Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in 13 Orchid Haze

One makeup item, which had been on my wish list for the longest time was one of the Tom Ford Eye Color Quads but since they are so damn expensive I hesitated on buying one for a while. Their lipsticks at $52 are already very pricey in my opinion but 80$ for an eyeshadow quad sure is one heavy price tag. Nonetheless I’ve been dreaming about purchasing one of these because I absolutely love Tom Ford lipsticks and the eyeshadow quads just look so insanely beautiful. So when I got a makeup gift card for my birthday I decided to spend it all on one Tom Ford item but I can’t even say I regret it because I love it so much.


First off let’s just admire the packaging! It’s just so stunning I could literally stare at it for hours. Call me crazy I don’t care! What I do have to say though is that I was kind of positively surprised by how big the quad actually is, so there’s another plus. It also comes with two small double sided brushes. Now I personally never use any of the little brushes that come with any kind of eyeshadow quad or palette but it’s still nice to have them just in case. The last thing I want to mention about the packaging is that the quad comes with a massive mirror, which is another huge plus in my book. Gotta love a nice sized mirror for traveling!


After lots of internet research I eventually decided to go with number 13 Orchid Haze because lately I’ve been loving mauve, dark purples and slightly rose toned brown shades, probably thanks to the Tartelette in Bloom palette. I was really hoping that I would love all four shades and thankfully Tom Ford did not let me down. Each shade is so soft and buttery, not chalky at all and incredibly pigmented. They all apply so nicely and blend like an absolute dream. Honestly the formula is amazing.


I’ve mentioned before how much I love my shimmery eyeshadow, so I was especially happy about the slightly golden champagne highlighting color and its pigmentation. I feel like many of those light highlighting shades often swatch beautifully on your arm but once applied to your lid they seem to loose their pigmentation. At least I’ve come across a lot that seem to do so, which always results in me having to pack quite a lot of product onto my eyelids to reach the desired pigmentation. However with this eyeshadow I’ve not had that problem at all. It still looks absolutely beautiful on the eyes and so do the other three. My second favorite is the mauvey one in the bottom left. I absolutely love this as a transition color. It’s so stunning.



So is it worth $80? I believe with makeup products this expensive everyone has to kind of answer this question for themselves. Obviously there is absolutely no need at all to spend this much money to get some great eyeshadows because you can get so many other amazing products from other great brands for much less. Nonetheless to me it was worth the money but to me makeup is much more than something I just slap on my face. I love collecting makeup products especially high end ones, which is why I’m okay with spending the money because I know that despite Tom Ford makeup being so pricey it really is of very great quality and I’m not just paying for the name. Basically what I’m saying is if you’re someone who likes to splurge on luxurious high end makeup I would always recommend Tom Ford as a brand but nonetheless you can find tons of other great products for a much more affordable price.

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A Lipstick I can’t get enough of: Tom Ford’s Plum Lush


I think it’s pretty safe to say that Tom Ford makes some of the most beautiful and luxurious looking lipsticks, hands down! I could probably spend hours raving about the stunning packaging and the lovely vanilla scent but we don’t have all day and this is a pretty picture heavy post and I think the pictures just speak for themselves!Since I have absolutely no self control whatsoever when it comes to make up it probably comes as no surprise that I once again caved in and purchased another one. After a heavy swatching session and with the help of my mom I eventually went with the shade Plum Lush.


I’d describe this shade as a rather cool toned raspberry pink! It’s more of a darker pink but still very bright, so if you’re not one for a bold lip this probably wouldn’t be one for you. Since I love a bold lip though I’m head over heels for this color. It seems to have very slight blue undertones, which I LOVE in a lipstick because it goes really well with my complexion. I feel like this is a shade you could wear all year around but I know I’ll be mostly wearing it over the summer months as it’s so bright and just reminds me of sunshine and pretty flowers.


Plum Lush is my first Tom Ford lipstick that is in a matte finish, which is actually quite surprising because I usually always go for the mattes first. If you’ve read my review on Indian Rose you might remember that I was absolutely obsessed with that lipstick but just wished it would last a little bit longer. Well, the good news is Plum Lush, being a matte finish, last a great while longer!


One thing I just love about this lipstick is despite it being a matte it’s not drying at all. It doesn’t feel moisturizing on the lips either but basically it feels as though you’re wearing no lipstick at all. It just has such a light texture! Another thing I love is how it doesn’t smudge or move around and once it fades it fades evenly. This is a very pigmented lipstick and I feel like a lot of very pigmented lipstick make a mess easily but this one doesn’t at all! I’m so amazed with how nicely it still looks on the lips even after a few hours.


