Wear Berries!


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this in a few recent posts but lately I have been quite obsessed with berry lips. A berry lip is just the perfect shade for fall in my opinion. Lately I came across a berry lipstick, that I’ve been absolutely loving and which I really want to share with you guys.

Today’s post is all about the Essence long wearing lipstick in Wear Berries. Essence has really been impressing me with their products because they are pretty good quality for a ridiculously affordable price. You may have noticed this as I’ve mentioned quite a few of their products on here lately but truth is I just really like them.

So… Wear Berries is not your typical berry shade, I would say. It’s a bit more on the plum/purple side, but nevertheless it is a gorgeous shade for fall. The finish of this lipstick is not entirely matte but it’s not glossy either. I’d say it’s somewhere in between and probably more of a satin finish if that makes any sense. Sorry, I’m just not the best at describing those things. However, I really do like the formula. It feels quite moisturizing on my lips and it’s not drying at all, which is pretty awesome since it’s getting a lot colder now and I know a lot of you probably have problems with dry lips (including myself). You just don’t want your lips to look messy and dry, so this is definitely a plus.


The packaging is fairly simple. It comes in a sleek black tube and in the middle of it there’s a stripe of the color of the actual lipstick. I’d say it even comes quite close to how the lipstick actually looks on your lips.

Here’s a swatch.


And this is how it looks on the lips.

IMG_0108 IMG_0109

I’ve really been liking this lipstick and even though it is quite the bold color there’s just something about this lipstick, which makes it very wearable throughout day time for me. I love how you can just quickly smack some of this on your lips without making a huge mess. It lasts a fair share amount of time, so you don’t have to constantly reapply it.

If you’re looking to try out different lipstick shades for fall I’d definitely recommend this one as it’s a lovely color and very affordable.

Have you tried any Essence lipsticks? What did you think?

Rimmel London Keep Calm Balms


Look at these cuties! Aren’t they just adorable? Rimmel has just released their new Keep Calm Balms which very much remind me very much of the Maybelline Baby Lips because these balms are slightly tinted lip balms that come in a fun and colourful packaging similar to the Baby Lips.


So far they offer them in 5 shades. Keep Calm And Shop which is a clear balm. Keep Calm And Kiss which is a Baby Pink. Keep Calm And Play which is an orange shade. Keep Calm And Rock which is a hot pink and last but not least Keep Calm And Party which is a deep purple and looks quite scary in the tube. As you can see I only have 4 out of the 5 shades, so I can’t tell you anything about the purple one but definitely about the other shades.


First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging. It’s so colourful and fun they brighten up any rainy day. Plus the Keep Calm phrase is so London it’s just perfect for Rimmel London as a brand. As much as I adore the baby lips I think the Keep Calm balms packaging is slightly cooler.


Now on to the balms. Keep Calm And Shop is a clear one that doesn’t show up on your skin or on your lips really. However it does give you a tiny bit of shimmer and makes your lips look a bit more voluminous in my opinion. The other 3 shades I’ve tried are rather lightly pigmented but they definitely show up on your skin and lips. I actually like the fact that they aren’t crazy pigmented because sometimes you just want to apply a balm that only give your lips a hint of color or just stains them a little bit because let’s be real here –  crazy colors take some effort. However the color that these balms give your doesn’t last all that long, which is okay for me considering it’s mainly a lip balm. Here are some swatches.


Another thing I really like about these balms is their texture. They slide on so easily and feel really moisturizing. Again I prefer the texture of the Keep Calm Balms to the Baby Lips if I’m being honest. The Keep Calm Balms are just so much softer and smoother and feel more moisturizing to me. But then again this is just a matter of preference.

I’m still a lover of the Baby Lips but I’m also loving these new Rimmel balms. They are perfect for summer with their fun colors but just as great for fall as they will brighten up any cloudy day. The colors are really pretty and I think the Keep Calm And Kiss one would have to be by far my favorite. It’s a baby pink shade that looks really natural and pretty on your lips.


I’ve picked mine up while I was in the UK, where you can get one for 2.99£. If you want to get several of them or can’t decide between two of them Superdrug currently has them on offer and you can get 2 for 5£.

Have you tried these yet? Do you like them?

