skin a shimmery glow. If you don’t like being shimmery hands off!

Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer

Since I’m pale and don’t want to look like I’m ill next to all of my friends, who for some reason tend to tan much easier than me I go for a bit of a fake tan. I don’t use it massively because I know it just looks weird on me. But I do mix a bit of this with my regular body lotion to get a bit of a tan. Just a tiny one ;)

Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil

Yes, I’m guilty. I’m guilty of letting a commercial influence me to buy something. Okay so I’m quite the fan of Garnier’s hair oil and when I saw a commercial for their new body oil it just made me think hey.. if their hair oil is this good their body oil must be as well. You can probably guess the next part.. next time I went to a store I bought it. It hasn’t disappointed me though. I really like this. It smells great, feels good on my skin and it has made my skin a lot healthier looking. Plus it gives you a bit of a nice summer glow.


Last but not least here are just some random favorite things.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Fragrance Mist

This smells amazing and lasts surprisingly long for a body mist. Love love love it!

EOS Lip Balm

I have to admit I a little obsessed with these. They smell amazing. They look amazing. They just are amazing. Period.

Dutch Strawberry Wine Gums

I’m not big on wine gums but these might be my new favorite candy. These are sooooo good! And the best thing they are completely free of animal substances. They only use natural flavors and ingredients to make these, which you can definitely taste! I’m obsessed right now.

That’s it already for my June favorites. What have you been loving this month?

– xx Sophie



High End Chicago Make Up Haul



Being a beauty blogger from Europe doing make up shopping in the US is like heaven on earth. They just have so many more brands and choices and everything is cheaper. I swear I really had to contain myself to not buy out the entire Sephora (obviously I wouldn’t have had the money for that anyway but a girl can dream, right?). Still I did buy a few things I’ve been wanting for a while now.


Urban  Decay Naked 3 Palette

Apart from the UK and the few lucky countries that have a Sephora Urban Decay is really hard to get and since I’m currently studying abroad in the Netherlands I haven’t had a chance to buy this beauty and now I finally own it. I’ve been using it every day since I got back and I couldn’t be happier with it.


Nars Contour Blush

OMG! My very first Nars product. Nars is another brand that you can only order online in most European countries and it is quite expensive, especially if you add the high shipping cost. If I do splurge on make up I like to swatch it first and have a look at it in real life. At a Sephora I was finally able to check out their blushes and as much as I wanted all of them I did end up getting the contour blush in Olympia as I’ve had my eye on it before.


Mac Lipsticks

My first high end make up product ever was a Mac product. I still remember when my grandma took me to a Mac store and I just fell in love with the brand. I actually kind of consider Mac to be my first love make up wise. So since the lipsticks are much cheaper and I saved 7€ on each lipstick I bought I ended up getting 3. I planned on expanding my Mac lipstick collection because I do love their lipsticks and lipsticks in general are one of my favorite make up items. The choice was tough but I ended up with Diva, Rebel and Relentlessly Red (a friend of mine that came along with me picked this one after swatching tons of lipsticks). I’m in love with all 3 of them.


Benefit Sugarlicious Set

When I spotted this Benefit set I knew I had to have it because it contains 3 things I’ve been dying to try: the High Beam Highlighter, a Benetint and the Sugarbomb blush. It also contains a little lipgloss. I’m more of a lipstick person but you can never go wrong with having a good lipgloss, right?


Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Everyone’s been raving about this mascara, so naturally I’ve been wanting to try it but it’s quite expensive over here. But I took the chance a good a mini version of this at Sephora to try it out. Now the bad thing is that I really like it and I now want the full version.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get everything of my wish list as that would have been much to high a cost but I did end up getting the pieces I’ve been wanting the most, so I’m definitely happy.

– Sophie :)