#TBT: My First Ever Mac Lipstick

My TBT post last week got quite a lot of views, so I decided to to another #throwbackthursday post. This time it is all about my first ever Mac lipstick. I’m a total lip product addict. Lip products are probably my most bought makeup item, to be honest. I have a bit of an obsession. However, if I could only buy lipsticks from one brand for the rest of my life I would chose Mac without a doubt. I know other brand make amazing and beautiful lipsticks as well and as affordable or luxurious or pretty some of them may be nothing can beat my beloved Mac lipsticks. I just feel like they have the longest lasting power, they have an incredible range of shades and let’s not even talk about pigmentation.

IMG_0917 IMG_1260

That being sad, let me introduce you to my first ever Mac lipstick. I bought this one when I was around 14/15, I think, and when I got it it was like the coolest thing ever. My first Mac lippie was actually the Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick. So back then I really loved Lady Gaga. I thought she was so different and interesting and I loved how every thing she did always looked so artsy. Additionally I was in, well,  let’s say, kind of a pink phase. Pink was my favorite color back then and I had everything pink, so obviously this lipstick was very appealing to me because it was pink and it said Lady Gaga on it. I was sold!


If I had to describe the shade I think it’s the most perfect Barbie pink or Bubblegum pink. Back then I used to wear it all the time. I was obsessed with the color and the lipstick was quite creamy and felt so moisturizing. I was my first lipstick that was more on the pricier said, so I was beyond excited to own it. I was in love.

Now, I have to admit I haven’t worn this lipstick in at least 3 years because I most definitely grew out of my pink phase. Pink, especially that shade, is not really my favorite color anymore and I don’t like wearing this lipstick as much as I used to because it is such a Barbie pink and though it does go well with my blonde hair and fair skin I’m not really a fan of the barbie look anymore. When I was 15 I thought it was awesome but nowadays… not so much anymore.  I still like really light nude pinks but just not the bright bubble gum in your face kind of pink.

Nevertheless I still kept it because it was my first ever Mac lipstick and it brought me lots of joy when I was a bit younger. I just can’t bring myself to throw it away.


What was your first Mac lipstick? Do you still have it?