October Favorites


First of all HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I hope all of you have an amazing day!

But Halloween is always the last day of October, which means it’s also time for my October beauty favorites. I know I’m saying this each month but October seriously flew by. It’s like I was typing up my September favorites just yesterday. Anyway.. I’ve been buying loads of products this month and picked out a few favorites.


MUA Undress Me Too Palette

This is probably the only item in this favorites post that I’ve had for longer than two months. I got this in August while I was in the UK and for some reason I’ve been using it A LOT this month. I wouldn’t say daily but pretty much almost. I’ve just been really loving the metallic shades this month.


Essence Lipliners in Cute Pink and In The Nude

Ever since I bought these a while ago I’ve been using them all the time. They are incredibly pigmented and cheap and the shades are lovely. I’ve written a full blog post on these in case you want to know more.


Maybelline Master Smokey Eye Pencil

I just got this very recently but been using it a ton ever since. I got mine in the shade Smoky Grey, which is a super dark grey almost black color. It’s perfect for a when you’re in a rush because it’s the easiest way to create a smokey eye!


NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée

By now it’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of the NYX lip butters. I’ve recently added this shade, which is a barely nude better than your lips kind of shade. I’ve been loving it a lot ever since I got it.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain In Endless Purple

This is the most gorgeous dark purple shade. It doesn’t look as dark in the tube but it’s definitely darker. I love how long lasting this is and I’m head over heels for the color. The only downside is that it’s so long lasting it’s seriously a pain in the you know where to remove.

And this already rounds up my October favorites. I’ve almost mentioned all of these products on my blog before but I’ve just really been enjoying using them!

What are your October favorites?



A Lip Color I’m Loving ATM

Is it really Sunday already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun trying to make all the deadlines for your papers and essay. I’ve had a crazy busy weekend and I’ll be having a crazy busy week because my midterms are literally just around the corner, but I still wanted to post something on this lovely Sunday. It’s going to be a short one, but that’s okay because I just want to share one lip product with you guys I’m really loving right now.


It’s the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Endless Purple. This is such a gorgeous dark purple color. I like wearing it because it’s definitely out of my comfort zone and it has a something mysterious almost gothic like to it. I can’t really explain it but I simply adore this color right now. Plus I think it’s a great color for fall and I think I’ll be wearing this even more in winter.

I’m really happy with the cream lip stain itself as a product as it stays on for ages. Actually it’s really hard to remove. The only downside is that you have to be extremely precise when you apply this on your lips because it is so hard to remove you can’t mess up or otherwise it will stain your skin and nobody wants that kind of look.

Nonetheless it’s a great product in a beautiful shade.

Here’s a swatch and how it looks on the lips.


IMG_0236 IMG_0237

So wat do you guys think? And what lip colors are you loving at the moment?



High End Chicago Make Up Haul



Being a beauty blogger from Europe doing make up shopping in the US is like heaven on earth. They just have so many more brands and choices and everything is cheaper. I swear I really had to contain myself to not buy out the entire Sephora (obviously I wouldn’t have had the money for that anyway but a girl can dream, right?). Still I did buy a few things I’ve been wanting for a while now.


Urban  Decay Naked 3 Palette

Apart from the UK and the few lucky countries that have a Sephora Urban Decay is really hard to get and since I’m currently studying abroad in the Netherlands I haven’t had a chance to buy this beauty and now I finally own it. I’ve been using it every day since I got back and I couldn’t be happier with it.


Nars Contour Blush

OMG! My very first Nars product. Nars is another brand that you can only order online in most European countries and it is quite expensive, especially if you add the high shipping cost. If I do splurge on make up I like to swatch it first and have a look at it in real life. At a Sephora I was finally able to check out their blushes and as much as I wanted all of them I did end up getting the contour blush in Olympia as I’ve had my eye on it before.


Mac Lipsticks

My first high end make up product ever was a Mac product. I still remember when my grandma took me to a Mac store and I just fell in love with the brand. I actually kind of consider Mac to be my first love make up wise. So since the lipsticks are much cheaper and I saved 7€ on each lipstick I bought I ended up getting 3. I planned on expanding my Mac lipstick collection because I do love their lipsticks and lipsticks in general are one of my favorite make up items. The choice was tough but I ended up with Diva, Rebel and Relentlessly Red (a friend of mine that came along with me picked this one after swatching tons of lipsticks). I’m in love with all 3 of them.


Benefit Sugarlicious Set

When I spotted this Benefit set I knew I had to have it because it contains 3 things I’ve been dying to try: the High Beam Highlighter, a Benetint and the Sugarbomb blush. It also contains a little lipgloss. I’m more of a lipstick person but you can never go wrong with having a good lipgloss, right?


Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Everyone’s been raving about this mascara, so naturally I’ve been wanting to try it but it’s quite expensive over here. But I took the chance a good a mini version of this at Sephora to try it out. Now the bad thing is that I really like it and I now want the full version.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get everything of my wish list as that would have been much to high a cost but I did end up getting the pieces I’ve been wanting the most, so I’m definitely happy.

– Sophie :)

High-End Make Up Wish List for Chicago

PicMonkey Collage

My trip to Chicago is only one weekend away. It’s a bit crazy to think about but next Monday I’ll be getting on a plane to fly to the US. My university has made one amazing program for us and we’ll be visiting a bunch of interesting museums and they have several great activities planned for us. Of course we also get a bit of free time to explore the city on our own (not much though), so I’ll sure be spending quite a bit of my free time doing some make up shopping! They just have so much more choice in the US and the products are way cheaper. This is my high-end beauty wish list for the US. I probably won’t end up getting all of it as that would be quite expensive but hey.. a girl can dream

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

I’ve heard so many great things about this products and now I really want to try it so badly! This is definitely at the very top of my wish list and in the US I can get it for almost half the price.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Well.. this one is quite obvious. Every beauty blogger has been raving about this one!

Nars Contour Blush

Nars has some really great products but they are pretty much impossible to get in most parts of Europe. I think you can order it from their website but the regular price plus shipping is crazy.

Mac Lipsticks

I love love love Mac lipsticks and in the US they are only 16$, which is like 12€ so I can save about 6 € on each lipstick. I just have to get a few and expand my collection. I’m not entirely sure which shades I want though as there are so many and it’s impossible to choose.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Another product, which I’ve heard so many great things about and now desperate to try. Over here it’s about 30€, which is crazy for a mascara which will probably dry out just as fast as one half its price. In the US I can get it for just 23$, which is about 15 or 17€ . That’s like half the price, so I want to take the opportunity to finally give this one a try.

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

I’m a pretty big fan of the YSL lip products, so when I heard about the new release of their glosses which function as a blush as well I really wanted to try them. All of the shades look gorgeous but I think I’d go for a pink one.

Too Faced Brow Envy Kit

I absolutely hate my eyebrows. They are really dark, which is so weird because my hair is naturally blonde and usually the color of your brow is somewhat similar to your hair color but in my case it just isn’t. So I’m hoping that with this brow kit I can finally get mine under control.

Bobbi Brown Amnesia Rose Palette

I spotted this beauty of a palette on the Sephora website and immediately fell for the colors. It’s quite pricey but it’s just so gorgeous.

That’s it already. This is my beauty wish list for when I’m in the US. What’s on your current beauty wish list?

Happy Friday!

– xx Sophie