My 4 Products for Perfect Summer Skin

So Summer has basically arrived! I still have a bit more to go and then I’ll finally be free and have summer! Gosh, I can’t wait for the sun and being able to reunite with my High School friends, go for walks with my dog and just relax. No more worrying about missing deadlines or failing exams. What a dream.


During summer I really like to change up the products I use for my skin. I hate wearing thick make up in summer because I can just feel my skin hating it. So I use a few different products to achieve that perfect flawless summer skin.

Step 1: Coverstick


I only use this if I have rather bad blemishes or imperfections to cover them up. I like using coversticks because they are perfect for when you just want to cover up a small part.

Step 2: Concealer


Luckily I don’t really get heavy dark circles under my eyes but if it’s only been a short night, concealer can come in quite handy to cover up some tired eyes. So if needed I apply some concealer right under my eyes.

Step 3: BB Cream


I’m an absolute BB cream fan! I love love love them! During summer months I tend to just ditch my foundation and wear BB cream instead. I just prefer the lighter coverage because it jut feels like you have nothing on your face and your skin looks still good. Perfect!

Step 4: Translucent Mineral Powder


For the summer months I prefer translucent powder over compressed powder because it is so much lighter. When I wear powder for a longer time my skin sometimes feels a bit itchy and I can feel my pores clogging up. Translucent mineral powder still sets my foundation and gives my skin a matte finish but it is so light I don’t even feel it.

This is how I change up my basic skin make up for summer. Do you make any changes?

– xx Sophie