My Top 3 Pink High End Blushes


Despite winter not really wanting to go away just yet as it’s still cold and rainy and I’ve barely seen the sun lately, I still have my hopes up that Spring is on its way. During the last two weeks we’ve had a few beautiful sunny days and even though they have been rare that hopefully will change soon. I love winter but I’ve well and truly had enough of the cold and I can wait for the days to get warmer. During the winter months I prefer more berry toned and darker blushes in general but once Spring rolls around I can’t wait to get out my pinks and peaches. Since according to the calendar Spring has officially began (even though I haven’t seen much of it yet) I thought I’d share my current top 3 pink blushes with you to get us in the mood for Spring.


Guerlain Rose Aux Joues 02 Chic Pink

I got to add this lovely blush to my collection thanks to my grandmother who gave it to me for my birthday last year. First off it just has the most prettiest perfect packaging ever. It’s so gold and shiny I don’t even want to touch it. I’ve written a full review post on it last Spring but it’s still one of my favorites and most used pink blushes so I just have to mention it again. The blush is a duo that comes with two stunning shades, one being a very light soft pink and the other one being more of a dark pink. Both look stunning on their own even though the light one is not as pigmented and only adds a touch of rosy shimmer to your cheeks. However you can also mix both of them together or apply the dark one first and just add a bit of the lighter color as a highlight. Either way this blush is one of my Spring favorites because it just reminds me of flowers and sunshine for some reason.


Mac Well Dressed

I feel like I keep mentioning this on my blog a lot but it’s pretty much my favorite blush. I don’t want to say it’s my absolute favorite because considering the amount of blushes I own that’s quite a bold statement but it’s a blush I’ve had for ages and I still love it just as much as when I first got it and I use it all the time. Basically it’s just a staple in my make up bag. To me this is the most perfect every day soft pink. I tend to wear this all year round however I use it mostly over the Spring and Summer months. It’s really nicely pigmented and blends so perfectly.


Nars Orgasm

Now Nars Orgasm is a blush everyone seems to know and love. It’s very hyped up in the beauty world and I definitely see why. It’s more of a peachy golden pink but it’s just the most gorgeous color that suits so many complexions so well. With this blush a little really goes along way as it is just so pigmented. But luckily it blends really well. I love how this is the perfect amount of shimmery and it just adds the most perfect peachy pink golden glow to your cheeks and really lights up your complexion.

As always I have some swatches for you but since the lighting is still pretty crappy because of the bad weather and I used my phone, they really don’t do them any justice. But at least I tried and you get a bit of an idea of what they look like, right?


(Swatches from left to right: Guerlain, Mac, Nars)

So these are my top 3 pink high end blushes which I will be using a ton in the upcoming months. I’ve had all of these for at least a year  and still adore them but then again I always love going back to old favorites.

What are your favorite pink blushes? Any recommendations?

Have a lovely Sunday!

Much love,


YSL Flowercrush Rouge Volupte no. 32 Corail Jalouse

Hey there lovelies,

for my birthday I received quite a lot to gift cards for my favorite make up store, so when I saw the new YSL spring collection Flowercrush, one of their lipsticks was at the very top of my list. The other day my order finally came in and once again I fell in love with the YSL lipsticks.

For their new spring collection they have added 4 new shades to their Rouge Volupte Lipstick line. One very bright pink shade, one coral shade and two red shades. I decided to go with the coral shade called Corail Jalouse, because I don’t own a similar lipstick shade to it.

IMG_3187 IMG_3188

The packaging is, like always, very luxurious. The lipstick itself is very easy to apply and lasts quite long. I absolutely love the color though. It is a pink coral kind of shade and perfect for spring and summer. One other amazing aspect is that the lipstick actually smells kind of peachy.




It’s no secret, that I love the YSL lipsticks and this might become my new favorite. The color is gorgeous and perfect for spring. It lasts pretty long and it looks so stunning.

Have you tried any of the YSL products?

Have a great weekend!

– Sophie

My Spring/Summer Faves: Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipstick

The way the weather’s been lately I really want to say that spring has finally arrived and I can almost smell summer. The warm weather and bright sunshine inspired me to start a little series. I will be introducing one of my favorite beauty products or pieces of clothing that I love for spring and summer to you every Tuesday from now on. Since I’m a huge lover of lipstick what better way to start than with one of my favorite spring/summer lipsticks: the Lancôme Rouge in Love in the color 340B Rose Boudoir

IMG_2815 IMG_2816 2 IMG_2817


I’ve bought this lipstick about a year ago and used it a lot during summer. The color 340B Rose Boudouir is a bright pink shade with a little hint of orange and one of the bestsellers of this line. The lipstick is easy to apply and lasts all day. The reason why I tend to only wear this is in spring and summer is because the color is very bright and radiant and it reminds me of flowers and sunshine somehow. For me it’s the perfect lipstick to glam up a rather simple summer outfit. This lipsticks is very pigmented so it definitely gives a full coverage and you don’t have to reapply much. It has more of a matte finish with a hint of gloss.

Here’s a swatch.



I can only recommend this for spring and summer. I love love love it.

What’s your favorite spring/summer lipstick?

– Sophie

Favorite Every Day Scent for Spring/Summer

It’s no secret, that people like people other people who smell really good. Nobody want to be around someone, who stinks, right? Now I love my perfumes and I do own quite the collection of multiple fragrances but for spring and summer I prefer to use a light scent for every day. I hate using up my beloved Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors etc.  fragrances because they are quite expensive, which is why I tend to use them only on special occasions or when I go out with friends or the family. On days where I do nothing but spending my time in a lecture hall, the library or with studying or grocery shopping I don’t see the point in wasting them. Yet I still want to smell good.

That’s why I totally love the Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist by the Body Shop.

IMG_2707 2 IMG_2704


I know this isn’t exactly a new fragrance but it is my personal one for spring and summer. It is rather light because it’s only a body mist after all but I think it’s just enough for an ordinary day. Apart from that I prefer light scents in spring in summer anyway.

I’m not good with describing a scent but I’m just going to give it a try. It’s got a very oriental and floral type of smell and it is very feminine. You can definitely smell the Jasmines. I don’t really have a favorite flower but if I had to name one Jasmine would definitely be  on my list. It’s such a pretty little flower and it smells really nice.

What’s your favorite spring/summer fragrance?


Ready For Spring: YSL Lipstick Pink In Paris




I’ve been dying to get my hands onto to one of these for ages. I’ve always heard such great comments about the YSl lipsticks and they  just look so beautiful! Unfortunately they are quite pricey. Especially when you’re, like me, a first year student at Uni with huge amounts of course work and random schedules so you don’t even have time to get a job. When I saw that a cosmetic store over here had a 40% offer on all high-end lipsticks I could not contain my joy. I immediately went in a purchased one and I think I have found my perfect lipstick for spring. There were so many great lipsticks to choose from but I went for the Rouge Volupte Shine No.13 Pink in Paris

The name itself, ‘Pink in Paris’, already reminds me of a sunny day in spring. I don’t know why but for some reason I always associate Paris with a beautiful sunny spring day but that might just be because I went there in spring.

As the name of the lipstick already reveals it is a pretty bright shade of pink. When applying it gives your lips a very pretty shimmer, which dies down after a few hours though. But it applies very smoothly and feels so light on the lips.



Although the shimmer does not last all day I absolutely love this lipstick because it’s simply a beauty, the color is stunning, it applies so smoothly and feels great on my lips. I can’t wait to wear this in spring.

Who else is ready for more spring color?


– Sophie