Blush Lovin’ from the Drugstore

Hey you guys,

long time no see, or read in this case. I know I’ve been a bit quiet over here on my blog as well as on Twitter lately because I’m currently trying to make my way through finals and if you’ve ever attended University you know what that means. I’ve taken all of my in class exams and now only have some essays to finish, so I thought I’d give myself a break and finally type up a blog post again because I’ve really missed blogging to be honest, so I’m really excited to get at least one post up again. Today I want to talk about my obsession with the Maxfactor compact blushes to you.


After seeing them all over my Instagram I was really tempted to buy one because they not only look super pretty but I also heard a lot of good reviews about them. Since I was at the mall with my mom and my brother anyway I decided to pick one of these bad boys up and give it a go. After some heavy swatting I eventually ended up with the shade 010 Nude Mauve. Turns out I was so impressed with this blush I went back and got 2 more shades: 15 Seductive Rose and my absolute favorite 25 Alluring Rose.


All three blushes look insanely pretty in the pan, which is what first drew me to them. The packaging is quite simple and compact, which I really like. What impressed me the most though was how insanely pigmented they are, especially for drugstore blushes. And they are so easy to blend! If you prefer matte blushes these might not be the ones for you as they are shimmery. However, they are some of the prettiest shimmery blushes I’ve come across because they have the perfect amount of shimmer to them. Another thing I really like is that although not all of the shades are warm-toned they somehow really brighten up your face and warm up your complexion. Basically I love them, so let me tell you a bit about the individual shades.

10 Nude Mauve

As I’ve already mentioned this was the very first shade I picked up. After swatching all of them and looking at them from all different angles I went with this one because I thought I’d wear it the most. As the name already suggests it’s a beautiful mauve color but it has a bit of a golden bronzy shimmer to it. I love the shade mauve in lipsticks, which is why I initially went for it.


15 Seductive Pink

This is basically your classic more cool-toned medium pink blush. I think it’s a stunning shade but that could also be because I always go for the cool-toned pink as they really suit me. This one has a bit more of a frosty finish which goes so nicely with the color.


25 Alluring Rose

So this one is the last one I picked up but it has turned out to be my favorite out of the three. It’s just the most gorgeous bronzy shade with a golden shimmer and some light pink undertones. It’s a very warm-toned blush, which is why I’m so surprised with how much I love this because I tend to go more for cool-toned shades. But I just love the way this warms up my complexion. It really adds that little extra to my face that gives me a healthy bronzed glow. As I’ve already said this one is definitely my favorite and I would totally recommend this to anyone for the summer as it really gives you a beautiful summery bronzed glow!


As you can probably already guess I’m absolutely in love with these blushes and I honestly didn’t expect I would like these as much because I rarely ever buy Maxfactor products. However, I’m so glad I gave these blushes a go because all three of them are stunning. Here are some swatches for you.


(Swatches from left to right: Seductive Pink, Alluring Rose, Nude Mauve)

Have you tried these blushes? Did you like them?

Thank you so much for reading!



A Small Fall Make Up Haul


Hey Lovelies! I’ve been picking up a few make up items lately, so I thought I’d pick out my favorite and do a bit of a first impression haul mix post. So here we go!



The first thing, which might also be my favorite from this haul, is this beautiful Essence Hello Autumn multi color powder. Just look at it. I’m in love with the design of the pretty little leaves. It’s so adorable. I’ve used it a few times now and I really like it so far. Sometimes I use this instead of blush and just swirl it up and apply on my cheekbones. I love how it functions as a highlighter but still gives my cheeks a very slightly bronze. Of course you could also dust this powder lightly all over your face to get a bit of a bronzed and glowing complexion.


Next up are these two beauties. The one on the left is the Catrice Limited Edition Metallure Metallic Marbled Eyeshadow in Metalight. Yep, that’s an obnoxiously long name but the eyeshadow itself is gorgeous. Because it’s a marbled eyeshadow it looks a bit different evey time I use it but in general it’s like a shimmery champaign shade I would say.

The one on the right is the Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 030 We Are The Champaignes. I’m not entirely sure why this is called liquid because it’s not but it’s definitely a metallic shade. I’d say it’s more of a golden than a champaign color but it’s beautiful anyway.


Last but not least I got this Maxfactor Lip Infinity in Dazzling Cocoa. I don’t really have any brown lipsticks and I like the concept of this. First you apply a darker lip color, which looks like a gloss but basically is a liquid lipstick. After it dries of you put the gloss on top. It’s incredibly long lasting and I love the colors for fall.

So what have you guys been buying?

Thanks for reading!