Smashbox Cover Shot Palette Ablaze

For some reason Smashbox has never been a brand I’ve been drawn to. Yes, I’ve looked at their displays and counters numerous times but nothing ever spoke enough to me to make me want to buy it. I can’t even tell you why because I’ve heard many great things about lots of their products. However, about a month or two ago when I was looking at some of their products in store the little Cover Shot Palettes grabbed my attention. Because I’m generally more into warm tones the Ablaze palette ended up being the one I took home with me. I mean these colors are absolutely stunning and perfect for fall/winter.


So first off I really like the packaging with the explosion of color on the front part of the palette. It’s definitely unique. I also love the size of the palettes. These are really small and include eight eyeshadows, which are enough to create different looks yet the size is so convenient for traveling or whenever you’re on-the-go. It will fit into any purse.


Now onto the actual eyeshadows. As I’ve already said the colors are gorgeous because they’re so rich and warm. I have blue eyes and these colors really make them pop. The set up is definitely great for beginners because the colors are grouped together.You can use the four colors on the right for a more berry pink kind of look or the colors on the right for a more terracotta and gold look. But of course you can also mix them together however your heart desires. The palette in general is very cohesive and all of the shades go together well, so you can create all kinds of looks.


The color selection of this palette also allows you to either do some very neutral and basic looks as well as more glam and dramatic looks. Or you could do a neutral look with a pop of color. I wouldn’t say the combinations are endless but it is a versatile palette. I don’t have much experience with Smashbox eyeshadows but this palette makes me think I should try more because they’re so nicely pigmented, very long-lasting and  they blend perfectly. They literally almost blend themselves, which again makes this palette perfect for beginners or people who don’t wear make up too often. Another huge plus in my book is the combination of mattes and satins in this palette because you get four of each.


I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who loves warm eyeshadows. These colors just speak to my soul and are a warm tone lovers dream. Plus this palette is just perfect for traveling or short little weekend trips, when you don’t want to pack a ton of makeup. If you like the look and setup of the palette but aren’t as much into warm tones Smashbox has a bunch of these Cover Shot palettes with different color schemes, so there is definitely something for everyone. I now really feel like I’ve been missing out on this brand and want to try some more products.

What’s you favorite Smashbox products?

Thanks for reading!



A Little Mac Lipstick Haul

Hey lovelies,

I’ve been such a terrible blogger lately. I barely managed to get one post up per week throughout the last two months and I feel awful about that because I love to blog. I just thought that I was going to be doing so much blogging this summer and now I have one week left before school starts again in September. How am I starting my third year already? I swear I just graduated high school yesterday. In general, my summer has just been a lot more busy than I expected. Because guess who has a job now? Yep, that’s me! I figured since I’m 20 now it would be a good thing to get a bit of work experience so while I’ll be a college student during the week I’ll be working on weekends but no worries I’ll definitely be trying to fit blogging into my schedule. If others can do it so can I, right? But enough about me now.

I’ve been adding so many new makeup products to my ever-growing collection throughout the last 2 months there will be a lot of reviews coming up, so to kick it off I figured I could start with one of my favorite things in the universe – Mac Lipsticks obviously! I always talk about how much I love a matte finish when it comes to lip products, so when Mac launched their new matte lipstick collection I was very very very excited and couldn’t wait to get my hands onto some of the colors. At first I only wanted to get one and wait until I got my first pay check but, you guessed right, I couldn’t wait that long and ended up getting three of them.


Matte Royal 

This is probably the craziest and least wearable shade from the entire collection since it’s blue but ever since the first time I saw this online I knew I had to have it. Although I love my nudes and mauves on most days I can’t say no to a unique color like this. I always go for the crazy ones. So even though every one I talked to about getting this lipstick told me I was insane I went online to purchase it but it was sold out. I was kind of frustrated and ended up randomly ordering Instagator because it was a dark color and I’m a sucker for vampy dark shades. Anyway.. so the next day my best friend and I went on a little shopping trip and when we went to the Mac store they still had it there, so I obviously I bought it! I’m not gonna lie it’s not the most wearable shade but I love it anyway. It’s a lovely blue that has some purple to it. It’s not as pigmented as the other two I bought but it still is quite long lasting and doesn’t dry out your lips



