Another Week, Another Haul?!


If you happen to follow me on Instagram (@ablondesworld) you might’ve seen that I’ve been weak again and bought more make up. Yes, I know in my last haul post, which is sadly just a week old, I promised there won’t be any new make up haul posts coming up any time too soon but, oh well, looks like I’m breaking that promise. I do have an explanation though! Last weekend my best friend and I went out for some make up shopping and I ended up buying a foundation. She wanted a lipstick but couldn’t find one she really wanted (I know I’d never have that problem for sure), so we decided to go to a Mac counter this weekend, which we did yesterday. When we were there one thing lead to another and I came home with a few more things than I intended to buy. I think I need to put myself on a spending ban now. But anyway… let’s see what I got, shall we?


Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in light

I’ve mentioned this on this little blog of mine what feels like a million times but it’s my holy grail powder and I love it. Unfortunately I used up my old one completely, so I had to get a new one. Makes sense, right?

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter in Soft & Gentle

This is probably one of the prettiest little things I own. I absolutely love this highlighter. Clumsy me though, I dropped my old one and it was completely shattered and smashed into tiny little pieces of dust. Trust me, it was a very sad day. Now I finally repurchased it because I just needed this beauty back in my life.


Mac Eyeshadow in Cranberry

Everyone seems to love this one. It is such a gorge shade for fall and I’ve been wanting to by it for ages but for some reason never did. Now that it’s fall it keeps coming up on my Twitter timeline and many of the blogs I read. Hence I decided to finally take the plunge and buy it after all.


Kiko Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer in 01 Radiant Honey

The first time I ever went into a Kiko store must have been about four years ago. I’d never heard of the brand before but they nada sale going on, so I grabbed a few things. For some, to me unknown reason though. I never went back. Not a whole lot of people I knew knew this brand and so I kind of forgot about it. Lately Kiko has been pretty hyped up though and getting a lot of attention. I’ve digged up my old Kiko products and remembered, that I actually really liked them, which was quite obvious as well because all of the products were pretty used up. I guess I just never went back for more because they only have stores in bigger cities and not too close to where I live. However I came across one of there stores yesterday and had to go in. Lots of their products have been getting so much love lately and especially this highlighter and bronzing duo has been quite hyped up, so I’m interested ins eyeing how good it really is. Or how well it works for me. The packaging, however, is absolutely stung already.


NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee

If you have been following my blog for a while now you might be familiar with my obsession for these lip glosses. I only own two oft them but I just had to add another to my small but growing collection. These are my favorite lip glosses ever atm. I’m obsessed and that’s okay. I even enabled my best friend to get one and she’s not all that into make up.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 611 Yoghurt

Since I loved the NYX butter glosses I thought it was time to branch out and try some more of there products. After looking through the shelves and swatching a few products I opted for this one. I don’t own a lot of eye shadow pencils, which is a shame because they are ideal for lazy days. The color of this one is a pretty light brown with some slightly pink undertones. It’s just a gorgeous color and I can’t wait to try it out.

This concludes my little haul. And when I say there really won’t be another make up haul too son I really hope I mean it this time.

Thanks for reading!



September Favorites


Hey lovelies,

September is nearly over. October already begins tomorrow! Can you believe that? I sure can’t. Crazy how time is flying by. Anyway.. it’s time for my September favorites.


The first product I’ve really been liking a lot this month is the L’Oreal True Match foundation. I haven’t been feeling too confident about my skin, so I liked the thick consistency of this and how it would make me feel a lot more confident about my skin. I don’t have any terrible acne but my skin has been looking so dull and tired lately and this baby has helped me to look awake and refreshed.


Next up are these two powders. On the left is the Essence all about matt fixing powder. I like to just apply this all over my face when I’m done with my make up. It sets everything well and helps to blend everything in. On the right is one of my favorite things in the world. My Mac Mineralize Skinfinish powder. Basically it’s my favorite powder ever. As you can see both of them have been used and loved quite a lot!


Another thing I’ve been liking is this Mascara. It’s the Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara. I got this for free when I bought one of their foundations a few weeks ago and somehow forgot about it. When organising my make up collection I found this again and figured why not get some use out of it. It’s not my favorite mascara ever but it’s pretty good and I like to use it for my every make up.


Last but sure as hell not least, here are some lip products. I’ve written a full review of both of these beauties, so if you want to know more and see some swatches just check those out. Both of them have been some of my absolute faves lately. On the left is the NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu and on the right is the Maybelline ColorSensational in Atomic Pink. 

And here we go. These are my September favorites. What have you guys been loving this month?



A Recent Go To Favorite


Hey lovelies! I know I’ve mentioned the NYX Butter Glosses quite a few times on this little blog of mine but they are becoming more and more one of my absolute favorite lip products. I would’ve never thought I would say this about lip gloss but I’ve just been reaching for these so often. After absolutely loving Maple Blondie I bought Tiramisu a few weeks back.

I would describe Tiramisu as a beautiful nude slightly brownish shade. Basically it’s one of those your lips but better kind of shades if you know what I mean. Ever since I got this I’ve just been using it so often. When I’m in a rush I just smack this by itself on my lips real quick but it also looks beautiful if you put it over your favorite lipstick.

If you’re like me and you’re not that much into glosses I would say you should really give this one a go though. They’re so buttery and soft and not sticky at all. They are pretty much everything I’d hope for in a good gloss and the best thing is they are so affordable.


This has definitely been a go to favorite in the last few weeks and I’m honestly so glad I gave this gloss a go. It’s so easy to just throw on real quick and it looks so pretty.

