Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Duo de Blush (02 Chic Pink)

Hey lovelies,

I’ve been wanting a new pink blush for a while now, so when my grandma told me she just bought one she didn’t like on her and  offered me to try hers out I was quite ecstatjc because my grandma only buys the best of tbe best. She’d gotten the Rose Aux Joues Duo blush in 02 Chic Pink, which is a rather light color so in my opinion it is more suited for people with pale skin. Actually it is pretty much made for me because I can already tell you that this is going to be a positive review. I might have found a new favorite pink blush for my every day make up.

The duo blush comes in quite the luxurious fancy looking package, which I expect because at around 50€ this blush definitely belongs to the more expensive products. The package is golden, which makes it look very expensive but what I hate about this is that you see every finger print.


The colors are absolutely gorgeous though. It contains one rather dark pink blush, which is perfect for contoruing and one light pink blush which is perfect for highlighting. But you can also just mix them together to create one beautiful pink color. The pigmentation isn’t superstrong but it is perf3ct if you want to create a natural make up look and only want a bit of light pink on your cheeks. It does stay on very long though. I used this on Easter sunday and wore it all day and it didn’t need any touch ups, so that’s definitely a plus.



The packaging itself includes a very big mirror for a blush,  which makex it perfect for applying blush on the go. It also comes with a little angle shaped brush, which make it easier to apply the blush more precisely in csse you are using it to contour.  I’m sure a lot of you have angke shaped brushes for contouring but for those who don’t this brush is actually quite good.

Do I recommend this? I think this blush is perfect for a natural every day look due to it’s medium pigmentation.  I’d also say that its more suitex for people with pale skin because the colors probably wouldn’t show up as well on dark skin. Since I’m rather pale and like to rock the natural make up look most days this blush is perfect for me. So thanks grandma for giving it to me. I’ll hold it very dear.

This is my first product from the brand Guerlain. Have you tried any?

XX Sophie