A Femme Fatale Red


I’ve proclaimed my love for the Essence lip liners before, so when I found the shade Femme Fatale in my advent calendar I couldn’t wait to try it out. I mean, who doesn’t love a bold red lip? I know I’ve given a review on two of my favorite liners from this range already but I liked this one so much I had to give it its own post.


The reason why I’ve developed a slight obsession with the Essence lip liners is that they are so soft and easy to apply, they are very long-lasting, they have a great range of colors and on top of all that they are ridiculously affordable. What more could you want? I sure can’t think of anything else.

I think Femme Fatale is the 5th shade from their range, that I can now add to my little collection, and I must say it might become my new favorite one. First of all the name is quite cool but the color is just stunning. It’s the most gorgeous bold red with slight blue undertones. Since I’m quite pale I tend to go for reds with blue undertones as they suit my complexion best, however, since this liner just has a slight blue undertone to it I could still imagine that this shade would suit quite a lot of different people.



The texture of this lip liner is just as amazing as from the ones I’ve already tried. It’s velvety and soft and literally a dream to apply. I find that a lot of lip liner are often quite hard which makes it difficult if you want to fill in your whole lips with them. This one definitely doesn’t fit into that category as it’s just so soft ( I know I’m repeating myself but I’m just so obsessed with the texture of this. Sorry!) Anyway… I’m in love with this color and I think it’s quite fitting for Christmas, so I know I’ll be wearing this a lot during the rest of the holiday season for sure!

Have you tried any of the Essence lip liners? Which one is your favorite?



Friday Favorites

Thank God it’s Friday, right? This week hasn’t been as crazy as my last week, but I’m always glad when it’s the weekend. So since it’s Friday I wanted to share two products with you, that I’ve discovered this week. Both products are Essence and I absolutely adore them. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been loving Essence as a brand. Their products are so incredibly affordable but still surprisingly good quality!

Actually I went in my local drugstore to have a look at the cream blushes that are included in their newest winter limited edition but they didn’t have them there. The makeup obsessed girl I am I couldn’t leave with nothing though, so I ended up with a little palette and a lip gloss.


All About Nude in 01 Nude

I have to admit when I spotted this little beauty the first thing that came to my mind was, that it didn’t really look like your typical nude palette, yet the name is all about nude. This palette doesn’t contain any beige, light brown or basically none of your typical nude shades that you would expect to be in a nude eyeshadow palette. It does contain a really light shimmery highlighting shade, two light pinks, a light greyish silver shade, a dark brown and a plum shade. All the shades are gorgeous and allow you to create a lovely neutral look. I really like the light pink shades in combination with the plum and silver greyish shade.


These eyeshadows don’t have the best pigmentation but they are pigmented quite well and I love how shimmery they are. I just think this is a perfect little palette for the holiday season and it’s definitely quite refreshing compared to your typical nude palettes.

XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss in 06 Soft Nude

I’ve included a lip gloss from the same range but in the shade 05 Velvet Rose in a favorites post earlier this month ad now I’ve finally bought the nude one, which I’ve been wanting to try ever since I tried the Velvet Rose. I love the formula of these lip glosses. They are not sticky at all and feel so moisturizing. But the best thing by far is that they have a matte effect. Basically they are more like a lip cream stain. The lasting power could be a little bit longer but you can’t really complain for the price. The shade is a gorgeous nude which is more not he darker side. I love how it adds a bit of volume to my lips and I’m definitely glad I bought it in this color as well. Who knows? I might add the peach and the red one to my little collection as well.


Have you discovered anything you really liked this week?



A Fast & Affordable Natural Lip

If you follow me on Twitter you might now that I’ve tried being on a spending band make up wise and you might now I’ve lasted about two weeks until I caved in because of some lipliners. I was in one of my favorite drugstores just browsing the make up aisles when I came across the Essence stand and spotted their lipliners for 95 cents. 95 CENTS! That’s incredibly cheap. Then I also remembered that Maria (one of my favorite beauty bloggers. You need to check her out!) recently wrote a really positive review about them.

Since they were 95 cents I grabbed a few of them but in today’s post I’ll only show you my most used ones, which are the shades 011 In The Nude and 07 Cute Pink.