Have you tried one of the NYX glosses?

Thanks for reading!



My Latest Obsessions…


Since I haven’t done an August favorites post, I thought it’d be a nice idea to kind of share some products, that I’ve been obsessing over lately with you guys. Almost all of the products I’m mentioning here have been used by me nearly every day because as the title already suggests I’m a bit obsessed. Sometimes when I buy a product I love or when I rediscover one I used to love I have this phase where I’m totally obsessed and use it almost every day until I move on to another one. Anybody else got that problem?


Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette

OMG! This one I’ve been loving so much. It’s just a gorgeous palette with beautiful eyeshadows, which allow you to create a causal every day make up look but you can also turn that into a fancy evening look. I’ve written a full review about this little beauty not too long ago, so if you want to know more you can check that out.

Urband Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Demoliton

When I got my Urban Decay Electric Palette I got this gorgeous eyeliner for free from one of my favorite stores to buy make up from. Of course I’d never see no to a free eyeliner even though I wasn’t expecting to get too much use out of it because I hardly ever wear pencil eyeliner and usually never in brown. However this turned out to be the most beautiful dark brown shade and probably the best pencil eyeliner I’ve ever tried. It applies to easily and lasts so long without smudging. I’ve been using it basically every day for the last week and a half.


Bourjois Paris Bronzing Powder + Highlighter

I got this a little while ago in July and I was so surprised by how much I liked it. The packaging is so cute and compact, which makes it so handy. I love the bronzer shade. The color is perfect for me and I love using this for contouring. I also love how the highlighting shade isn’t too glittery and sparkly like some other highlighters. I just think this is a really good product if you want something for contouring without having to spend a little fortune.

Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist Passion Struck

I absolutely love the Victoria’s Secret fragrance mists. They all smell so freaking good. My favorite at the moment is Passion Stuck. It contains fuji apple and vanilla orchid (whatever that is) and smells just heavenly.


Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

This mascara has always been one of my favorites but it’s gotten a bit lost in my make up bag somewhere until I recently rediscovered it. Since then I’ve been using it so much again. I haven’t tried tons of high end mascaras but from the ones I have this is by far my favorite!

NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie

Never would I’ve imagined to become obsessed with a lip gloss. I hardly ever use lip glosses because I’m not the biggest fan of most of the textures and if a gloss is too shiny. But this one is a total exception. The texture is amazing. It’s not stick and feels so moisturizing on the lips. I’m simply obsessed. Plus this color is such a gorgeous neutral pink.

That’s it already. These are my latest obsessions I’ve been using so much lately. We’ll see when I find new stuff to become obsessed with as that changes quite often. Oh well… what can I say. I just love make up. Don’t judge.

Thanks for reading!



Back To School Lips


Hey lovelies!

Guess what? I’m finally home again! I was released from the hospital today. Although I’m still processing what happened and I’m not entirely myself again I’m definitely on the road to recovery. Well, what better way to try and get my old self back than to just blog, right? Most of you guys are probably back to school or uni now. Uni would have started on Monday for me but I’m not entirely sure when I will be able to attend classes again.

Anyway… I’m a total lip product addict. It’s just my obsession. Now I’ve featured a lot of bold lip colors on my blog but when I go to uni I tend to stay  more on the natural side. I usually just have one lecture or seminar a day, so I just don’t feel the need to wear some crazy lip color and if I’m being honest I’m to lazy to put in that extra effort. Hence I like to wear more neutral shades. So today I’m showing you three of my favorite high end and three of my favorite high street lip products I love for school/uni.



First up are two glosses. Yes, you’ve read that right. I’m actually including lip glosses in this post. In general I’m definitely more of a lipstick girl but these two glosses are amazing. Neither of them are sticky which is just a huge plus!

Mac Dreamy

Mac Dreamy is a gloss I’ve had for quite a while now. It’s a beautiful sheer light pink. It looks really natural on the lips but it does add a little shimmer. As the name already says it’s really just dreamy. It’s perfect for any natural look.

NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie

Even though I’m usually not big on glosses I LOVE the NYX Butter Glosses. They aren’t sticky, last quite a while and the color range is gorgeous. They apply as smooth as butter and are so moisturizing on the lips. One of my favorite shades is Maple Blondie. It’s more of a bright peachy but sheer pink gloss, which makes it a great nude for me. Just love it!


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

The Revlon Lip Butters are another line of lip products I just love. I seriously wish I’d have all of them but one of my favorites from the line is Peach Parfait. It’s this gorgeous peachy shade. It’s just so perfect for an every day make up because it does add some color without being too much.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick Bronze Goddess

This one is without a doubt one of my favorite nude lipsticks. It’s quite sheer but the color is definitely buildable. It’s quite shimmery, so if you prefer a matte finish this isn’t for you.



Michael Kors Lip Laquer in Diva

Here’s another peachy nude. I think almost all of my nude lipsticks are peachy because I’m so pale. Peachy nudes don’t make me look white as a wall or dead as a ghost. This one has light to medium coverage and is quite sheer as well.

Mac Shy Girl

This might be my ultimate nude lipstick. It’s another peachy one and it’s really nicely pigmented. It lasts incredibly long. It’s beautiful. It’s perfection. If you’re pale like me and you’re looking for a really good nude lippie, that doesn’t make you look even whiter this is the one. And it’s great for every occasion whether it’s school, uni, work or shopping.

Well, this is it. These are my favorite lip products for school/uni. Whenever I feel like smacking on some gloss/ lipstick but don’t want to bother with the effort bold lip colors take these are the ones I reach for the most.

Hope you enjoyed this post.