Road Trip Diary Part 6: Rain, more Shopping and more Castles

Hey there! Today I’m sharing the last part of my road trip with you guys. Two weeks of fun in the UK had to come to an end and so this is the final part. I had such a great time and I hope I can go back and visit some of the cools places again or visit new ones some times soon. That probably won’t happen but you never know.

So the the day before our final day we went to Newcastle. I’d been wanting to see that city of for the longest time, so I was pretty happy when the rest of my family liked my suggestion of going there. I really liked Newcastle and we wandered around the city for a while until it started to pour rain. Smart as I am I’d left my umbrella in the hotel so I got absolutely soaked! Didn’t really help my cold either. Oh well. The worst thing is that it wouldn’t stop so we started running towards the next restaurant to get some coffee and tea to warm up and dry off. When it stopped raining we went back to the car and drove to the Metro Centre, which is apparently the biggest indoor mall in Europe. Don’t know if that’s true but it’s definitely incredibly huge.

So here are some pictures my brother and I took when we were bored and some pictures of Newcastle.

IMG_6194 IMG_6195

IMG_6208 IMG_6219 IMG_6246



On our final day before our departure we went to Alnwick (hope I spelled that right) castle. We did a tour through it and it is quite the impressive place. If you have watched some of the Harry Potter movies this might look a bit familiar to you as it was used as a location to shoot some of the scene. Don’t sake me which ones though. Anyway… it’s a beautiful place.IMG_6323 SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

After our tour we went through the town itself. It’s such a charming little place and before leaving the UK I bought some more make up I knew I couldn’t get over here. Yep, that’s just me.

When we got back to the hotel we had to pack and get up at 2.30am to drive to Manchester Airport. I arrived back home incredibly exhausted and went straight to bed.

But it was definitely a fun vacation and I wish it would’ve lasted a little longer.



Road Trip Diary: Day 1 – London

Hey guys!
I’m finally on vacation and I have made it to London safely! Yay! We’ll be staying in London until Friday morning before making our way further up North. Even though the first day was absolutely exhausting it’s so nice to be back here. Last night I had to get up at 3.45 am and I’d gotten about 2 hours of sleep. We landed in London pretty early and made it to where we are staying quite quickly. We’re not staying in a hotel but in an apartment, which is pretty cool because we have a kitchen and a living room, which you normally wouldn’t have. It’s so nice to be back in London though. I’ve been a few times before, so I kind of know my way around a little bit already. Obviously it doesn’t feel like coming home but it feels a lot more familiar than for example when I went to Spain or Norway. I guess this has something to do with the language as well. Even though I’m may not fit in perfectly with my American accent it’s still a lot easier to communicate with people. So since my dad and my brother have never been to London before we basically just did some typical tourist sightseeing stuff today like going to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. At around 3pm I was feeling absolutely dead though. I’d hardly gotten any sleep the night before and I was feeling like a freaking zombie. I could barely keep my eyes open and I was so afraid of bumping into people because it was so crowded. Sure you have to count on large crowds of people in a big town like London but when I spent New Year’s there in 2014 it sure wasn’t this crowded. Maybe because it was in winter. Anyway.. Here are some pictures I took today! Hope you enjoy!







Happy midweek!
Sophie :)

Animal Adventures

Hey guys,

Guess what I did yesterday? I was chilling out with Bambi! Okay, just kidding. My best friend and I decided to do something fun and active because the weather was absolutely amazing, so I suggested to go on a bike ride to this zoo/ animal park type of place. I know I’ve just been to one similar like this with my grandparents and my little brother but it was so much fun I looked for one closer to where I live and found one. According to google maps it would take supposedly 36min by bike to get there. Now I always get lost everywhere it’s gotten me into quite the embarrassing situations before, so it was like we were doomed to get lost. It took us about 2 hours until we’ve finally reached our destination. At least we did find it in the end. On the plus side it was a good work out because we cycled for 2 hours straight and we had to cycle up quite a lot of hills. You cannot believe how glad I was when we finally reached the park. Good thing I remembered to bring a bottle of water. We saw lots of cool animals and the best thing was that you could buy food for them and actually feed them. Yeah, I was probably more excited about that than most of the little kids there. Anyway.. here are some pictures. Hope you enjoy!


This arctic owl was actually the first animal we spotted. I think they are such beautiful creatures, so I had to snap a picture.


See! Told ya I met Bambi. But seriously how cute are these baby deers?



They even had sea lions. I know this picture isn’t the best but you gotta love sea lions. They seem like such friendly animals.




Next up were the donkeys. Donkeys are my grandma’s favorite animals and she always wanted to get a few but never did. Such a shame because I think they are so cute. Apparently they bite though because there was huge sign that you shouldn’t feed the donkeys or try to touch them because they bite but yeah.. here’s me being a rebel and touching one anyway.




Okay, this might be the cutest guinea pig I’ve ever seen!! I used to have a few guinea pig pets when I was little but unfortunately they’ve all passed by now.


I’m not the biggest fan of monkeys.  I don’t really know why but they freak me out. This one was so cute though. In a way it looks so sad in this picture it makes we want to go back and free it. Poor little monkey. :(





Meet my new best friend! Even though I had run out of food it wouldn’t walk away and wanted me to pet it. I think it loved me!

So this was our fun day at the animal park.

Hope you enjoyed this post.