A Very Luxurious Bronzer

Today’s post is about a bronzer that is well known in the blogosphere and has been around for a while. Most people either tend to absolutely love it or really dislike it. I, for one. have been literally lusting after this for absolute ages but being a student on a budget I just couldn’t ever justify spending a little fortune on a bronzer even if it’s Chanel.

Since I passed all of my midterms and my mom got a discount she surprised me with the Soleil tan de Chanel in the beginning of December and hardly any make up item has ever made me so happy. This bronzer is just so luxurious and beautiful.


The packaging is so classic and typically Chanel. You can go ahead and make fun of me now(just like the rest of my family did) but I didn’t use this bronzer for a weeks after I got it. I just didn’t want to touch it and destroy its beauty. However, I did end up trying it out of course because firstly I’ve been dying to add this to my collection and secondly it’s to expensive to just be sitting there on my shelve looking all beautiful and perfect.


So was it worth waiting for this long? For me it definitely was. I’m more on the pale side and this bronzer really isn’t lying when it claims to match universally. I was definitely worried that it would be too dark on me and would make me look like I’d rubbed my face in mud instead of that sun-kissed look everyone wants to achieve but my worries were all for nothing. The texture is so velvety and creamy and though it’s easy to go a bit overboard with the bronzing as it’s so pigmented it real blends like a dream and melts in with the skin so nicely you can definitely correct it should you apply a bit too much.


This bronzer makes my skin look nicely bronzed in a really natural way. I mostly use this to just bronze my face but it also makes a great base for contouring.  Since it is a cream bronzer I was really curious on how long it would last but it last pretty much all day on me, so there’s no need for a touch up. The bronzer is insanely pigmented and I only need the tiniest bit of product, so I do believe that it’s going to last me a very very long time!


Even though I love the packaging it’s definitely not very travel friendly. It’s quite huge and really chunky and takes away a lot of space in my make up bag as well as in my make up drawers. Apart from that I really love this bronzer!

Yes, it’s really pricey but it will give you the most natural fresh looking bronzed glow and it will probably last you forever. If you want to treat yourself to something luxurious or if you want to invest your money into a really good make up product which will last you and does exactly what it’s supposed to you might want to add this to your wish list.

I couldn’t be happier with my bronzer and should I ever run out of it (which I sure won’t in the near future) I’d definitely repurchase it.

Have you tried this bronzer? What is your favorite luxurious product in your make up collection?

Thanks for reading,


Kiko Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer


As you might have seen in one of my recent haul posts, I bought the Kiko Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer in 01 radiant Honey. Having heard so many good things about this product I was really excited to try it.

First of all I really like the packaging. The sculpting powder comes in a rather chunky white packaging and when you open it up you get quite the big mirror. The product itself contains two bronzer shades, a lighter and a darker one, and a gorgeous highlighter.


The two bronzers aren’t insanely pigmented and you need a bit more of product to get the look you want, however, this might be quite handy if you are just starting out with contouring and you don’t want to over do it, because that can happen quite fast. I also really like how it comes with two different shades. You can either use the lighter one to add that bronzed glow and the darker one for contouring or, how I like to do it, you just swirl your brush through both of them and mix them up.

Now on to the highlighter. This really is a gorgeous one. It is quite glittery, so a little really goes a long way. All you need is a tiny bit and it will add a beautiful golden shimmery glow to your cheeks.

Considering the price I can definitely recommend this as you get two bronzing shades plus a beautiful highlighter. I’m quite pale, which made contouring quite hard for me at first but with this duo it’s so easy to do even when you are just starting out, because it’s very subtle and it takes a lot of product to really go overboard. Oh and have I managed the adorable packaging?

Have you tried this? What are your favorite products for contouring?



July Favorites

Can you believe? Another month has already gone by. It feels like 2014 is flying by. Okay, 2014! You need to slow down a bit. It’s Christmas in 5 months, people! 5 freaking months! Wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday?

Well, July has come to an end meaning it’s time for a July favourites posts, so here’s what I’ve been loving this month.


Let’s start with skin care because I’ve been making a few minor changes in my skin care routine this month. I used to mainly use products from the Body Shop Tea Tree range because my skin hasn’t been looking it’s best throughout the month of June but because it improved a lot towards the end of it I decided to switch to the Aloe range by the Body Shop because it’s especially made for sensitive skin and since my skin is pretty sensitive I wanted to give it a go. I’ve actually already tried out the face mask I’m featuring in this post before and I have  written a review about it but I’ve been using it so much this month it was only fitting to include it in here. Because I enjoyed using this face mask so much I decided to try their gentle face wash and I can tell you it did not let me down. Definitely one of my favorites this month! I’ve used it every day.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15

This might be my new favorite concealer. I bought this in the very end of June and have pretty much used it every day since. Need I say more?

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 2N1 Desert Beige

I’ve included this lovely foundation in a haul post in the very beginning of July. Probably somewhere around the 3rd or 4th. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers rave about this foundation, which made me very curious to try it, so when it was 30% off at a local make up store near my parent’s house I used the opportunity to finally give it a go. I’ve used it a lot this month because it gives amazing coverage but still feels nice on the skin. It’s so long-lasting and makes my skin look incredible. I can definitely say I’m glad I gave in and got it.


Rimmel London 930 Bronze Goddess

I know I’ve only just written a review about this yesterday and now it’s being featured again in my monthly favorites but I’ve used this a lot in July, so it gets a well deserved place in this post. If you want a full review of this gorgeous lipstick check out my last post.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

I’m a lipstick lover but even the most stunning lipstick looks bad on dry lips, which is why lip care is so important. This is my absolute favorite lip scrub because it’s mint flavored. I’m a huge fan of all things mint. I love the smell of mint, I love the flavor, the taste of it and I love love love the color mint green. See why I love this so much? It’s smells amazing and makes my lips so incredibly soft.


The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 01

Yes, I know. I’ve included this post in my April or May favorites already, I believe, but it’s the only bronzer I like. I’ve tried others but they tend to be too dark for me and make me look all muddy and just not good. With this bronzer I’ve finally found one that does exactly what it’s supposed to.

Mac Minerlaize Skinfinish Soft &Gentle

This might be one of my favorite products of all time. It’s so freaking beautiful! I got this a while ago and I seriously can’t believe I haven’t used it more. It’s just so pretty. It’s definitely my new favorite highlighter whether I want to add some shimmer to my cheekbones or my brow bones it looks amazing on both. It’s a little pricey, but so worth the money. Plus it’s gonna go a long way.


Rimmel London 60 Seconds 220 Sage All The Rage

I have to admit this isn’t the most fitting color for summer but somehow I really liked it and decided to paint my toe nails this color in mid July and kept it on there for the rest of July. It’s kind of a muddy green but I think it looks great with a white dress or black and gold sandals. I don’t even know why.

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Solid Perfume

I’ve seen these little guys every time I went into a Body Shop store (which is quite often) and every single time I thought about getting one. I’ve never tried solid perfume before but it sounded really interesting and I adore the heart shaped packaging. One day in early July I picked one up and I’ve almost used it every single day since. This smells incredible and because it’s so tiny it fits in every purse, so you can carry it with you wherever go. Pretty darn amazing, right?

Essence Get Big! Lashes Mascara

Another product I’ve just very recently written a review about. Although this isn’t one of my top mascaras I think it’s perfect for every day use as it is so affordable and gives you long well defined lashes without being too dramatic.


Alright! These are all the products I’ve been loving this month. Actually not all of them. There have been a lot more but these are definitely the ones I’ve used the most.

Which products have you been loving most this month?