As I mentioned earlier I just ordered this color online because I was annoyed that all the other shades I originally wanted were sold out already. Basically I bought it because it was described as a smoky black purple. That sounded like a cool color to me so before I could think twice I added it to my basket and checked out. Looking back I am so glad I bought this color because it is absolutely stunning! It’s such a dark purple, which makes a lovely color to wear for fall and winter. Honestly, I’m so done with summer right now because I just want fall to start so I can wear this lipstick. I love a dark lip so this couldn’t be more perfect for me because I didn’t own a dark purple before. Since I just kind of randomly decided on buying this color I’m even more impressed with how much I love it. I have a feeling this might become a new favorite.




When I swatched this at the Mac store I instantly knew this was the color for me. I’m such a lipstick obsessed person even when I don’t wear a full face of makeup you’ll rarely ever catch me without something on my lips. Since I’m quite pale I like nude lipsticks that lean more towards a darker color than very light, so one of my go to colors has been the hyped up Velvet Teddy. It’s without a doubt my most used lipsticks and even though I only got it a few months ago I’m more than halfway finished with it, which is making me very sad. Ever since I bough Persistence I’ve been wearing it nearly every day and I feel like I might even love this more than Velvet Teddy because it’s more of a brown color and slightly darker. It’s just a great color and it makes my lips look so much fuller. But the best thing is that it really lasts! When I wear it to work it lasts so well. I usually apply it around 10.30am because I start at 11.3oam and it lasts until my 30 minute break at 6pm so I only have to reapply it once before I can go home at 8. What more could I want? I’m seriously love with this lipstick!


So these have been the colors I’ve picked up from Mac’s new matte collection so far although I’m pretty much 100% sure that I’ll be adding some more. Have you purchased any? Which ones are on your wish list?

Thanks so much for reading!

Much love,


February Favorites

Hey lovelies,

how are you all doing? It’s been over a week since my last post! I really need to get my blogging game back on because I know my little blog has been lacking posts quite a lot lately but I promise I’m getting back to it because I’ve missed blogging but I’ve just been pretty busy and I have to admit I’ve  been feeling a little uninspired lately. Nonetheless my views didn’t go down, so thank you so much for continuing to read even though my posts have been pretty sparsely lately! Since it’s been a while since I posted something I thought I’d start with something safe again so here are my February favorites. Can you guys believe it’s March already? I’m turning 20 this month. What?! Anyway… here’s what I’ve been loving this month.


Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette

I’ve mentioned this palette in a haul post in January after caving in and buying it even though I spent a month trying to convince myself that I wasn’t going to need it. But then my Instagram feed was full of this palette and it’s like I couldn’t escape it. When I passed an important exam I decided to treat myself and finally buy it. I can’t tell you how glad I am I did. I love all the eyeshadows that come with it, the eyeliner is a lovely color, I’m obsessed with the lip gloss and you can’t ever have enough mascaras, right? The only thing I don’t use too much is the bronzer as it’s too orangey for my pale complexion. Other than that I’m head over heels for this palette. It’s so perfect for traveling because it basically includes everything you need and it looks so pretty too!


Makeup Revolution I Heart Make Up I Heart Definiton Fair

Woah well that’s a long name right there. So contouring is big right now. The amount of posts I see all the time about what products are the best to use and what’s the best technique to use are immense and I’ve written about it myself a few times. Now I don’t do no crazy contouring but I do like to add a bit of definition to my face and I love trying out all the different kits that are constantly coming out. This one is super affordable and you get a great bronzer to create shadows, a lovely blush and a nice highlighter with it. It’s very compact and travel friendly. I can definitely recommend it for starters.

Makeup Revolution Goddess Of Love Highlighter

Okay, how freaking pretty is this? It’s just so so so beautiful to look at and on top of that it’s a great product that’s super affordable. This highlighter is a pinky champagne like color and I think it’s absolutely stunning. I’ve been loving this all throughout the month of February


Jo Malone Blackberry Bay 

This is my first ever Jo Malone fragrance and it smells so heavenly divine! I’ve been using this almost every day in February and I think I might have to get another Jo Malone fragrance soon. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Blake Lively’s Pure Red from L’Oreal

After writing a raving review about this I just need to include it in my monthly favorites because it wouldn’t be fair otherwise. I haven’t been this excited about a lipstick in a while, especially not a drugstore one so this well and truly deserves a mention in this post. It’s one of the prettiest red lipsticks I’ve come a crossed lately. It’s last so long, it’s so pigmented and it compliments my complexion so nicely. If you’re rather pale with blonde or relatively light hair get this! Seriously go and buy it!


