September Favorites


Hey lovelies,

September is nearly over. October already begins tomorrow! Can you believe that? I sure can’t. Crazy how time is flying by. Anyway.. it’s time for my September favorites.


The first product I’ve really been liking a lot this month is the L’Oreal True Match foundation. I haven’t been feeling too confident about my skin, so I liked the thick consistency of this and how it would make me feel a lot more confident about my skin. I don’t have any terrible acne but my skin has been looking so dull and tired lately and this baby has helped me to look awake and refreshed.


Next up are these two powders. On the left is the Essence all about matt fixing powder. I like to just apply this all over my face when I’m done with my make up. It sets everything well and helps to blend everything in. On the right is one of my favorite things in the world. My Mac Mineralize Skinfinish powder. Basically it’s my favorite powder ever. As you can see both of them have been used and loved quite a lot!


Another thing I’ve been liking is this Mascara. It’s the Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara. I got this for free when I bought one of their foundations a few weeks ago and somehow forgot about it. When organising my make up collection I found this again and figured why not get some use out of it. It’s not my favorite mascara ever but it’s pretty good and I like to use it for my every make up.


Last but sure as hell not least, here are some lip products. I’ve written a full review of both of these beauties, so if you want to know more and see some swatches just check those out. Both of them have been some of my absolute faves lately. On the left is the NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu and on the right is the Maybelline ColorSensational in Atomic Pink. 

And here we go. These are my September favorites. What have you guys been loving this month?



Back To School Lips


Hey lovelies!

Guess what? I’m finally home again! I was released from the hospital today. Although I’m still processing what happened and I’m not entirely myself again I’m definitely on the road to recovery. Well, what better way to try and get my old self back than to just blog, right? Most of you guys are probably back to school or uni now. Uni would have started on Monday for me but I’m not entirely sure when I will be able to attend classes again.

Anyway… I’m a total lip product addict. It’s just my obsession. Now I’ve featured a lot of bold lip colors on my blog but when I go to uni I tend to stay  more on the natural side. I usually just have one lecture or seminar a day, so I just don’t feel the need to wear some crazy lip color and if I’m being honest I’m to lazy to put in that extra effort. Hence I like to wear more neutral shades. So today I’m showing you three of my favorite high end and three of my favorite high street lip products I love for school/uni.



First up are two glosses. Yes, you’ve read that right. I’m actually including lip glosses in this post. In general I’m definitely more of a lipstick girl but these two glosses are amazing. Neither of them are sticky which is just a huge plus!

Mac Dreamy

Mac Dreamy is a gloss I’ve had for quite a while now. It’s a beautiful sheer light pink. It looks really natural on the lips but it does add a little shimmer. As the name already says it’s really just dreamy. It’s perfect for any natural look.

NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie

Even though I’m usually not big on glosses I LOVE the NYX Butter Glosses. They aren’t sticky, last quite a while and the color range is gorgeous. They apply as smooth as butter and are so moisturizing on the lips. One of my favorite shades is Maple Blondie. It’s more of a bright peachy but sheer pink gloss, which makes it a great nude for me. Just love it!


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

The Revlon Lip Butters are another line of lip products I just love. I seriously wish I’d have all of them but one of my favorites from the line is Peach Parfait. It’s this gorgeous peachy shade. It’s just so perfect for an every day make up because it does add some color without being too much.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick Bronze Goddess

This one is without a doubt one of my favorite nude lipsticks. It’s quite sheer but the color is definitely buildable. It’s quite shimmery, so if you prefer a matte finish this isn’t for you.



Michael Kors Lip Laquer in Diva

Here’s another peachy nude. I think almost all of my nude lipsticks are peachy because I’m so pale. Peachy nudes don’t make me look white as a wall or dead as a ghost. This one has light to medium coverage and is quite sheer as well.

Mac Shy Girl

This might be my ultimate nude lipstick. It’s another peachy one and it’s really nicely pigmented. It lasts incredibly long. It’s beautiful. It’s perfection. If you’re pale like me and you’re looking for a really good nude lippie, that doesn’t make you look even whiter this is the one. And it’s great for every occasion whether it’s school, uni, work or shopping.

Well, this is it. These are my favorite lip products for school/uni. Whenever I feel like smacking on some gloss/ lipstick but don’t want to bother with the effort bold lip colors take these are the ones I reach for the most.

Hope you enjoyed this post.



