Sparkly Perfection: Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Tiara

The one makeup item I can never get enough of is lipstick. I’m pretty sure I have a lipstick addition. Lip gloss on the other hand I don’t tend to get too excited about. However, every once in a while I find a lip gloss I fall in love with. Actually to be honest for some reason I’ve really been enjoying a glossy lip a lot more recently, which is definitely new for me because usually I’m all about matte lips.

One of those lip glosses I just cannot get enough of at the moment is the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in the shade Tiara. I currently own three Dior lip glosses and surprisingly I really like all of them because they’re creamy and hydrating without being sticky and gross like lots of other lip glosses out there.


While browsing through the aisles of one of my favorite makeup stores together with my grandma a couple of weeks ago I stopped at the Dior counter to look at their highlighters. But then it was their lip glosses that caught my eye, especially the shade Tiara because of the beautiful sparkles in this gloss. I have a thing for all things glitter so it was like it was calling my name!


Basically the shade Tiara is a clear lip gloss with lots of pretty glitter spectacles in it. However, on the lips you don’t feel the glitter at all. The gloss applies very smooth and feels so nice on the lips. No stickiness at all! Dior actually markets these as more than just your average gloss but also as a lip plumper at the same time, because these glosses contain hyaluronic acid, which will keep your lips moisturized and make them more plump. While cosmetic companies often make big claims that their products don’t live up to this lip gloss really does do what it promises. It’s incredibly moisturizing and it does make your lips look more plump. I love wearing this on days when my lips are dry and need a break from matte lipstick.


As always here is a swatch for you. Now I feel like this swatch really doesn’t do this amazing lip gloss justice because it is so pretty and sparkly in the most perfect and subtle way. I think this is the type of product you just kind of have to see and try for yourself. It looks very beautiful on its own for a very toned down simple look or you can layer it on top of just about any color of lipstick to add some shine and sparkle to your look.

I’m aware Dior lip glosses are quite pricey but to me they are totally worth it. So if you’re someones like me, who’s usually not so much into lip gloss this might be the gloss for you! I’m definitely planning on adding a few more shades of these glosses to my collection!

Are you a gloss or a lipstick person?



My Top 5 Red Lip Products for Christmas


I’m a lover of red lips all year around but I always feel like Christmas is the one perfect occasions for everyone to get that red lippie out of the back of your make up drawers. Since Christmas is coming up in just a few days I thought I’d share some of my favorite lip products for the season with you. Whether you prefer a matte, a cream or a lip gloss I’m sure this includes something for everyone.


Essence Lip Liner in Femme Fatale 

I’ve featured this beauty in two previous posts lately but I’ve been using it almost every day and I just think it’s a perfect red for this season. Obviously you can use this liner to just line your lips but I prefer to use it as a lipstick and actually fill in my whole lips with this. It’s incredibly soft and creamy and surprisingly long-wearing. Plus at around 95 cents this is  also by far the cheapest option you could possibly find. Like ever!


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in 166 Temptation

This lipstick is by far the darkest shade I’m including in this post but I feel like it’s still a shade that is not dark enough to be too intimidating to wear. The color reminds me a bit of red vine and I find it’s just stunning a stunning color. The formula of this lipstick feels quite moisturizing on the lips and it’s very long-lasting. I’ve had this lipstick for quite some time now and I think it might have been discontinued but you can definitely still find it online on Amazon or Ebay.


Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red

 This one might actually be one of my favorite lip products ever. First of all it’s a perfect classic red shade with blue undertones, which suits my complexion best, it’s matte but not drying at all and incredibly long-lasting. It’s nearly perfection. If there’s one thing you need to get from Sephora it’s this one. Seriously though, this cream lip stain is amazing and if I ever want a matte red lip that needs to stay on, this is the product I’m reaching for without a doubt.


Mac Ruby Woo

I feel like I don’t even need to explain this one. Ruby Woo is definitely one of Mac’s cult lipsticks and I’m pretty sure everyone that’s ever been somewhat interested in make up has heard of this lipstick. It’s just the most classic red that suits almost every skins type. Some people are not so happy with the formulation as this lipstick is known to be a bit drying but whenever I want to wear this I use a good old lip scrub and apply a nourishing lip balm before applying Ruby Woo and I’m good to go and can enjoy this lipstick without it drying out my lips.


Chanel Lip Gloss in 106

In general I’m not much of a lip gloss fan but this one is absolutely gorgeous. I bought this for my high school graduation in the summer of 2013 and so many people complimented me on it. It’s more of a cherry red and it’s pretty glittery as it includes stunning golden shimmer particles. Despite many other glosses this one is not sticky at all and feels so nice on the lips. But considering it’s Chanel and the price you have to pay for this I wouldn’t expect anything less. So if you’re into lip glosses and you like to play it down a bit this might be one to look into.


Do you like to wear a red lip over the holidays? Which one is your favorite?



Friday Favorites

Thank God it’s Friday, right? This week hasn’t been as crazy as my last week, but I’m always glad when it’s the weekend. So since it’s Friday I wanted to share two products with you, that I’ve discovered this week. Both products are Essence and I absolutely adore them. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been loving Essence as a brand. Their products are so incredibly affordable but still surprisingly good quality!

Actually I went in my local drugstore to have a look at the cream blushes that are included in their newest winter limited edition but they didn’t have them there. The makeup obsessed girl I am I couldn’t leave with nothing though, so I ended up with a little palette and a lip gloss.