IMG_0424 IMG_0425

Obviously you can use them as regular lipliners, however, I’ve been applying them all over my lips and use them as lipsticks and they create an almost perfect natural every day lip.

The lipliners are very pigmented and surprisingly soft, which is why they make such great lipsticks. They are completely matte and you can use them to make your lips look a bit more voluminous, which is always a plus.

What surprised me the most is how long lasting they are. Considering the cheap price they last their fair share, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I liked most of the colors I got from this range but these two are by far my favorite as I think they are so perfect for  occasions where you might want to wear some lipstick but then you kind of don’t. I don’t know how to explain this but when I go to attend a lecture or seminar I would feel a bit weird with a bright red lip, especially those 9am lectures, but with these lovely lipliners I can still wear a hint of color.

As always I have some swatches for you.


The nude shade isn’t my favorite nude shade ever but it’s quite a lovely color though and perfect for everyday. Although the swatch of the pink lipliner looks quite intense in this pictures it is not that of a bold color. Once applied on my lips it basically looks like a very natural shade of pink.

I just think these are perfect for days when you just can’t be bothered with putting much effort into your lips make up but still want a bit of volume and maybe a hint of color. You can just smack these on and your done. Plus they fit into every bag, so they’re always quite good for one the go. And another great thing about them is that they’re not drying, which I was a little worried about.

IMG_0427 IMG_0428

Have you ever tried any of these?



Wear Berries!


I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this in a few recent posts but lately I have been quite obsessed with berry lips. A berry lip is just the perfect shade for fall in my opinion. Lately I came across a berry lipstick, that I’ve been absolutely loving and which I really want to share with you guys.

Today’s post is all about the Essence long wearing lipstick in Wear Berries. Essence has really been impressing me with their products because they are pretty good quality for a ridiculously affordable price. You may have noticed this as I’ve mentioned quite a few of their products on here lately but truth is I just really like them.

So… Wear Berries is not your typical berry shade, I would say. It’s a bit more on the plum/purple side, but nevertheless it is a gorgeous shade for fall. The finish of this lipstick is not entirely matte but it’s not glossy either. I’d say it’s somewhere in between and probably more of a satin finish if that makes any sense. Sorry, I’m just not the best at describing those things. However, I really do like the formula. It feels quite moisturizing on my lips and it’s not drying at all, which is pretty awesome since it’s getting a lot colder now and I know a lot of you probably have problems with dry lips (including myself). You just don’t want your lips to look messy and dry, so this is definitely a plus.


The packaging is fairly simple. It comes in a sleek black tube and in the middle of it there’s a stripe of the color of the actual lipstick. I’d say it even comes quite close to how the lipstick actually looks on your lips.

Here’s a swatch.


And this is how it looks on the lips.

IMG_0108 IMG_0109

I’ve really been liking this lipstick and even though it is quite the bold color there’s just something about this lipstick, which makes it very wearable throughout day time for me. I love how you can just quickly smack some of this on your lips without making a huge mess. It lasts a fair share amount of time, so you don’t have to constantly reapply it.

If you’re looking to try out different lipstick shades for fall I’d definitely recommend this one as it’s a lovely color and very affordable.

Have you tried any Essence lipsticks? What did you think?

A Small Fall Make Up Haul


Hey Lovelies! I’ve been picking up a few make up items lately, so I thought I’d pick out my favorite and do a bit of a first impression haul mix post. So here we go!



The first thing, which might also be my favorite from this haul, is this beautiful Essence Hello Autumn multi color powder. Just look at it. I’m in love with the design of the pretty little leaves. It’s so adorable. I’ve used it a few times now and I really like it so far. Sometimes I use this instead of blush and just swirl it up and apply on my cheekbones. I love how it functions as a highlighter but still gives my cheeks a very slightly bronze. Of course you could also dust this powder lightly all over your face to get a bit of a bronzed and glowing complexion.


Next up are these two beauties. The one on the left is the Catrice Limited Edition Metallure Metallic Marbled Eyeshadow in Metalight. Yep, that’s an obnoxiously long name but the eyeshadow itself is gorgeous. Because it’s a marbled eyeshadow it looks a bit different evey time I use it but in general it’s like a shimmery champaign shade I would say.

