My favorite (Make Up Related) Christmas Present

Unfortunately it’s now safe to say that Christmas is well and truly over and New Years Eve is coming up soon. I’ve had a very lovely Christmas but now I’m excited to get back into blogging on a regular basis again. I, personally, genuinely enjoy reading the ‘What I got for Christmas’ posts but they are quite controversial and I definitely understand why. Hence, I decided not to do one but to instead just share my favorite make up item I got for Christmas. In general I got some lovely bits for Christmas but I mainly got money because I’m leaving for London tonight, where I’ll be staying until Friday, so my main wish for Christmas this year was some money, so I can buy lots of make up and other cool things over there.


But now back to my favorite present, which I actually got from my brother. One of my favorite make up brands has always been Mac. Mac was the first make up brand I ever really fell for, so I consider it to be kind of my first love (make up wise obviously). Each year Mac brings out the most gorgeous holiday collections and one thing I really wished for this year was a set of their pigments and my lovely brother surprised me with one!

I have to admit the first thing that caught my eye was the stunning packaging! I mean, just look at it! It’s so festive and sparkly and just absolutely beautiful! But the pigments themselves are just as beautiful and definitely don’t disappoint. I got the set that includes a mixture of beige and brown pigments as well as some gold glitter.


This was actually the one set I had my eyes one, so I was more than happy to unwrap this beauty under the Christmas tree. All of the shades included in this set (except for maybe the gold glitter which I will only use for special occasions) are perfect if you just want to sparkle up your every day make up as all shades, except for the brown one, are very shimmery. The brown shade is a dark matte one but can you ever go wrong with a matte dark brown shade? I don’t think so as it’s the perfect shade to use in your crease to add some definition to your eyes.

As you can tell I’m very much in love with this set and all of the pigments. I tried to take some pictures of the swatches but unfortunately my iPhone can’t do them justice. They are way more beautiful in reality!


As a little side not all of the fur items in this post are faux fur!

What is your favorite gift you received for Christmas this year?



A Recent Go To Favorite


Hey lovelies! I know I’ve mentioned the NYX Butter Glosses quite a few times on this little blog of mine but they are becoming more and more one of my absolute favorite lip products. I would’ve never thought I would say this about lip gloss but I’ve just been reaching for these so often. After absolutely loving Maple Blondie I bought Tiramisu a few weeks back.

I would describe Tiramisu as a beautiful nude slightly brownish shade. Basically it’s one of those your lips but better kind of shades if you know what I mean. Ever since I got this I’ve just been using it so often. When I’m in a rush I just smack this by itself on my lips real quick but it also looks beautiful if you put it over your favorite lipstick.

If you’re like me and you’re not that much into glosses I would say you should really give this one a go though. They’re so buttery and soft and not sticky at all. They are pretty much everything I’d hope for in a good gloss and the best thing is they are so affordable.


This has definitely been a go to favorite in the last few weeks and I’m honestly so glad I gave this gloss a go. It’s so easy to just throw on real quick and it looks so pretty.

Have you tried one of the NYX glosses?

Thanks for reading!



Mac’s Girl About Town Lipstick (Review + Swatches)

The sun’s been out quite a lot over here recently and although we still have some cold and rainy days I can feel summer coming closer each day. I can’t wait wearing my bright sundresses and brighter lipstick colors. I’m definitely a lipstick lover and over the summer my personal favorite shades are bright pink and coral ones and Mac’s Girl About Town is my favorite out of them all.




Isn’t the color just absolutely gorgeous? It a really pigmented bright pink color but what I love about it is that even though it is so bright and intense it’s not all up in your face. You know what I mean? Probably not. But there are some lipstick color that are so bright and intense they are just too bright and irritating. I hope you can sort of guess what I mean.

Anyway.. yeah the color is just perfection to me. This is my ideal version of a bright pink summer lipstick. It has a bit of a blue undertone which makes it suitable for almost every type of skin color. From pale to super tan it will look good on anyone.  Another thing I just love about this lipstick is its texture, because it is so creamy and moisturizing. It gives your lips a shiny and healthy looking finish. It lasts relatively long, so you don’t need to check every hour and re-apply. Whenever I’ve worn it I’ve only had to re-apply once a day. It does fade after a few hours but the good thing is that it fades equally, so you don’t end up with stained looking lips, cause nobody wants that, right?




All I can really say is if you love bright pink lipsticks for the summer months this is the one you need! I always get pretty excited about my favorite beauty products but I haven’t been this excited about a lipstick in a while.

Have any of you ever tried this one? What are your favorite lipsticks for summer?

Hope you have a great Monday.

– xx Sophie