And this already concludes my favorites. What have you guys been loving throughout February? Make sure to let me know!

Thanks so much for reading!



Milani Baked Blushes in Luminoso & Berry Amore

Happy Friday, everyone!                                                                                                                               I’ve made it through the first week of my 4th semester and I’m so glad it’s finally the weekend because it was one heck of a first week. Since yesterday was quite the heavy, personal post I figured it was time for another review! Now I’ve just mentioned the 2 Milani blushes (in the shades Luminoso & Berry Amore) in my January favorites but these are at the very top of my favorite blushes at the moment, so I thought it was only fair to dedicate an entire post to them as I have developed a serious obsession with them.


After trying and loving my first ever Milani Blush (Corallina) I decided to get two more and opted for the shades Luminoso and Berry Amore because some of my lovely readers have suggested them to me, so thank you so much for the recommendations as I’m in blush heaven right now.


According to Milani these beauties are sun-baked on Italian terracotta tiles and they are very buildable from sheer to vibrant, adding warmth and color to your complexion. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it? Well, I think their description is pretty honest and true. The blushes are buildable and you can achieve different finishes with them from sheer to very vibrant as they blend so easily. The texture is very velvety and feels so nice and silky on the skin. At first glance the blushes might look very glittery and shimmery but once applied they give you more of a nice glowy complex, so even if you usually prefer matte blushes I would still recommend you to try these.



I would describe Luminoso as a very light peach with a bit of a golden shimmer to it. It’s a very stunning shade and I can totally see why it was recommended to me. It really gives you that glow from within look and adds a lot of warmth to my complexion. It’s just stunning and an easy go to blush because it’s perfect for an every day more casual looks.



Berry Amore

Judging from the name I expected this to be a very vibrant darker berry tone when indeed it is more of a subtle light and cool-toned berry shade. It has very finely milled golden shimmer particles to it, which once again add a beautiful healthy glow to the skin. Despite it being more of a subtle color it can definitely be built up and it really gives you this naturally flushed look we all aim for.



 To sum it all up Milani blushes have won my heart over! I can’t seem to find a flaw with them. They come in a pretty packaging, they are affordable and they give you a naturally glowing, radiant and healthy complexion. What more could you possible want? I can’t really think of anything right now.

As always I hope you enjoyed today’s post and thank you so much for reading!



Tom Ford Lips & Boys – Flynn


When I bought my first Tom Ford last December I also had a look at the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection and what can I say? I guess, I just got sucked in by the cuteness of size of these lipsticks and ended up buying one along with my Tom Ford Indian Rose lipstick, which I’ve already written a post on if you’re interested. In case you didn’t know (I’m sure you do though) the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection is a limited edition collection of lipsticks that are about half the size of the regular Tom Ford Lipsticks and are advertised as the perfect size for a clutch and instead of having fancy names are all named after a guy. As far as I know they are still available until the end of February but don’t quote me on that. SAMSUNG CSC

The one I opted for after a 30 minute swatching session with my best friend is Flynn. Flynn is described as a light pink to mauve shade on the Tom Ford website, which I would definitely agree with it. It’s such a nice soft light pink, which makes it a perfect shade for a very causal look or if you’re going for a heavy eye make up look and want a more neutral lipstick to even out the look, this is the one.



The formula is so nice and creamy and the lipstick feels quite moisturizing, which makes it so comfortable to wear. It applies so evenly and it is definitely very well pigmented, which is a big plus for me! It looks like such a tiny lipstick but you won’t need much of it because of its pigmentation. The only thing I find a bit of a bummer is the staying power which is around 4 – 5 hours for me before I need a touch up but then again this is a cream formula and I usually tend to go for matte lipsticks, which seem to stay in place so much longer.