All About Nude in 01 Nude

I have to admit when I spotted this little beauty the first thing that came to my mind was, that it didn’t really look like your typical nude palette, yet the name is all about nude. This palette doesn’t contain any beige, light brown or basically none of your typical nude shades that you would expect to be in a nude eyeshadow palette. It does contain a really light shimmery highlighting shade, two light pinks, a light greyish silver shade, a dark brown and a plum shade. All the shades are gorgeous and allow you to create a lovely neutral look. I really like the light pink shades in combination with the plum and silver greyish shade.


These eyeshadows don’t have the best pigmentation but they are pigmented quite well and I love how shimmery they are. I just think this is a perfect little palette for the holiday season and it’s definitely quite refreshing compared to your typical nude palettes.

XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in 06 Soft Nude

I’ve included a lip gloss from the same range but in the shade 05 Velvet Rose in a favorites post earlier this month ad now I’ve finally bought the nude one, which I’ve been wanting to try ever since I tried the Velvet Rose. I love the formula of these lip glosses. They are not sticky at all and feel so moisturizing. But the best thing by far is that they have a matte effect. Basically they are more like a lip cream stain. The lasting power could be a little bit longer but you can’t really complain for the price. The shade is a gorgeous nude which is more not he darker side. I love how it adds a bit of volume to my lips and I’m definitely glad I bought it in this color as well. Who knows? I might add the peach and the red one to my little collection as well.


Have you discovered anything you really liked this week?



A Recent Go To Favorite


Hey lovelies! I know I’ve mentioned the NYX Butter Glosses quite a few times on this little blog of mine but they are becoming more and more one of my absolute favorite lip products. I would’ve never thought I would say this about lip gloss but I’ve just been reaching for these so often. After absolutely loving Maple Blondie I bought Tiramisu a few weeks back.

I would describe Tiramisu as a beautiful nude slightly brownish shade. Basically it’s one of those your lips but better kind of shades if you know what I mean. Ever since I got this I’ve just been using it so often. When I’m in a rush I just smack this by itself on my lips real quick but it also looks beautiful if you put it over your favorite lipstick.

If you’re like me and you’re not that much into glosses I would say you should really give this one a go though. They’re so buttery and soft and not sticky at all. They are pretty much everything I’d hope for in a good gloss and the best thing is they are so affordable.


This has definitely been a go to favorite in the last few weeks and I’m honestly so glad I gave this gloss a go. It’s so easy to just throw on real quick and it looks so pretty.

Have you tried one of the NYX glosses?

Thanks for reading!



Back To School Lips


Hey lovelies!

Guess what? I’m finally home again! I was released from the hospital today. Although I’m still processing what happened and I’m not entirely myself again I’m definitely on the road to recovery. Well, what better way to try and get my old self back than to just blog, right? Most of you guys are probably back to school or uni now. Uni would have started on Monday for me but I’m not entirely sure when I will be able to attend classes again.

Anyway… I’m a total lip product addict. It’s just my obsession. Now I’ve featured a lot of bold lip colors on my blog but when I go to uni I tend to stay  more on the natural side. I usually just have one lecture or seminar a day, so I just don’t feel the need to wear some crazy lip color and if I’m being honest I’m to lazy to put in that extra effort. Hence I like to wear more neutral shades. So today I’m showing you three of my favorite high end and three of my favorite high street lip products I love for school/uni.



First up are two glosses. Yes, you’ve read that right. I’m actually including lip glosses in this post. In general I’m definitely more of a lipstick girl but these two glosses are amazing. Neither of them are sticky which is just a huge plus!

Mac Dreamy

Mac Dreamy is a gloss I’ve had for quite a while now. It’s a beautiful sheer light pink. It looks really natural on the lips but it does add a little shimmer. As the name already says it’s really just dreamy. It’s perfect for any natural look.

NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie

Even though I’m usually not big on glosses I LOVE the NYX Butter Glosses. They aren’t sticky, last quite a while and the color range is gorgeous. They apply as smooth as butter and are so moisturizing on the lips. One of my favorite shades is Maple Blondie. It’s more of a bright peachy but sheer pink gloss, which makes it a great nude for me. Just love it!


Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

The Revlon Lip Butters are another line of lip products I just love. I seriously wish I’d have all of them but one of my favorites from the line is Peach Parfait. It’s this gorgeous peachy shade. It’s just so perfect for an every day make up because it does add some color without being too much.

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick Bronze Goddess

This one is without a doubt one of my favorite nude lipsticks. It’s quite sheer but the color is definitely buildable. It’s quite shimmery, so if you prefer a matte finish this isn’t for you.



Michael Kors Lip Laquer in Diva

Here’s another peachy nude. I think almost all of my nude lipsticks are peachy because I’m so pale. Peachy nudes don’t make me look white as a wall or dead as a ghost. This one has light to medium coverage and is quite sheer as well.

Mac Shy Girl

This might be my ultimate nude lipstick. It’s another peachy one and it’s really nicely pigmented. It lasts incredibly long. It’s beautiful. It’s perfection. If you’re pale like me and you’re looking for a really good nude lippie, that doesn’t make you look even whiter this is the one. And it’s great for every occasion whether it’s school, uni, work or shopping.

Well, this is it. These are my favorite lip products for school/uni. Whenever I feel like smacking on some gloss/ lipstick but don’t want to bother with the effort bold lip colors take these are the ones I reach for the most.

Hope you enjoyed this post.