A Beautiful Nude Lipstick For Summer

Hey guys,

this seems to be turning into kind of a theme. Yesterday’s post was about getting that perfect summer glow and today’s post is about the perfect nude lipstick shade for summer. I promise this wasn’t planned. Originally I didn’t ever even plan on buying the lipstick I’m now blogging about. I was in this store were you can get everything crazy cheap and spotted the ridiculously cheap price on the lipsticks and as you can probably guess I, obviously, couldn’t resist and had to get a few. So much for self control. Anyway… I don’t want to bore you any longer with my ramblings, so let’s reveal this lipstick I’m talking about, shall we?


Okay guys! Now you know. It’s Rimmel London’s 930 Bronze Goddess. The only reason I bought this lipstick is because I liked the name of it and the color on the bottom looked kind of cool. I didn’t even swatch it! So why am I loving this lipstick so much? Well, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed I’m kind of into lipsticks. Okay, maybe I’m a little obsessed with lipstick and I love to try out all these different colors, whether it’s a bright one a really bold one or a very dark one. I just want them all. While obsessing over all the cool and unique colors I sometimes forget how stunning a basic nude can look. You don’t always need the craziest lipstick to make a statement. A classic elegant nude can say just as much. Besides not everybody likes to rock the bright pinks or corals in summer. Some people aren’t feeling comfortable enough and others simply don’t like it. So here’s a post about a great nude that, in my opinion, is perfect for summer. Obviously it can be worn all year around but it’s not just the name of it (Bronze Goddess) that reminds me of summer.


Let’s start off with the basics. The lipstick comes in a bit of a chunky purple packaging. It’s nothing fancy but pretty average for a drugstore brand. Nothing to complain about. What I really love is the texture. It’s so creamy and easy to apply. I love how it feels on the lips. It’s really moisturising and gives your lips a glossy finish. I’m usually more on the matte side but for summer I quite like the glossy finish. Now on to the color. It’s a very light brown with a hint of peach. I suck at describing lipstick shades but it really gives your lips a bronzed shimmery look. I think the fact that it’s such a bronzed color makes it a perfect nude for summer. Here’s a swatch for you.



And this is how it looks on my lips. As you can see it’s not too pigmented but very shimmery. Please excuse the mess that is my hair today.

This lipstick has actually been discontinued by Rimmel, I think, because it’s no longer available on their website but you can still find it on the internet and in some stores.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!