Nonetheless I’m head over heels for this little stunner that is Flynn. The packaging is the typical Tom Ford one, which is so beautiful and luxurious. I also think Flynn is such a cute name. The light pink color is absolutely stunning and I feel like it would suit quite a lot of different skin types. I couldn’t be happier with this little beauty and I have no regrets having spent a little fortune on it.

Have you bought any of the Lips & Boys collection? Which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading!



January Favorites


It’s been a little while since I uploaded a monthly favorites post because for some reason I seem to have skipped out on the month of December. I guess with Christmas and New Years I must’ve forgotten about it. However, favorites posts are one of my personal favorite type of posts to read as  I always love to read what others have been enjoying and it gives me some ideas on products I might want to check out in the future. So here goes my January favorites.


The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

I’ve written an entire blog post about this mask and raved on and on about how much I love it. It feels absolutely incredible on my skin and I can honestly say that it’s improved my skin by clearing it up more and just making it look all glowy and healthy and who doesn’t like that, right? It still amazes me how this mask manages to warm up once it touches your face but then again it just feels amazing so why care.

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist White Cotton & Pink Lilly

I love the VS body sprays, so when a very good friend of mine gave me another one to add to my collection for Christmas I was one happy girl. This smells so nice I’ve been using this a lot this month whenever I just didn’t want to use an actual perfume.


Make Up Revolution Matte Essentials Palette

This has been my go to palette of the month, so obviously I have to mentioned it.  It contains a perfect and really nicely pigmented range of different mattes. Basically all the mattes you could ever need! I’ve used this almost daily to create a neutral every day look and I’m genuinely blown away by this palette. It’s just so good.

NYX Powder Blush in Taupe

Another product that I’ve been using pretty much every day of this month. It’s by far my favorite product to contour with and it definitely lives up to the hype for me. If you’re pale and are looking for a nice blush/bronzer to contour with gives this one a go.


Milani Blush in Corallista

This is the one blush I reached for the most this month. It’s such a nice coral shade with a gorgeous golden shimmer. The packaging is pretty and the products itself it just a total stunner and not just in the pan! I just got two more Milani blushes and I can’t wait to try them out properly!

Mac Soft & Gentle Highlighter

I know I’ve mentioned this on my blog quite a few times now but this is hands down my favorite highlighter. I’ve been using this every single day in the month of Januaray (I gotta admit I have a bit of an obsession with highlighting atm) so I just have to mention it once again. It’s perfect and totally worth the money!


Tom Ford in Indian Rose

I’ve been dying to get my hands onto one of the Tom Ford lippies and my dream finally came true in December when I went out and bought one with my Christmas money. To be honest, I have no regrets! It’s the prettiest lipstick I own and I can’t get enough of it! It’s such a wearable mauve/dusty pink type of nude and fits every occasion.

What have bee your favorites this month? Any recommendations for what to try next month?



Zoeva Classic Brush Set Review

If you follow me on Instagram or/and Twitter you might have seen me posting about how I finally caved in and bought a set of Zoeva brushes a while ago. I’ve been using them every day for the past 3 weeks and I thought why not write a little review. I know, there are already a ton of reviews of these brushes out there, so one more won’t hurt, right?


Now, Zoeva offers a bunch of different sets and after some contemplating I went for the Classic Brush Set. I figured you can’t go wrong with a set that basically includes all of the basic brushes you could ever need for a make up look. As pretty as the Rose Gold Set is I went for the classic black and silver one just because I like when everything matches, so if I want to expand my Zoeva brush collection I won’t have a bunch of rose gold brushes mixed in with black and silver. Maybe it’s just me and I’m weird like that but I just prefer to have them matching.


The brushes came with this lovely classic black leather bag, that is actually quite big, so you can definitely fit loads of brushes in. I love how the brushes come with this bag because it’s perfect to store them in there if you’re going somewhere and want to bring all of your brushes.