Happy Monday and a good first day of the week!:)


EOS Lip Balm Obsession





One thing I’d been dying to get my hands on is a EOS lip balm. They just look so cool. I think we should all just take a minute to appreciate the amazing packaging. It’s so so so perfect. Okay sorry! I’m just a little bit obsessed with these right now.

When I was in Chicago I walked into a Walgreens with the purpose of buying one or two EOS lip balms. I didn’t really know which one I wanted, so I just went for my favorite colors mint green and green. After using those a few times I loved them so much I went back and got three more. Now I own them in the flavors mint, honeydew, strawberry sorbet, blueberry, and raspberry.

I’ve already rambled about the packaging but I just love it. It’s so different from every other lip balm and makes it stand out. The actual lip balm itself is pretty good though as well. The texture is really creamy and nice and feels really good on the lips. I feel like it does a good job at moisturising and preventing my lips from drying out. The best thing about these is the smell and the taste though. I swear they smell amazing and they taste so good you just want to lick them off your lips after applying.


My absolute faves are mint and blueberry. Not only are those my favorite colors but they also smell and taste so good you just want to eat them. Well if you are a lip product fan like me you will love these.

What do you think of these little cuties? Also make sure to check out my GIVEAWAY!

– Sophie

Spring/Summer Favorites: Mac Lipglass Pink Lemonade

IMG_3216 IMG_3218

It’s another Tuesday and time for another one of my spring & summer favourites. Yay! For today I picked my favorite spring/ summer lip gloss. In general I’m more of a lipstick person but I do own quite the amount of glosses as well. Most of them I don’t use all that much but this one gets used a lot, which you can probably tell by the fact that the writing on it is almost completely gone.

What I like about this gloss that it’s easy to apply evenly and it’s not too sticky. Some lip glosses are so sticky and I absolutely hate sticky glosses. It lasts quite long but my favorite part is the color.

For summer I love bright pink colors but I eventually get a little bored of them, which is why I like to switch them up with a few coral shades every now and then. The Mac lip glass pink lemonade is rather bright coral shade with a hint of some orange.



And here’s how it looks on the lips.

IMG_3224 IMG_3226

In my opinion Pink Lemonade is a perfect shade for summer because it’s so fun and a nice change for my usual pink shades.

What’s your favorite summer lipgloss?

Another Random Beauty Haul

IMG_2312 2

Hey there my fellow make-up lovers. Anyone seen the commercial for Maybelline’s new Super Stay Better Skin foundation? I have like a million times, so today I finally bought it. Of course once I was in the store I couldn’t just buy one thing and spend a little more than intended.


This is it. Maybelline new Super Stay Better Skin foundation. Supposedly it gives you a flawless teint, that lasts all day. I know a lot of foundations promise this but what’s different about this one is, that apparently it also improves your skin within 3 weeks. That got me curious, so I’m gonna give it a try in the next few days and let you guys know what I think.


Today I also found out that Maybelline has a new nude lipstick collection and since I love the nude look for my everyday make up I couldn’t help myself. I just had to get one. This is nr. 725 Tantalizing Taupe. I like this color because it’s not too light and not too dark. It’s got a rich texture and also adds a little shimmer to your lips. I think it’s one of my new fave lipsticks.


I’m also a fan of the Maybelline Eyestudio eyeshadow palettes. The colors go together so perfectly and I really needed a new one for my everyday make up, so I decided to go with this one, because I love these earthly tones. It’s the nr. 2 Vivids Plum. I also love the size of these because they fit into every purse, so you can always carry them with you in case you need a touch up.


The Big Eyes mascara and the Master Precise liquid eyeliner are re-purchases. I’ve bought them a while ago and I really liked them.Especially the eyeliner. I’m pretty sure this is my third already. It basically looks like a felt-tip and using it is as easy as drawing a line with a felt-tip. So it’s definitely a recommendation for all the girls that have problems with drawing the perfect line. I usually don’t run into trouble with drawing a line with my eyeliner because of years of practice but this one is great when I’m in a hurry and really have to rush.


Last but not least I also purchased this adorable little mini hairspray. I have to admit I use A LOT of hairspray. It’s probably one of my most used beauty products, so now I can always carry one with me because it’s so tiny. I’m in love it.

That was it for today. Have a lovely day folks!:)