Chicago Haul



Apart from a bunch of make up I did buy a few other things while in Chicago. I did spend most of my ¬†money on make up and I surprisingly didn’t buy much clothes . Still I’m really happy with the things I got.


I have this thing where I love buying clothes from the places I go to. I always think it’s a great souvenir. I have a bunch of those typical I love /NY/London/Pairs etc. You know what I mean, right? Well since we walked around the Campus of the University of Chicago I got this cute sweater at their bookstore. I love love love the colors. If only I could study there but the tuition for colleges in the US are so incredibly high. I always wonder how people pay for that.



I’m a really girly girl and I love all things cute and sparkly and apart from shopping for make up I’m a huge sucker for pretty lingerie. I have so much underwear. My mom says I don’t need it all but I just love shopping for pretty underwear and what place is better for that than Victoria’s Secret? Like none! So I splurged quite some money on pretty underwear and I got a body mist as well.




I planned on just buying high end make up but I couldn’t resist the EOS lip balms and I really wanted to try a Revlon lip butter.


Last but not least I got a Chicago Bears t-shirt. For all of you who don’t really know much about American sports the Chicago Bears is Chicago’s football team. Though my heart will always beat for the New Orleans Saints I did want a shirt from the Bears and it was on sale, so I had to get it. I think it’s a really cool souvenir. I also got a cup from the Chicago White Sox when we went to their game on Monday.

Have a great day!

– Sophie


Just Some Little Things

Yesterday I have told you guys all about my stay in London and today I’m going to show you some of the things I bought during my stay. Lucky for me there were many sales in almost every store I went in. Still I didn’t buy that much because I’m trying to save more money rather than spending it all. It’s my New Years Resolution and I’m really curious how long it will last.


it was raining and very story so the umbrella I brought unfortunately got killed by the British weather, so I had to get a new one. Besides it rains quite a lot in the Netherlands as well and since I’ll be returning to Holland on Sunday to take my final exams of this semester before my 2nd semester starts a new umbrella will come in quite handy.

Isn't it adorable?
Isn’t it adorable?

Since it was cold and windy my ears were freezing and I sure didn’t want to catch a cold. Usually I’m not much of a hat person but I fell in love with this one and it was on sale. That’s always a good argument.


Just like every other tourist I had to get some souvenirs from a gift shop so I bought some key chains that I can now put next to my Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.


As I might have mentioned before I am just a little bit vain when it comes to my hair and I love love love wearing bows or cute headbands. What’s very unfortunate though is that not many people seem to wear that around where I’m currently living ( I don’t really care about that) but that makes it pretty hard to find cute hair accessories that aren’t meant for little girls. In London there were so many stores with adorable hair accessories so I just had to get some.

IMG_2257 IMG_2254

That’s it already. I just wanted to get a few things that would remind me of the great time I had in London and I believe I found some good stuff.

Have an amazing day everyone :)