First off I want to say a few things about the brushes in general before I go into detail with each brush individually. This set doesn’t include a single brush I don’t get any use out of.  With this set you get four face brushes and four eye brushes and all of them are so incredibly soft. I’m in no way an expert when it comes to make up brushes. I’m probably more of the opposite but these brushes are made with a combination of real and synthetic hair and I think this is their secret as to why they give you such a flawless application.  I definitely use almost all of these brushes on a daily basis and I’m not gonna lie my make up definitely looks better now, especially my base and my gel liner. Another aspects I’m also really impressed with is how easy they are to wash. My other brushes always took ages to dry off after washing, which is why I hated to wash them because they wouldn’t be dry enough to use them the next day. However, with these I wash them and then dry them off with a towel and a few minutes later they’re good to go again!


125 Stippling Brush

I have to admit I barely ever used a foundation brush before because I only had those that look like paint brushes and using them takes absolutely for ever and I just couldn’t ever be bothered. With this stippling brush I can apply my foundation in no time and it also helps creating such a flawless finish. I’m just so happy with it.

128 Cream Cheek

You’re supposed to use this brush for either any type of cream blush, bronzer etc or blush in general but I actually use it for contouring. The angled shape really helps me with contouring in the hollows of my cheeks because it just fits so nicely.

105 Luxe Highlight

As the name already suggests this brush is meant for highlighting and it does a damn good job. The way it’s shaped really let’s you be very precise with your highlighter, so it doesn’t go everywhere.

142 Concealer Buffer

This is the one brush I use every single day without any exceptions. I use concealer every day and this is just perfect for buffing your concealer into the skin really nicely and gently.

227 Luxe Soft Definer

I like to use this brush for applying any eyeshadow across my entire lid.

228 Luxe Crease

In general I prefer to use an angled brush for applying eyeshadow within my crease but this brush is amazing for blending. I pretty much use this every day for blending out the shade I apply in my crease and it’s amazing!

230 Luxe Pencil

Another brush I use pretty much every day. I love using this in my outer v because it’s great if you want to create some depth and darken certain areas. It’s also amazing for applying eyeshadow along the waterline (which I do a lot) and I sometimes use it in my crease when I’m to lazy to get my angled brush out.

317 Wing Liner

I love a good old winged eyeliner! So far I’ve used a liquid liner to achieve mine though I definitely prefer the look of gel eyeliner as they often appear to be even more black and seem to last longer. Unfortunately I never found an eyeliner brush I really liked using. But this one is a total game changer. My winged eyeliner has never looked this good and it’s never been so easy to create it in the first place.

I can honestly say I’m incredibly impressed with these brushes and I totally get the hype they are surrounded with at the moment. I use mine every single day and I probably will add a few more of their brushes to my collection. They aren’t the cheapest brushes out there but they definitely are a great and much more affordable option to Mac and Bobbi Brown and all those other incredibly expensive high end brushes.

Have you tried any Zoeva brushes? What are your thoughts on them?

Much love,


A Great Palette For Those Glitter Lovers *

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’re all well. I’m finally done with all my exams for this semester and now have a few days off until my 4th semester starts next Monday. But before I get into today’s post I just wanted to thank you all for reaching 500 followers over here on WordPress. I know this is such a small number compared to other bloggers out there but it really means the world to me because when I first started my blog I only started it with the intention of having a little place where I could just write and I never ever believed that people would actually follow me and come back to read more. Every little comment or like means so much to me and always puts a huge smile on my face, so seriously a huge thank you to all of you who read my little blog! Okay, before this gets even cheesier let’s get into today’s post, shall we?


When the lovely people over from the Born Pretty Store contacted me a little while ago about whether I wanted to try out some more of their products, I was so excited because I’ve loved all of their products I’ve tried before. As I was looking through their website one item, which immediately caught my eye was this lovely little palette.


I absolutely adore the design of it and it contains 12 glittery shades. If you’ve read my blog before you know how much I love my shimmery eyeshadows, so a palettes consisting of only glitter eyeshadows sounds pretty damn amazing to me. Now as I’ve just mentioned the palette consists of 12 lovely shades and it offers you a nice range of shades as well. You get a light blue, a mint green (one of my favorite colors), a few different shades of pink and some stunning brown and bronzed shades (my favorites) as well as 3 gorgeous silver/grey shades.

I was really impressed with how pigmented the shadow were and one aspect I really love is that they are glittery but they aren’t too glittery, so that you can only wear them for special occasion. They just have the perfect amount of glitter in them, which makes them wearable for the day as well as for a sparkly night out look.


