My New Favorite Red Lipstick From The High Street

You guys might know by now how much of an obsessive lipstick hoarder I am and my collection is constantly growing as I love experimenting with different and sometimes quite exotic colors. However, nothing can bet a classic red lip for me and I’m always on the hunt for a new one. When L’Oreal released their Pure Red collection I was quite intrigued  to try one. I basically straight away knew which one I wanted to go for without even having to swatch it and the one I purchased is Blake’s Pure Red. First of all I’ve loved Gossip Girl since the very first episode came out all the way back in 2007, so I just had to get Blake’s color, right?


The main reason I opted for this shade though is that it’s a deep cherry red with blue undertones. I’m blonde with light skin and blue eyes, which means cool toned reds such as this shade are perfect for my complexion. I just had to get this and it’s very far from a disappointment. Basically Blake’s Pure Red is the most perfect classic true red if you’re looking for a cool toned red that isn’t too pricey. Seriously, if you’re blonde and have pretty fair skin you need to get this lipstick!!!



Another thing that really stands out to me about this lipstick is its formula. I, personally, prefer my lipsticks to be matte rather than glossy but unfortunately matte lipsticks can often be very drying which is such a shame. Take Mac’s Ruby Woo for example. It’s no doubt one of my favorite lipsticks ever but it can be so drying, easily clings to any dry patches and takes a lot of effort to wear. Despite Blake’s Pure Red being a lipstick with a matte finish it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a matte lipstick at all. In fact, it actually feels quite moisturizing on the lips and it glides on so smoothly. I’m so happy that this lipstick is so easy to apply. You don’t need to spend too much time on preparing your lips with scrubs, lip balms and what not unless you have incredibly dry lips. Otherwise this is so easy to wear. It’s not drying. It doesn’t cling to dry patches and it doesn’t smudge.


Another impressive thing is how insanely pigmented this little stunner is, especially considering that it’s from the drugstore. But then again L’Oreal is one of the pricier drugstore brands and they have a great range of products, so I always expect a little more of them but this lipstick can definitely keep up with some high-end lipsticks in pigmentation and longevity of wear as well. I also really love the packaging. The black mixed with some golden details looks really classy and far from tacky, so it goes perfectly with the classic shade of the lipstick.


Basically I’m obsessed. This is one of the prettiest shades I’ve come across in the drugstore and I’ve been wearing it so much lately it’s become a staple in my make up bag. A big thumbs up to L’Oreal for creating this amazing lipstick!

Have you tried any shades from the Pure Red Collection? Which is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

Much love,


Shopping The Stash – My Most Neglected Products That Shouldn’t Be Neglected


I’ve seen quite a few of these shopping the stash posts lately and they have inspired me to go through my own make up and though I found a bunch of gems in there, that I haven’t used in a while, these products are probably the most neglected ones even though they deserve a lot more attention. So whoever is unfamiliar with shopping the stash – it basically means you go through your make up and search for products that you actually love but never really use.


First up are the Maybelline 24 HR  Color Tattoos in the colors 35 – On and On Bronze and 40 – Permanent Taupe. For my everyday make up I love using brown and taupe colors as they make my blues eyes stand out really well. After buying my first of these Color Tattoos I loved them so much I quickly added  a few more and I probably own them in 7 different colors now but as much as I love them they have one down-side to me: They are quite heavy. Especially if you take several of them. Since I’ve been doing a bit of traveling between University in the Netherlands and my parents house every few weeks I never took them with me because they took up too much space in my make up bag, so they ended up at the very bottom of my make up drawer. Now that I took them out of their I’m going to try to incorporate them more whenever I’m at Uni.


Next up are 2 gorgeous blushers. One is by Mac in the color Well Dress and one is the L’Oréal Nuance Rouge Blush in the color 110 Pêche. The Mac one is a really pretty light pink shade, which is perfect for every day use and the L’Oréal one is a light brown color, which contains some glitter particles and gives your face a bit of a sun kissed look when applied.


One thing I’m definitely not using enough is the Bobbi Brown Party to Go Pallette. This tiny little palette is, as the name already says, perfect for a night out. It includes one mini lip gloss in the color Midnight Violet. Two lip colors in in the colors Pretty Pink and Plum and three eyeshadows in the colors Rockstar, Eggplant and Charcoal. This palette includes the perfect colors for a smokey eye and some seductive lips and it is so tiny it fits into every purse. Somehow it got out of my sight and I haven’t used it in ages. Next time I’m going out this thing will definitely come along.


