Summer Vibes With Metallic Tattoos*

Hey you guys!

How’s everyone doing? I hope you’re all well and the sun is shining for you, wherever you may be in the world right now. After a lot of rainy days the sun has finally found its way back to me! Yay!

So today I want to talk to you about Flash Tattoos or Metallic Tattoos or whatever you want to call them. I’ve recently seen these all over the Internet. They have mostly been all over my Pinterest and Instagram. Now I have to admit that I’m kind of into tattoos anyway. I don’t actually have a real one yet but I’m dying to get one. I’m just not 100% what I want yet but it’s a work in progress.  Anyway… I really love the way the metallic Tattoos look because they give off such a fun summer vibe. Hence when the lovely people over from the Porn Pretty Store gave me the chance to try a few I jumped right at it.


So this is what they look like. I’ve been playing around with a few of them and I’ve had so much fun trying out some of these pretty metallic tattoes! First off they are so easy to apply. I’m sure you all know the concept. You simply decide on a spot, stick it on and slightly wet the paper until the  tattoo has transferred onto your skin. It probably takes less than 2 minutes. I think these are so incredibly fun and they look so nice on really tan skin (thank God for self-tan). On the description it says that they will last for around a week but so far mine have definitely lasted for more than just one week but nearly two weeks. In case you get tired of them or just need them to be gone you can easily wash them away with some soap. Just take a towel and you can rub it off in a few minutes.

Basically I think I’ve found a new obsession. These just look so cool and I’m having so much fun trying out the different tattoos in different places. Maybe this will finally help me decide where I want my real one to be. I think these are especially nice when you’re going on vacation and I’m definitely taking my remaining ones with me when I’m flying to Spain in a little less than two weeks. I’m so excited already and can’t wait for a few days of being on the beach, sunshine and relaxation.

Here are some photos of how I used some of mine and just to show you what they look like on actual skin.



Have you tried any metallic tattoos? Are you planning on?

As always I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post!

Much love,




Lip Crayon Lovin’ *

Hey there,

So I haven’t blogged since last Sunday, which is quite a little while for me as I usually try to get a post up every other day but after a little break I’m back now. Yay! I hope you’ve all had a great week! Thank God it’s Friday, right? Anyhow… today I want to talk to you guys about a lip product that impressed me quite a lot! A little while ago I was sent a bunch of products by the lovely people from the Born Pretty Store (I’ve blogged about them before) and this Lip Crayon I received stands out for me the most.


The color I chose is called The Hot Shop. You guys know I’m not the best when it comes to describing colors but I would say it reminds me of a very sheer strawberry red. First off I absolutely adore the packaging but that comes as no surprise because it’s mint green, which is one of my favorite colors. But I just really like that this lip crayon is designed to look just like an actual crayon. Isn’t it so cute?


As I’ve already mentioned the crayon is quite sheer applied to the lips but it’s still very nicely pigmented and adds shimmer, volume and a touch of color to your lips. I’m not gonna lie, this has been one of my go to lip products lately. It’s super easy to apply. Just swipe it over your lips real quick and you’re done. However, what struck me the most about this product is its amazing texture. It is so incredibly creamy and soft and feels very moisturizing on the lips.


I’ve found myself reaching for this crayon so often lately because it’s just so convenient. It applies perfectly without taking much effort or making a mess. It’s very glossy and makes my lips look so healthy and shiny and I love the color, because it’s so suitable for an every day look. I honestly have to say that I’m very impressed with this and didn’t expect to like it as much as I do.


If you want to check out the Born Pretty Store you can do that here. They have a great range of all sorts of products so go check them out. I also have a little code for you to get a discount. Just type in WEEG10.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I can’t wait to get back to my regular schedule.

Lots of love,


November Favorites

Who else can’t believe it’s basically December? I definitely can’t! November pretty much flew by but I’m so excited for December. It’s always one of my favorite months. I just love counting down the days to Christmas, decorate everything all festive and go Christmas shopping for my loved ones. It’s just the best time of the year, isn’t it?

But let’s go back to November. It’s been a pretty great month and I definitely have a little list of products I’ve been loving/using the most this month! Let’s get right into it, shall we?


Today I’m going to start with some face products. Two of my favorite blushes this month have been my Gosh Natural Blush in 42 Watermelon and my Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts blush in Peachy Keen. The Gosh one is more of a matte peachy blush and looks absolutely gorgeous for an every day look. The Makeup Revolution one actually offers three shimmery shades ranging from a golden peach to more of a soft pink but all shades are gorgeous. Basically these two blushes are almost the only ones I’ve been using all throughout this month as I’ve loved them so much. One product I’ve mentioned quite a lot on my blog before is the Kiko Golden Gamer Sculpting Bronzer but I just really enjoy using this product as it’s so good and I think I’ve used this almost every day of November, so I just had to include it in my favorites. I’ve written a full review blog post on it in case you want to read more.