My favorite shades are without a doubt the four shades at the very right because I’m a sucker for bronzy shades. They compliment my blue eyes really well and I’m more of a neutrals type of girl when it comes to eyeshadow most of them time. However, I also love the light blue and the mint green shade this palette includes. I can totally see myself wearing these in Spring a lot. I, personally, don’t wear pink eyeshadow too much but if you love pink these are some seriously stunning colors and I will try to incorporate them into my Spring and Summer eye make up this year for a bit of a girly touch.


In general I think this would be a great palette for everyone who has a weakness for glitter. These are some gorgeous glitter shades that you can either use for a bit of a more glammed up neutral look or a you can go all out and create a sparkly night out look with the silver colors. And you can always add in a touch of color with some of the other shades.

If you like this palettes or are interested in the products the Born Pretty Store offers you can head on over to their website here.  I also have a little discount code for you if you decided to place an order, which is WEEG10.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post!



A Current Lip Liner Obsession

As I mention on here quite frequently I’m obsessed with all sorts of lip products, so lip liners sure aren’t an exception. I like to mix up my lip products all the time but there’s one I’ve rediscovered and have been wearing constantly ever since and that is my Maybelline Super Stay Lip Liner.

The shade that I’ve been wearing so much is the number 41 Rosewood. I can’t tell you why but I’m really liking that name. So the packaging obviously isn’t the best as this is quite cheap lip liner but it is pretty decent after all. I’m a bit annoyed that you have to twist the bottom half of the liner in order for the product to come out because it sometimes doesn’t work too well but then again you don’t have to sharpen it, so that’s a plus.


At first I never liked how thin the liner was because it takes quite a while to fill in your entire lips but it really lets you be incredibly precise when lining your lips, which I grew to like a lot! So onto the actual color. I’d say Rosewood is a nice dusty rose shade, which is almost like a your lips but better kind of shade. I’m not the best at describing colors but this is one of the prettiest nude shades I own, to be honest, which is probably why I’ve been wearing it so much lately. It’s a complete matte finish and it really gives your lips a much fuller look but still keeps them natural looking.  One thing I dislike a little is that it can be a bit drying but if you prime your lips properly you should be fine.



This has been one of my go to lip liners recently as it’s the perfect every day color and it lasts really long, so I thought I’d share it on here.

Have a lovely Sunday,


A Little Update & My Current Favorite Face Mask

Hey there!

I know I’ve been blogging a bit inconsistently lately but I’ve been insanely busy with exams and I’ve just been lacking the motivation to be honest. I love blogging. I really do! But lately I feel like I’ve just been writing beauty review after beauty review and as much as I love testing out new products and reviewing them here on my little blog, I’d love to switch things up a bit. When I first started blogging my main theme was still beauty but I feel like my blog used to be a lot more diverse. I used to write way more lifestyle posts or throw in a recipe or something fashion related every once in a while. Especially writing lifestyle posts was something I really enjoyed writing but since I’ve been so busy with writing papers and studying for exams I just haven’t really come up with anything I actually want to write about.

I still have a ton of beauty items I really want to review but I hope that I can go back to having  some more diverse content soon. Now since I’ve been stressing out about exams there’s one face mask that helped me relax a little while also improving my skin and it’s the Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask. My favorite thing about this mask is that it warms up when you apply it to your skin and it feels absolutely amazing and so calming.


Since I have quite the sensitive skin many face masks sometimes sting a little bit when I first apply them. This one, however, didn’t do that at all but actually felt really good on my skin from the first second on. I’ve used it several times now and I can honestly say I’ve seen a difference in my skin. It looks a lot more clear, healthy and glowing, which I’m so happy about. My skin is usually pretty clear but lately it’s been acting up for some reason, which has been annoying me. Ever since I started using this mask my skin has cleared up a lot. The consistency is very nice as well. It’s pretty thick and creamy but not too thick, if you know what I mean.

I can definitely recommend this face mask as it feels so so nice on my skin and I’ve actually seen improvement in my skin very fast. What more could I want from a mask?

I hope that once my exams are over inspiration hits me and I will be happy with my content again.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,