What’s On My Face: Lazy Sundays

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I sure did! I met up with my best friend and we started planning on what we could do on New Year’s Eve and we have something in mind and we’ve already looked up some flights but everything is kind of vague at the moment so fingers crossed everything will work out!


Anyway… sadly it’s already Sunday and the weekend is coming to an end. This Sunday is just one of those lazy ones for me. All I’m doing is just chilling and spending some time with my family! We actually started baking some Christmas cookies this morning. So as you might be able to guess from the title of this post today is all about a lazy Sunday minimal makeup looks.


As a base I prefer a light BB cream and one of my favorites is the Body Shop one. Obviously I’m going to need some concealer to cover up any dark circles and blemishes I might have. And last but not least I set everything off with a powder. There’s totally no need for contouring but since I’m definitely on the pale side I like to use just a bit of blush  to add a tiny bit of color to my face. For this I love to use the light pink shade from my Guerlain blush duo in 02 Chic Pink.


I keep my eyes very natural, so all I do is take a bit of my Mac eyeshadow in Shroom and dust it all over my lids. Shroom is a super light shimmery pearl kind of shade. I suck at describing. Sorry! It’s not one of my strengths. But as you can see from the photo it is very well loved. To add just a bit of definition to my eyes I use a black kohl liner and gently apply it along my lash line. To finish everything off I apply some mascara. The one I’m using here is from the Born Pretty Store and I love how much length it adds to my lashes. Last but not least I apply some lip balm and that’s the finished look.

What do you like to use for a minimal makeup look?
Thanks for reading!

My Travel Face

Hey guys!

So since I’m flying to London today I thought, hey, why not share with you guys how I do my make up when I travel. By the time you’re reading this I should’ve already landed in England. I actually have to get up at 4am because our flight leaves at like 7am. Yeah, that’s going to be tough! I am so not a morning person at all. I usually don’t ever really sleep before 2am and now I have to get up at 4. I really hope I can fall asleep early today because I know once we’re in London I won’t get a chance to sleep all day and I don’t want to be up for 24 hours. Anyway… let’s get to the actually point of this post. How I do my make up when I travel.


What’s most important for me is a flawless fresh looking skin. Normally when I go on really long flights, or car, train or bus rides I either use no make up at all or BB cream because it’s lighter on my skin. Since the flight to London isn’t that long but I won’t be able to really do my make up once we’ve landed I’m using my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation because it literally lasts all day and makes my skin look good. Of course, you have to use concealer. Traveling can be exhausting and make you look tired so we need some concealer to hide those tired eyes. To set everything I just use some translucent powder.


Next up are my eyebrows. I don’t know why but I always need to do my eyebrows.  I feel like doing your eyebrows really shapes your face and makes you look a lot more pulled together. You know what I mean? So first I fill in my brows with a brow pencil. I’m currently trying out different ones. It’s really hard for me to find a color because most brands separate their eyebrow colors into colors for blonde, brown and black hair but even though I’m naturally blonde I have pretty dark eyebrows. I think I’m somewhere in between blonde and brown, which is why it’s hard to find a good color. If you have any recommendations please let me know!! After filling in and shaping my eyebrows I use eyebrow gel to keep everything in place.


When I’m traveling I usually skip eyeshadow and eyeliner and just apply a bit of mascara just to give my eyes some definition. Plus I like my eyelashes to be really dark. Because I’m really pale I apply a bit of blush. One of my oldest and most loved blushes is my Mac blush Well Dressed. It is such a subtle pink it’s perfect for every day. Instead of lipstick I’m just applying some lip balm.

That’s it already! This is how I do my travel face. When I travel I don’t feel like I need a bright lipstick color or fancy eyeliner. I prefer to keep it natural and causal. What does your travel face look like?

Have a wonderful day!