Rimmel London Keep Calm Balms


Look at these cuties! Aren’t they just adorable? Rimmel has just released their new Keep Calm Balms which very much remind me very much of the Maybelline Baby Lips because these balms are slightly tinted lip balms that come in a fun and colourful packaging similar to the Baby Lips.


So far they offer them in 5 shades. Keep Calm And Shop which is a clear balm. Keep Calm And Kiss which is a Baby Pink. Keep Calm And Play which is an orange shade. Keep Calm And Rock which is a hot pink and last but not least Keep Calm And Party which is a deep purple and looks quite scary in the tube. As you can see I only have 4 out of the 5 shades, so I can’t tell you anything about the purple one but definitely about the other shades.


First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging. It’s so colourful and fun they brighten up any rainy day. Plus the Keep Calm phrase is so London it’s just perfect for Rimmel London as a brand. As much as I adore the baby lips I think the Keep Calm balms packaging is slightly cooler.


Now on to the balms. Keep Calm And Shop is a clear one that doesn’t show up on your skin or on your lips really. However it does give you a tiny bit of shimmer and makes your lips look a bit more voluminous in my opinion. The other 3 shades I’ve tried are rather lightly pigmented but they definitely show up on your skin and lips. I actually like the fact that they aren’t crazy pigmented because sometimes you just want to apply a balm that only give your lips a hint of color or just stains them a little bit because let’s be real here –  crazy colors take some effort. However the color that these balms give your doesn’t last all that long, which is okay for me considering it’s mainly a lip balm. Here are some swatches.


Another thing I really like about these balms is their texture. They slide on so easily and feel really moisturizing. Again I prefer the texture of the Keep Calm Balms to the Baby Lips if I’m being honest. The Keep Calm Balms are just so much softer and smoother and feel more moisturizing to me. But then again this is just a matter of preference.

I’m still a lover of the Baby Lips but I’m also loving these new Rimmel balms. They are perfect for summer with their fun colors but just as great for fall as they will brighten up any cloudy day. The colors are really pretty and I think the Keep Calm And Kiss one would have to be by far my favorite. It’s a baby pink shade that looks really natural and pretty on your lips.


I’ve picked mine up while I was in the UK, where you can get one for 2.99£. If you want to get several of them or can’t decide between two of them Superdrug currently has them on offer and you can get 2 for 5£.

Have you tried these yet? Do you like them?

Happy Monday and a good first day of the week!:)


July Favorites

Can you believe? Another month has already gone by. It feels like 2014 is flying by. Okay, 2014! You need to slow down a bit. It’s Christmas in 5 months, people! 5 freaking months! Wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday?

Well, July has come to an end meaning it’s time for a July favourites posts, so here’s what I’ve been loving this month.


Let’s start with skin care because I’ve been making a few minor changes in my skin care routine this month. I used to mainly use products from the Body Shop Tea Tree range because my skin hasn’t been looking it’s best throughout the month of June but because it improved a lot towards the end of it I decided to switch to the Aloe range by the Body Shop because it’s especially made for sensitive skin and since my skin is pretty sensitive I wanted to give it a go. I’ve actually already tried out the face mask I’m featuring in this post before and I have  written a review about it but I’ve been using it so much this month it was only fitting to include it in here. Because I enjoyed using this face mask so much I decided to try their gentle face wash and I can tell you it did not let me down. Definitely one of my favorites this month! I’ve used it every day.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15

This might be my new favorite concealer. I bought this in the very end of June and have pretty much used it every day since. Need I say more?

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 2N1 Desert Beige

I’ve included this lovely foundation in a haul post in the very beginning of July. Probably somewhere around the 3rd or 4th. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers rave about this foundation, which made me very curious to try it, so when it was 30% off at a local make up store near my parent’s house I used the opportunity to finally give it a go. I’ve used it a lot this month because it gives amazing coverage but still feels nice on the skin. It’s so long-lasting and makes my skin look incredible. I can definitely say I’m glad I gave in and got it.


Rimmel London 930 Bronze Goddess

I know I’ve only just written a review about this yesterday and now it’s being featured again in my monthly favorites but I’ve used this a lot in July, so it gets a well deserved place in this post. If you want a full review of this gorgeous lipstick check out my last post.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

I’m a lipstick lover but even the most stunning lipstick looks bad on dry lips, which is why lip care is so important. This is my absolute favorite lip scrub because it’s mint flavored. I’m a huge fan of all things mint. I love the smell of mint, I love the flavor, the taste of it and I love love love the color mint green. See why I love this so much? It’s smells amazing and makes my lips so incredibly soft.