From all the Tom Ford lipsticks I’ve tried so far I’m liking the matte finish the best so far. I just wish these lipsticks weren’t so damn expensive! I know quite a lot of my friends and basically my whole family think I’m a bit insane for spending such high amounts on a lipstick but for me this one was totally worth it! The product itself is just as amazing as the packing of it looks. I know that I will definitely end up getting a few more of the mattes at some point. I won’t be able to resist anyway.

Have you tried any Tom Ford lipsticks? Do you find the to be worth the money? Which one is your favorite shade?

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Tom Ford Lips & Boys – Flynn


When I bought my first Tom Ford last December I also had a look at the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection and what can I say? I guess, I just got sucked in by the cuteness of size of these lipsticks and ended up buying one along with my Tom Ford Indian Rose lipstick, which I’ve already written a post on if you’re interested. In case you didn’t know (I’m sure you do though) the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection is a limited edition collection of lipsticks that are about half the size of the regular Tom Ford Lipsticks and are advertised as the perfect size for a clutch and instead of having fancy names are all named after a guy. As far as I know they are still available until the end of February but don’t quote me on that. SAMSUNG CSC

The one I opted for after a 30 minute swatching session with my best friend is Flynn. Flynn is described as a light pink to mauve shade on the Tom Ford website, which I would definitely agree with it. It’s such a nice soft light pink, which makes it a perfect shade for a very causal look or if you’re going for a heavy eye make up look and want a more neutral lipstick to even out the look, this is the one.



The formula is so nice and creamy and the lipstick feels quite moisturizing, which makes it so comfortable to wear. It applies so evenly and it is definitely very well pigmented, which is a big plus for me! It looks like such a tiny lipstick but you won’t need much of it because of its pigmentation. The only thing I find a bit of a bummer is the staying power which is around 4 – 5 hours for me before I need a touch up but then again this is a cream formula and I usually tend to go for matte lipsticks, which seem to stay in place so much longer.


Nonetheless I’m head over heels for this little stunner that is Flynn. The packaging is the typical Tom Ford one, which is so beautiful and luxurious. I also think Flynn is such a cute name. The light pink color is absolutely stunning and I feel like it would suit quite a lot of different skin types. I couldn’t be happier with this little beauty and I have no regrets having spent a little fortune on it.

Have you bought any of the Lips & Boys collection? Which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading!



A Beauty of a Lipstick – Tom Ford’s Indian Rose

I’ve mentioned several times before how much of a lipstick lover I am and there’s one brand in particular which I have been dying to get my hands one and that’s without a doubt Tom Ford lipsticks. They are the most luxurious beautiful little things ever but unfortunately their price tag is not so little. In fact, it’s quite the opposite with a whooping 47€ over here. A bit crazy, right? But even that price tag couldn’t keep me away (after a few months of consideration) and I used a bit of my Christmas money to finally buy one.


Now my friends have declared me for totally insane for spending so much money on a lipstick. I just wish I had a beauty blogger bestie I could text like every day and talk to about everything make up related as my friends in real life just can’t seem to understand my passion and often make me feel a little judged when splurging out on an expensive make up item. Anyway… Getting totally off topic here!


Back to the stunning Tom Ford lipstick. So shortly after Christmas, while I was in London, I went to the big Selfridges over there to look at all the beautiful Tom Ford make up items. It was so hard to pick out a lipstick but I eventually decided to go with Indian Rose. If you’ve read my blog before you know how much I’m into a bold lip, which is why I’m actually a tad surprised by myself that I went for such a neutral dark pink shade.


As for the packaging I don’t think I need to say much. You can see for yourself how pretty it is. Now on to the actual lipstick. Indian Rose is a beautiful dusky/ mauve kind of pink. I would almost describe it as a your lips but better shade. It applies so smooth, it’s an actual dream. I’m just in love with the texture of the lipstick because it’s just so soft and velvety. Another plus is how incredibly moisturizing it feels on the lips, which makes it so comfortable to wear. The lipstick lasts quite a few hours but unfortunately it doesn’t last much longer than you average much cheaper lipstick. Nonetheless this is just a stunning lip color I know for sure I’ll be getting a lot of use out of!

Here’s a swatch for you and how it looks on my lips:



Although Tom Ford has some amazingly bold lip colors in his range I’m actually really happy with the choice I made by going for a more neutral and quiet shade, which I think looks just as beautiful. I think this is such a great color that matches with so many things and will be suited for so many different occasions. All I can say is that I’m in love and this might become one of my absolute favorite lipsticks.

Have you tried any of the Tom Ford lipsticks? Which one is your favorite?