A Desert Beauty

Hello lovelies,

how are you all doing today? Some of you might remember my little trip to Kiko the other week. Yes, that’s right! I now have a Kiko store near me and I’m really excited about that. If you’ve read my haul post you may know that one of the things I picked up was the Kiko Sahara Glow Highlighter in 01 Desert Colours. The highlighter is part of their current summer collection Modern Tribes, which is all about vibrant colors, bronzed skin and has a bit of an African vibe to it packaging wise (which I kinda love).


The collection includes a few amazing looking products, however, what caught my eye immediately was the highlighter because it’s one of the prettiest products ever. Most of my highlighters are either liquid or pressed powders but I don’t own any highlighting pearls such as this one. I’ve seen the gorgeous Guerlain ones but they are quite pricey, so I haven’t been brave enough to take the plunge and buy them. Since the Kiko one is only a fraction of the price I just had to purchase it.


First off I love the packaging. Basically you get this container that is made to look like it’s glass with this wooden like lid. The design is definitely more simple but I like how it’s quite chunky. I just have a thing for big and chunky products. Don’t judge! The only negative thing I could think of though is that because it’s quite big and relatively heavy it’s not that great for traveling and takes up quite some space in my make up bag. But that’s okay. So now on to the actual product. The highlighter contains three different shades of pearls. There is one which pretty much looks like the common highlighting light shimmery shade with a bit of gold to it. One is more of a soft peachy pink and one is a lightly bronzed shade but all three of them are stunning.


What I do most days is I take my Zoeva highlighting brush, swirl it around the container and apply the highlighter to those parts of my face I want to highlight, so cheekbones, bridge of my nose etc. However, once the sun finally comes out a bit more and I might actually manage to get a bit of a tan I think this would look so good if I use a big fluffy brush and lightly dust it all over my skin to achieve that bronzed sun kissed look we all dream of.


So to sum it all up I’m really happy with this purchase. I’m obsessed with the packaging, the product is so lovely to look at and it’s definitely a nice product to give you amazing looking glowy skin. I can’t wait to use it all throughout summer.

Have you bought anything from the Kiko Modern Tribes Collection? Any recommendations of what I should try next?