A Fall Eye Make Up Favorite




As much fun and colourful summer make up looks are my favourites are definitely more fall and winter. I’m more on the pale side, so I love how in fall and winter pale skin is totally normal (not that it wouldn’t be otherwise) but what I mean is that I don’t feel like a ghost compared to my perfectly tanned friends. I actually really like the look of fair skin with more neutral eyes and a red lip in fall and winter.

So today it’s all about a casual and super super easy eye make up I’ve been a bit obsessed with lately. You only need a few products and it’s so easy and fast to do, meaning it’s perfect for every day. Especially because it’s super causal.

Basically what I do is I pick any lighter brown shade and apply it all over my eyelids. The eyeshadow I’ve used in this picture is Nooner by Urba Decay. Then I take another brown color a few shades darker and apply that in my crease and outer v. Then I blend it really well so you almost can’t tell it’s there. I want this to be really natural, so it’s supposed to just add a bit more definition to my eyes. Next I use any highlighting shade along my brow bone.

Now it comes to a tiny bit more tricky part. Applying eyeliner. Usually I go for deep black gel or liquid eyeliner but I want this to be really soft, so I’ve lately gotten into brown pencil eyeliners. My favorite one at the moment is the Urband Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Demolition. Demolition is a dark brown shade, which is gorgeous. The eyeliner itself is so long lasting and a dream to apply because it’s so soft. It doesn’t smudge and stays in place all day. It’s pretty much all you would expect from a good pencil eyeliner. So what I do is I apply my eyeliner along three quarters of my lash line leaving out the corners of my eyes. Then I apply it halfway along the waterline. I love this as it gives definition to my eyes and brings out the blue in them but it still looks much softer because of the brown. Last step is whatever mascara you like!



Lately I’ve really become a fan of some classic dark brown pencil eyeliner and this is how I use it. I think it’s perfect for a casual fall every day make up look. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!



Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette


About a month ago I added this little beauty to my make up collection and I’ve absolutely been loving playing around with it. I knew that I wanted to get one of the Too Faced palettes but I originally wanted the Natural Eyes one. After thinking about if for a while and looking at the different palettes I did, however, went with the Boudoir Eyes one because I already have quite a few pallettes including lots of natural eyeshadows and this one still has neutrals but with a bit of a twist.



But first let’s talk about the packaging. I mean, how adorable does this little gem look? The palette has quite a girly and cute design and it comes in a metallic box. It’s not big and chunky, which makes it quite perfect for traveling. I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging and Too Faced as a brand seems to always have some of the prettiest things out there. Just looking at their products makes me want to buy them all. I know that’s bad but I just can’t help myself.

When you open the palette the eyeshadows are divided into sections ranging from highlighting shades to really dark shades. The pallet comes with a little guide book, that gives you tips or inspiration for make up looks but once you remove the little booklet you find a little mirror under it. The size of the mirror isn’t all that amazing and there are palettes that come with better sized mirrors but it’s definitely enough for checking your eye make up or for touching it up.


Now on to the important things. The actual product! I pretty much love all of the shades this palette has to offer. The range goes from highlighting shades to neutrals to dark ones, you can use perfectly for a smokey eye or evening make up. Another plus is the great quality of the eyeshadows. They are so easy and soft to apply, which makes them really blendable. None of them has been irritating in any way and I have quite sensitive eyes, so that’s always good.

Moving on to the different shades:

In The Buff

This is a nice highlighting shade though not my favorite as it can be a bit chalky and yellowy looking but on certain skin types this would be perfect.

Satin Sheets

This might be one of my favourites from the palette. Satin Sheets is a bit of a peachy gold shade with a bit of shimmer to it. It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect for an every day make up look.

Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit is more of a champaign bronzed shimmery shade, which is a really pretty shade for a very natural look.

Fuzzy Hand Cuffs

This one is a light brown matte eyeshadow, which is great for in your crease if you are going for a very soft look and only want to create a bit more definition.

Sugar Walls

Sugar Walls is a bit similar to birthday suit but a few shades darker.

Lap Dance

Lap Dance is another darker shimmery brown, which is great for within your crease and looks so pretty when you blend it out.


This one is such a unique shade. It’s a bit of a greyish dark purple. I really love this shade because you can create the perfect somkey eye with this and it adds a little bit of a twist with the dark purple.

Garter Belt

This one is more of a greyish brown and mother matte as well. Another grade shade for an evening eye make up.

French Tickler

French Tickler is another shade I think is so cool. It’s black but it contains these gold shimmer particles, which makes it such a unique black in my eyes. I also love to use this instead of an eyeliner when I’m going for a softer look.

I know I’m not the best at describing eyeshadows but I hope this still is a little helpful. Now I have some swatches for you. Some colors were a bit harder for my camera to pick up but I hope you can still get a good idea of what the different shades look like. The shades are in order of my description.


To sum it all up this palette is definitely one I would recommend. The packaging is lovely, the eyeshadows are of good quality and since the palette is quite handy it’s great for traveling or when you go stay over night somewhere as the shade range allows you to go from a natural every day look to a fancy evening look in no time.