A Femme Fatale Red


I’ve proclaimed my love for the Essence lip liners before, so when I found the shade Femme Fatale in my advent calendar I couldn’t wait to try it out. I mean, who doesn’t love a bold red lip? I know I’ve given a review on two of my favorite liners from this range already but I liked this one so much I had to give it its own post.


The reason why I’ve developed a slight obsession with the Essence lip liners is that they are so soft and easy to apply, they are very long-lasting, they have a great range of colors and on top of all that they are ridiculously affordable. What more could you want? I sure can’t think of anything else.

I think Femme Fatale is the 5th shade from their range, that I can now add to my little collection, and I must say it might become my new favorite one. First of all the name is quite cool but the color is just stunning. It’s the most gorgeous bold red with slight blue undertones. Since I’m quite pale I tend to go for reds with blue undertones as they suit my complexion best, however, since this liner just has a slight blue undertone to it I could still imagine that this shade would suit quite a lot of different people.



The texture of this lip liner is just as amazing as from the ones I’ve already tried. It’s velvety and soft and literally a dream to apply. I find that a lot of lip liner are often quite hard which makes it difficult if you want to fill in your whole lips with them. This one definitely doesn’t fit into that category as it’s just so soft ( I know I’m repeating myself but I’m just so obsessed with the texture of this. Sorry!) Anyway… I’m in love with this color and I think it’s quite fitting for Christmas, so I know I’ll be wearing this a lot during the rest of the holiday season for sure!

Have you tried any of the Essence lip liners? Which one is your favorite?