Chicago Travel Diary Part 2 (Days 4-7)







Day 4

On Thursday we had one event that lasted the entire day. We had to be ready at 10.30 and got picked up at our hostel by a bus, which took us to Bronzeville: the African American neighbourhood of Chicago. We had a great tour guide, who has been living in Chicago for ages and has been and still does fight for the African American culture and heritage. He took us around the neighbourhood and showed us many different and very interesting things. We also went to a Blues house and several African American history and art museums. The tour lasted until about 5pm but it was I felt like I learned a lot about the cultural diversity of Chicago.

Day 5

Friday was our University day. We started of again at Roosevelt university where we were given a lecture about the history of Chicago, especially how it rose to become such a big and influential city in the US despite the Chicago fire. After the lecture we took a bus to the University of Chicago, were we had a little tour and visited the bookstore. For dinner we were invited to the house of a professor of the University of Chicago. He first gave us a little walking tour through the neighbourhood he lived in, regarding architecture and historical things, before serving us dinner. After dinner we had a big group discussion about relations between Europe and the US.

Day 6

We had been invited by the organisation Cair Chicago, which is a non-profit islamic organisation that fights against discrimination against muslims and islamophobia. A woman, who was raised as a catholic but became an atheist before converting to the Islam, gave us a little talk about what their organisation does and Islam as a religion in general. I though this was quite interesting but we had to sit in a pretty small room for almost 4 hours, which was a little lengthy. Nonetheless I think it’s great that organisations such as Cair Chicago exist, who go to schools and colleges and try to make people see that there is no reason to discriminate or be afraid of the islamic religion. The lady finally dismissed us at 2pm and we had the entire day off. So we went to Millennium Park to check out the Bean and do some shopping.

Day 7

Sunday was probably one of my favorite days. It was incredibly hot but we rented bikes for a few hours and got to cycle around Chicago. Did you guys know that Chicago has biking trails all around Lake Michigan? Me neither! It was so much fun though! I loved the contrast of having the city and the huge skyscrapers in the one side and then Lake Michigan and beautiful nature on the other side. After a fun bike ride with an incredible view and went to check out Navy Pier. This day was definitely one of the prettiest and most fun days. If you ever go to Chicago I can only recommend renting a bike and exploring the city with it.

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– Sophie