The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 01

Yes, I know. I’ve included this post in my April or May favorites already, I believe, but it’s the only bronzer I like. I’ve tried others but they tend to be too dark for me and make me look all muddy and just not good. With this bronzer I’ve finally found one that does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Mac Minerlaize Skinfinish Soft &Gentle

This might be one of my favorite products of all time. It’s so freaking beautiful! I got this a while ago and I seriously can’t believe I haven’t used it more. It’s just so pretty. It’s definitely my new favorite highlighter whether I want to add some shimmer to my cheekbones or my brow bones it looks amazing on both. It’s a little pricey, but so worth the money. Plus it’s gonna go a long way.


Rimmel London 60 Seconds 220 Sage All The Rage

I have to admit this isn’t the most fitting color for summer but somehow I really liked it and decided to paint my toe nails this color in mid July and kept it on there for the rest of July. It’s kind of a muddy green but I think it looks great with a white dress or black and gold sandals. I don’t even know why.

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Solid Perfume

I’ve seen these little guys every time I went into a Body Shop store (which is quite often) and every single time I thought about getting one. I’ve never tried solid perfume before but it sounded really interesting and I adore the heart shaped packaging. One day in early July I picked one up and I’ve almost used it every single day since. This smells incredible and because it’s so tiny it fits in every purse, so you can carry it with you wherever go. Pretty darn amazing, right?

Essence Get Big! Lashes Mascara

Another product I’ve just very recently written a review about. Although this isn’t one of my top mascaras I think it’s perfect for every day use as it is so affordable and gives you long well defined lashes without being too dramatic.


Alright! These are all the products I’ve been loving this month. Actually not all of them. There have been a lot more but these are definitely the ones I’ve used the most.

Which products have you been loving most this month?


A Beautiful Nude Lipstick For Summer

Hey guys,

this seems to be turning into kind of a theme. Yesterday’s post was about getting that perfect summer glow and today’s post is about the perfect nude lipstick shade for summer. I promise this wasn’t planned. Originally I didn’t ever even plan on buying the lipstick I’m now blogging about. I was in this store were you can get everything crazy cheap and spotted the ridiculously cheap price on the lipsticks and as you can probably guess I, obviously, couldn’t resist and had to get a few. So much for self control. Anyway… I don’t want to bore you any longer with my ramblings, so let’s reveal this lipstick I’m talking about, shall we?


Okay guys! Now you know. It’s Rimmel London’s 930 Bronze Goddess. The only reason I bought this lipstick is because I liked the name of it and the color on the bottom looked kind of cool. I didn’t even swatch it! So why am I loving this lipstick so much? Well, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed I’m kind of into lipsticks. Okay, maybe I’m a little obsessed with lipstick and I love to try out all these different colors, whether it’s a bright one a really bold one or a very dark one. I just want them all. While obsessing over all the cool and unique colors I sometimes forget how stunning a basic nude can look. You don’t always need the craziest lipstick to make a statement. A classic elegant nude can say just as much. Besides not everybody likes to rock the bright pinks or corals in summer. Some people aren’t feeling comfortable enough and others simply don’t like it. So here’s a post about a great nude that, in my opinion, is perfect for summer. Obviously it can be worn all year around but it’s not just the name of it (Bronze Goddess) that reminds me of summer.


Let’s start off with the basics. The lipstick comes in a bit of a chunky purple packaging. It’s nothing fancy but pretty average for a drugstore brand. Nothing to complain about. What I really love is the texture. It’s so creamy and easy to apply. I love how it feels on the lips. It’s really moisturising and gives your lips a glossy finish. I’m usually more on the matte side but for summer I quite like the glossy finish. Now on to the color. It’s a very light brown with a hint of peach. I suck at describing lipstick shades but it really gives your lips a bronzed shimmery look. I think the fact that it’s such a bronzed color makes it a perfect nude for summer. Here’s a swatch for you.



And this is how it looks on my lips. As you can see it’s not too pigmented but very shimmery. Please excuse the mess that is my hair today.

This lipstick has actually been discontinued by Rimmel, I think, because it’s no longer available on their website but you can still find it on the internet and in some stores.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!