Rapunzel Hair with Koko Couture*

Just as probably many other girls out there I’ve been dreaming of beautiful long locks, like a Disney princess, for ages. My natural hair is already relatively long.Nonetheless I wish my hair was longer and more curly because my natural hair is actually quite straight.

I’ve thought about trying some hair extension for a while but I had no idea where to start and what to look for and then good hair extensions can be pretty expensive too. So you can imagine my absolute joy when I received an email by Koko Couture  asking about whether I wanted to try one of their new Lena 3 Weft extensions. I was totally over the moon and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.


The set of extensions they sent me to try are the Lena 3 Weft Curly Extension in the shade Golden Blonde. Their Lena extensions are new to the website, they have a wide color range and you can purchase them as either curly or straight.


As the name already suggests you get 3 wefts: one with 3 clips, one with 4 and one with 5, which is a lot of hair so it’s absolutely perfect for anyone that loves big, voluminous hair. But then again who doesn’t love big voluminous hair? Its the dream, isn’t it?IMG_1566

The hair extensions are synthetic, you can heat them up to 180, which comes in handy in case you want to curl/straighten them, and you can wash them of course. Here’s a close up off one of the pieces and how pretty does it look? So blonde and shiny!


But that’s enough for basic information, now on to the actual product. Me, being an absolute newbie to clip in extension or extensions in general, I have to admit I had to go over to YouTube and watch how to apply these. But luckily I found a video, which was actually by Koko Couture, in which they show you exactly how to put these in. I only needed two attempts to put them into my hair without showing, so I was pretty pleased with myself. Now having used them a few times it only takes me 10-15 minutes to put them in properly, which is so little time if I think about how long it would usually take me to style my hair.

What I was really impressed with is how perfectly the extensions match my hair color wise. They blend in so nicely into my real hair no one noticed I was wearing them (apart from the fact that my hair was a lot longer). I think I asked just about every member of my family and my best friend a million times if they could tell and they all said that they really couldn’t even tell I was wearing extensions.I also think the hair feels really nice and looks so pretty.

So here are some pictures of what they look like on. Can you tell they’re extensions?


So to round off this post as you might already be able to guess I absolutely love these clip in extensions. They make me feel like a real life princess! They’re so easy to wear!  Whenever I’m going out and feel the desire for long hair I just clip them in real quick and I’m good to go. I couldn’t be happier with them!

Do you wear extensions sometimes? Which ones are your faves?

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love,


The Body Shop Hair Chalk (Review & Hair Styles)


Lately I keep seeing more and more people dying their hair all crazy kinds of colors and sometimes it really does look so cool.  I have to admit I’ve been picturing myself with maybe pastel pink hair in my head but I know I couldn’t go through with it. I have never ever ever ever dyed my hair in my entire life. No coloring, no highlighting. Nothing. My hair color is 100% natural and has been for the past 19 years of my life.

Still I’ve loved some of the looks I’ve seen on the internet, so when I got an email from the Body Shop (I got a customer card) that they are now offering blue and pink hair chalk (my fave colors apart from green. yaay)  a while back I pretty much went there right away and bought it. Due to exams and loads and loads of uni work I haven’t had time to properly try out my hair chalk but over the last week I finally had the chance to, so here’s my review and some of the looks I created.


So this is what the hair chalk looks like. It pretty much looks like pressed powder in bright colors that comes in little round boxes. They were quite cheap and surprisingly easy to apply. But before you start coloring your hair make sure to place a towel around your neck, so the chalk doesn’t get all over your clothes. Now what you need is some kind of tissue or cotton pad. You just take a streak of your hair that you want color on and place the little hair chalk against that streak. Place the cotton pad on the other side and then just run through your hair with it. Apply it to any part of your hair that you want to apply it to and then add hairspray to set everything. Voila, you’re done. It really is that easy.

Does it last? If you set it with hairspray it does last the entire day though it starts fading eventually and once you wash your hair it’s all gone. I really like it, that it washes out so fast and easily.

Here are some looks I’ve created with it.

1. For the first look I just applied blue and pink to a few streaks of my hair and then put it all up in a bun over night. The next morning I had curly colorful hair.

IMG_3341 IMG_3342


2. If you don’t want it to be too extreme just put your hair up in a messy ponytail. I actually really love this because it brightens up a simple ponytail and I think this is such a cute style for summer.


3. Do a regular braid. How cute does this look with the mixed colors?


4. For this look I’ve just colored the lower half of my hair. Kinda like a dip- dye. Oh and this is my adorable dog Idgie btw.


5. I’ve already included this look in my Captain America OOTD. So for this look all I did was add some blue hair chalk to random streaks of my hair and then I put my hair into a fishtail braid. On the other picture you can see how my hair looked after I undid my fishtail braid. Excuse the quality it was dark already and I took it with my iPod and I’m pretty much not wearing any make up, so please only pay attention to the hair. :D

IMG_3349 IMG_3348

So these are just a few looks I’ve created with my hair chalk over the last couple of day. In general I think hair chalk is a great option if you want to color up your hair for a day in a non permanent way. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it a lot more this summer because I think especially the pink looks really good with my blonde hair.

Have you ever tried hair chalk? What do you think of my different looks?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

– XX Sophie