Next up is this amazing palette. It’s the Makeup Revolution 32 Eyeshadows Flawless palette and I’ve used this nearly every day ever since I received it. It’s so affordable, the eyeshadows are amazing and it’s up there with my favorite palettes at the moment. Just look at these stunning shades! I can’t wait to blog some Holiday Make Up looks with this palette.


Another eye product I’ve been loving this month is my Mac Pigment in the shade Mauvement. I got this a couple of years ago as part of the Mac Tartan collection and it’s been somewhere in the back of my make up drawers until I rediscovered it this month. Mauvement is a gorgeous bronzed taupe kind of shade and I can’t believe I haven’t used it in so long as it is absolutely gorgeous.
The only lip product I’m including in this month’s favorites post is the Essence XXXL lip gloss in the shade soft nude. The color is an amazing brownish nude that is more on the darker side and I really like that this gloss comes with a matte effect!


Last but not least here are two mascaras I’ve been loving lately! I received the Born Pretty Store mascara very recently but have been quite blown away by its great performance. It makes my lashes incredibly long and the design is the coolest I’ve ever seen. One mascara I’ve rediscovered in November is my Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara! I got this a little while back and somehow forgot about this as I have a ridiculous amount of mascaras. However I found this in one of my make up bags in the beginning of the month and have been using it a lot as it defines my lashes so well!


And now we’ve already come to an end. Which products have you been liking/using the most in November?

Thanks for reading!


A Beauty Of A Mascara


One thing I can’t leave the house without is definitely mascara! My lashes are quite blonde without it,so you can barely seem them! Hence I absolutely need mascara in my life! Every single day.

One mascara I’ve been absolutely loving lately is the Super-Black Long Lash Mascara from the Born Pretty Store*. The first thing that caught my eye with this one is the beautiful design. Just look at it. How gorgeous is the packaging? I fell in love with it right away. Obviously the packaging isn’t the most important thing about a mascara but after testing it for quite a little while now I love the mascara just as much as I love its packaging. I think this is the perfect mascara for your every day makeup.

It only adds a little bit of volume but quite a lot of length, which is what I really like. During the day I don’t need super voluminous dramatic lashes. I like to kept it more causal, which is why I definitely prefer a mascara that doesn’t go overboard with volume but still adds a lot of length and that’s exactly what this mascara does! Plus it’s waterproof.

The only thing that’s bothers me a tiny bit is that it’s quite hard to remove. It literally stays on my lashes no matter what. In a way that’s also a good thing I guess because it doesn’t smudge at all. And I’ve noticed that even though when I can’t remove everything at night and I wake up the next morning I don’t have racoon eyes. The mascara actually stays in place. I think that’s quite impressive!

So here’s me with no mascara:


Only one eye with mascara


and now both


As you can see there’s definitely quite the difference. It makes my lashes really dark and adds quite a lot of length to them! They actually are quite a bit longer than it looks in the photos but I have to use my phone for blogging at the moment, so that camera obviously doesn’t pick everything up as good as my normal camera. Anyway this is exactly what I look for in a mascara, I can use for my every day makeup! I’ve been using this almost every day for the last two weeks and I’m really loving this one.

Thanks for reading!



Love for Glitter – The Born Pretty Store Trio Eyeshadow Palette *

When the lovely people from the Born Pretty Store contacted me on whether I wanted to review some of their products I have to admit I was quite excited. I’ve heard of the brand before as they are quite known for their nail art supplies. I totally suck when it comes to doing my nails but the Born Pretty Store also offers a wide variety of makeup, jewelry and other accessories, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

While browsing their website I came across this glittery eyeshadow trio and it immediately reminded me of Christmas and the holidays. I’m such a sucker for glittery things, so it’s only naturally I opted for this one.



This little palette contains a black shade, a beautiful shimmery bronzed shade (quite possibly my favorite) and a lovely very glittery silver shade. All of the shades contain golden shimmer particles for a sparkling effect, which I think is just perfect for the holiday season or New Year’s Eve. December is just the perfect time to go all out when it comes to glitter and sparkles, don’t you think?


Now, I really love the texture as its so soft and silky, which makes it so easy to apply! When it comes to eyeshadows my biggest pet peeve is when they are too chalky but these are quite creamy.  All three shadows are quite pigmented, though the bronzed shade is definitely the most pigmented.



I think this is just the perfect little trio for everyone that loves a bit of a sparkle. The black and silver shades are perfect for creating a glittery smokey eye and the bronzed shade is so beautiful and perfect if you want more of a softer and warm approach maybe. First I was a little afraid that the glitter particles might move around, because I’ve had some bad experiences with glitter eyeshadow before but luckily these stay put and don’t move around. After all I only want my eyes to make a sparkling statement and not my entire face to look like a disco ball, right?

I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of these once December rolls around but then again you can never go wrong with a little bit of glitter, so basically this will always come in handy for a night out or a special occasion that could use a bit of a sparkle.

If you’d like to check out the Born Pretty Store website you can do that here. I also have a little coupon code for you if you decide to order anything. Just type in WEEG10 for 10% off your order:)

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you have great weekend:)