The Beauty Procrastination Tag

Hey there,

the other day I was tagged to do the Beauty Procrastination Tag by the lovely Charlotte from xxcharlou.blogspot, If you haven’t checked out her blog I highly recommend you to.

Now I haven’t really done many personal tags, so I figured it might be fun to read for y’all so let’s get right to it.

1. Are you a very open or private person?   I’d say I’m more of a private person. I always tend to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself and there’s only a few people (probably my best friend and my brother) who I can open up to completely. I’m just more of a shy and reserved person but once I get to know someone, that totally changes and I’m not shy anymore at all but I still don’t like to share really really personal stuff.

2. If money was no object where would you move to? Don’t know. I probably wouldn’t move anywhere and go on a trip all around the world. I love traveling and being able to travel all the time and experience new cultures and learn new languages would probably be the coolest thing ever for me.

3. Who was the last person that made you cry? Last September when I moved to the Netherlands my parents and my brother dropped me off at my new apartment and when they left my brother started crying. He always acts so cool and tough, so that kind of surprised me and it was just the cutest and saddest thing ever. I hate seeing people cry, so it made me tear up a little.

4. Is there a song that can bring tears to your eyes easily? Apparently Don’t Stop Believing By Journey. I know this might be a weird choice but there’s a reason. This song is the favorite song of one of my best friends, who I met in Louisiana. She used to always to always turn up the volume when this song came on and she would sing along to it. She forced me to listen to this all the time. On our way to High School, to Friday Night Football Games, Basketball Games. They even played this song at Homecoming. The other day I had my iPod on shuffle and I probably hadn’t listened to this song since I left the US nearly 3 years ago, so when I heard it all these memories came back and I just started bawling because I miss my friends over there and haven’t seen them in ages.

5. Do you believe in soulmates? I guess so.

6.What age do people usually mistake you for? I have no idea. I think I look about my age. At least when I’m wearing make up.

7. What are you wearing? Skinny jeans, a white shirt and my favorite oversized cardigan because the weather sucks today and I’m probably going to spend the rest of my Saturday studying.

8. Have you ever been in love? I’ve had crushes but I don’t think I’ve ever been like really in love. I’m still waiting on that someone to like sweep me off my feet, make heaven and earth stand still, you know what I mean, right?

9. How tall are you? Not very tall. I like to believe I’m 5’4 because that’s what my passport says but my best friend says there’s no way I’m 5’4 because she is 5’7 and I’m still a lot shorter than her.

10. How much do you weigh? Let’s just say I’m still working on that bikini body. I’m usually between sizes 4 and 6 (US) 8 and 10 (UK) or 36 and 38 (EU)  though.

11. Do you have any piercings? Just my ears.

12. Favorite TV Show? I really liked Gossip Girl, Glee and Pretty Little Liars but I’m currently obsessed with Scandal.

13. Quality to look for in a partner? Someone who is fun to be around and genuinely nice and not judgemental. There’s nothing worse than lying and backstabbing people or someone that gives you a label the instant they look at you.

14. Favorite Quotation?


15.  Do you have any fears?  Heights, fire, cats and dark water.

16. What is your daily beauty routine? Skin care, foundation, powder, mascara and eyeliner. Sometimes I add some lipstick or blush but on a regular day nothing too crazy.

17. When going out somewhere how long does it take you to get ready? Long, I guess. I can speed it up though if I have to.

18. How organised is your make up and nail collection? It’s all separated into different bags. For me that is organised enough.

Thanks again to Charlotte for tagging me :)

If you enjoyed reading this (and I really hope you did) I’m tagging you. If you do decide to do this tag send me your links because I love reading these.

Have a lovely Saturday!