My Sick Day Essentials

Lately I haven’t been feeling all too well and when I woke up Monday morning I felt so ill I decided to stay home. I hate having to miss out on lectures and seminars because it just means more work in the end because I have to make up a bunch of things, so here are my sick day essentials, that make me feel better quickly.

1. Lots of sleep
While you’re sleeping your body recovers from all the stuff you put it through throughout the day, which is why a good night’s sleep is so important.  Whenever I have a headache or don’t feel well I snuggle up in bed and try to get some sleep, so that my body can rest and get better.

2. Tea and Water
Drink lots of water! Water is so good for you and your body needs it to stay hydrated. I tend to drink not enough water during the day, which sometimes leads to headaches for me.  If you like drinking something warm go for green tea. I’m not much of a tea person but I love green tea. It is so healthy and really good for you.

3. Turn off phone
I’m the kind of person if someone texts me I always try to text back asap because I don’t want to keep them waiting.  This can be really stressful especially when a lot of people are expecting answers and you’re really busy with something else. If I have my phone around me I can never really rest, so if you’re anything like me just turn it off. You will survive it and so will your friends if you are unavailable for a few hours.

4. Comfy Clothes
Nothing is more comforting than your favorite most comfortable clothes.

5. Fruits and Veggies
When I’m sick I’m usually not very hungry, so I like to eat fruits and veggies to get vitamins and energy from them.

This are my five essentials for a sick day, that will usually get me back on track quite fast.

What do you do when you’re not feeling well?
– xx Sophie