It’s such a shame but I barely ever use these two gorgeous Estee Lauder lipsticks. I got both of them together in a deal at Macy’s years ago. When I first had them I was constantly using them but the more my lipstick collection grew the less attention I paid to these beauties. I recently remembered how much I used to love them as they are very pigmented and shiny. 188 Rubellite is a very pretty dark pink and 118 Boise De Rose is a rather brown lipstick with some pink undertones. Both are amazing and definitely need more attention.


Last but not least is this beautiful Mac Dazzleglass in the color Roman Holiday. It’s actually quite a shame but I totally forgot I ever owned this. Maybe it’s because I hardly ever wear lip gloss and I’m much more of a lipstick person but this gloss is too pretty to ignore. It’s more of a peachy color, that isn’t too pigmented. It only adds a bit of color to your lips but it makes them look more voluminous and adds a nice shimmer.

Are you guilty of neglecting some really good products?

– xx Sophie

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April Favorites


April really flew by like it never even happened and it’s already May! Can you guys believe it? I still can’t quite wrap my head around this. It’s like 2014 is flying by so qickly. Anyway this is my first monthly favorites post ever! A lot of bloggers do this and I think these kinds of posts are not only fun to read but also very informative because if someone likes to use a product all the time through an entire month it has to be kind of good,right? So without further a do let’s get to my favorite things I’ve loved all throughout the month of April.


These pair of biker boots have been worn by me so much this month.  In fact I’ve come to love them so much I don’t know why I didn’t give them a go earlier as I’ve owned these for over a year now. I guess that’s because I used to not be much of a fan of biker boots or leather boots in general. Apart from my cowboy boots, which I got into when living in Louisiana, I’ve never been much of a boots person. I’m the kind of girl, who loves to wear pretty shoes.Unfortunately most pretty shoes aren’t very practical. Especially not when you’re cycling a lot. So ever since I moved to the Netherlands, I’ve been basically living on my bike as I’ve told you guys multiple times now. My bike just takes me everywhere I need to go. From university to the grocery store or God knows where. These shoes are absolutely perfect for my life right now. They are so comfortable and go with a lot of different outfits. It doesn’t matter too much if they get dirty or worn out a bit. To be honest, I actually think biker boots are the type of shoes, that only look better when you can see that they are being worn a lot.


The Body Shop Honey Bronzer
I only got this bronzer towards the end of April but I’ve pretty much worn it every day since then. I really love this because it’s so easy to apply evenly and I’ve finally found a color, that doesn’t make my face look all muddy or orange. I’m more on the pale side when it comes to skin color, so I’ve always had trouble finding a good bronzer for me but it looks like this one might be the one. I got it in the lightest shade by the way.

Bobbi Brown Nude Glow Shimmer Brick
This was given to me as a gift and it’s probably one of the best make up gifts I’ve gotten so far. I am just so in love with this. The packaging is so luxurious and beautiful and the 4 colors it contains are just drop dead gorgeous. You can use this as a blush to glam up a natural look or if you want to achieve that sun kissed look, this is just perfect.  Of course you can also use these colors as eye shadows. They will make your eyes shine for sure.

Mac Girl About Town Lipstick
This baby is one of my absolute favorite lipsticks. I really love bright pink shades and this is the bright pink shade of my dreams. I’ve written a full review of this, so if you’d like to read that just click right here.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
Skin care is incredibly important and so is finding the right products for you.  I’ve tried out a mini version of this toner and I liked it so much I went and got the full version after using up the mini one. Though I’m not too keen on the smell of this it really helped my skin and what I love about this as well is that you don’t need too much of this product so even if you use it twice a day it will last you for a long time.

The Body Shop Indiane Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist
This is one of my favorites scents for every day use especially in spring and summer because it smells like flowers and sunshine and summer to me. I’ve tried to review it before but please be aware I’m not good at describing perfumes. I’ve tried it anyway, so you can read that here. I wear this a lot in general but this month I’ve been wearing it more than ever.

L’Oréal Paris Elnette de Luxe
The L’Oréal hairspray has been my go to hairspray for months now but  I used to use the one in the gold and pink packaging. I’ve always loved it except for the quite strong scent of it. This month I discovered that they also offer one that has no scent at all, so I switched to the one in the gold and light blue packaging. They don’t really have different names. They just show the different kinds with different colors, so I don’t know how else to describe it. This works just as good as the pink one but it doesn’t have a smell, so I guess I’ll be using this from now on.

That’s it already. These have been all of the products I’ve loved and used the most this month.
Happy May!
– Sophie