The one on the right is the Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 030 We Are The Champaignes. I’m not entirely sure why this is called liquid because it’s not but it’s definitely a metallic shade. I’d say it’s more of a golden than a champaign color but it’s beautiful anyway.


Last but not least I got this Maxfactor Lip Infinity in Dazzling Cocoa. I don’t really have any brown lipsticks and I like the concept of this. First you apply a darker lip color, which looks like a gloss but basically is a liquid lipstick. After it dries of you put the gloss on top. It’s incredibly long lasting and I love the colors for fall.

So what have you guys been buying?

Thanks for reading!



Essence Get Big! Lashes Mascara Review

 Guess what I just discovered, guys? I haven’t actually done a beauty review in over a month. My last review was of the Body Shop All in One BB cream and I posted that on June 23rd. Quite crazy considering that one of my main topics on this blog is beauty, right? So are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because I’m thinking it’s time for another review and today I will tell you my thoughts on the Essence Get Big! Lashes mascara.


I’ve mentioned this mascara in a haul earlier this month or at the end of last month. Can’t even remember it’s been so long. What drew me to this mascara, originally, was its packaging. I’m a sucker for big chunky mascara packagings and this mascara is big and chunky looking for sure. I don’t really know what it is but the design just looks so fun and cool I really wanted to try it. When I spotted the price, 1.25, I was a little put off on the one hand but really intrigued on the other. Can a mascara for 1.25 be even half as good as one for 10? And how would it compare to a high end one, which are sometimes even up to 30€? I decided there was only one way to find out. I had to buy it and test it.

On the back of the mascara essence claims that this mascara uses a triple-black effect for maximum volume and extremely thick lashes. First of all I have to admit that I was blessed with really long natural lashes, which is why basically every mascara makes my lashes look long because even though my eyebrows are really dark (so weird) my lashes aren’t. Hence what I’m looking for in a good mascara is volume and one that makes my lashes really black, so you can actually see the length of them.

This mascara definitely gives you black lashes from the first coat on but I feel like it fades after a few hours. It does give you thicker lashes but I wouldn’t call them extremely thick as Essence does. Nevertheless this a fairly good product, especially when you look at its price. I wouldn’t use it on a night out because it doesn’t give my lashes enough drama, for my taste, but I think it’d be  great mascara for every day use because it’s easy to apply, gives you dark long lashes and increases the volume but not to an extend where it gets too dramatic and fake looking.


However because of the huge brush you have to be a bit careful when applying because it’s easy to get mascara everywhere except for the places you actually want it. Also when you take out the wand you’ll notice that there is a lot of product on the brush. Make sure to get a bit of before applying or otherwise the mascara will clump up your lashes due to an overload of product.

Photo on 26-07-14 at 12.57 pm #2

This is how the mascara looks on my lashes after applying 2 coats of it. I think this is quite perfect for an every day make up look because you get long black defined lashes without being too over dramatic.

So can I recommend this? I love the packaging and I think it’s a pretty good product if you consider the cheap price. However the black fades after a while and it doesn’t stay as long as other more expensive mascara. But again looking at the cheap price you really cannot complain.

Hope you like this post! Have you ever tried one of the Essence mascaras?



Essence – The Lash Curler


The other day I was in need of a new rather cheap mascara but the one I originally wanted to get was sold out, so I found myself browsing through the shelves and I discovered the Essence The Lash Curler. I loved the packaging and it sounded interesting, so I got it. Besides Essence usually has some really great mascaras.

I’ve used it for a while now and I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed. The one thing that differs this mascara from any other mascara is that it kind of has this plastic cap over the end of the wand, which you can twist. This mascara basically lets you rotate it manually which is supposed to create a lash curling effect. Maybe it’s just me but this whole twisting and rotating thing didn’t work for me at all.

The mascara itself is pretty average. It darkens my lashes and does make them longer and more defined but I have had other mascaras that got me a better finish for the same price. It lasts pretty long and doesn’t smudge. Still I probably won’t be repurchasing this mascara.

Here are some before & after pictures:






Have you tried this one yet? What did you think?

– xx Sophie