In A Rush Favorites

I don’t know about you but time management isn’t one of my strengths. If I really have to I’m usually on time but not without being in a total rush. Especially when it comes to early morning lectures! I’m just not really a morning person. I really like my bed. Actually I love my bed and I hate having to leave it, especially on cold and early mornings. Hence I’ve found myself being in a total rush millions of times.

Now I’m also the kind of person, who rather skips breakfast to get a few more minutes of sleep but I still want to look presentable, so here are my favorite products to use when I’m in a rush.


Usually I start off with my base (slapping on concealer and foundation and setting everything with powder) but everyone has different favorite products here, which is why I’m going to skip that or this post.

Eye Make Up

So I’m in a total rush, so now I have to decide eyeshadow or eyeliner? I’m definitely an eyeliner kind of girl. In fact me without eyeliner on is a very rare sight! Very very rear! So obviously I’m going for the eyeliner and my go to one for weeks now has been the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Demolition. Yes, I’ve mentioned this a lot already but it’s one of my favorite make up items at the moment. I love the dark brown shade and it’s just so creamy and easy to apply and it lasts like a dream.

Next up is mascara. I just can’t leave the house without mascara because my eyelashes are blonde, so if I don’t wear mascara it looks like I have no lashes. One of my favorite drugstore mascaras is the Essence I love Extreme Mascara. This one is so affordable and so impressive! There’s a pink and a black edition and I have no idea what the difference is, to be honest, but I like the design of the black one better, which is why I always purchase that one. Maybe I should find out what the real difference is.



No time for contouring so all I’m doing is whirling my brush around in my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. This one’s a limited edition and includes a  beautiful bronzed shade, a rose gold, a gold and a silver beige kind of shade. Basically it creates a beautiful mixture of those colors and provides your skin with a lovely subtle glow. In a way it functions as a blush and highlighter in one.



This is a definitely an optional step and nothing I do each time. Sometimes I don’t really feel like putting anything on my lips except for maybe a lip balm but when I do, I’m really liking the Essence XXL Longlasting Lipgloss at the moment. The reason why I love this so much is because comes with a matt effect and it’s the only lip gloss I’ve ever tried that’s not sticky at all. I have this in the shade 05 Velvet Rose, which is a lovely neutral pink. I’m a lip product junkie, which is why I tend to reach for a different lip product a lot but this one I’m totally loving at the moment and I think I might add a few more to the collection.



Basically this is my go to make up look whenever I’m in a rush and though I switch up the products these are the ones I definitely reach for the most.

What are your go to in a rush favorites?

Thanks for reading!


Perfect Products For That Bronzed Summer Glow



We all love that summer glow, right? There’s nothing better then returning from a fun summer vacation with a nice tan and radiant skin. Well, not all of us can go on vacation and not all of us tan. I always have to use loads of sun screen or else I’ll freaking burn, so basically I have the option between turning into a lobster or just staying the pale white person I am. I usually opt for the last one unless I forget to put on sun screen. Now this is where make up comes in handy. Us lucky ladies still have the possibility to recreate that pretty summer glow with a bunch of amazing make up product and those products is exactly what today’s post is all about. I’m sharing my favorite products for a nice summer glow with you guys.


First of let’s talk base. A good base is the first and a really important step for great summer skin. Since it might get a little hot and you might be sweating a bit in the heat of the summer sun I prefer to use a BB cream on those hot summer days. BB creams are much lighter on the skin than foundations and therefore don’t go caky on you. Plus some of them can even improve your skin from any imperfections while wearing them and let’s be honest! Who wouldn’t want that, right? My favorite BB cream of all time would have to be the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. I’ve heard of people who didn’t like it as much but for me this really does work miracles. It gives a good coverage while still being light on the skin. It lasts me all day and yeah… it just works little miracles.

Another important part of a good base is, obviously, a decent concealer. One of my personal favourites is the Mabyelline Fit Me concealer. Just love this stuff. Lastly you might need a powder to set your foundation or to cover up shiny skin. For summer I prefer translucent powder.


Next up is bronzer. Bronzer is the perfect product for every girl that just doesn’t really get tan, so basically me. Even if I do tan a little at times my face never ever tans. It seriously doesn’t, which is why I like to use a bit of bronzer to give my skin that slightly tan sun kissed look. My personal favorite bronzer currently is the Body Shop Honey bronzer. I’ve tried a bunch of others and even though I did like them they were just too dark for my skin and made it look so fake and there’s nothing I hate more than looking fake. The Body Shop offers quite a range of different shades and I even found one suiting my skin type. YAY! If you’re pale and looking for a good and affordable bronzer I can honestly recommend this one.




Okay, so this highlighter I only got recently but it is already one of my favorite products ever. This is the Mac Mineralizing Skinfinish Highlighter in Soft & Gentle. There’s really not much to say about this product apart from that it’s absolutely stunning! I love applying this on my cheekbones or along my brow bone for a bit of a highlighting shimmer. It is just so pretty and I feel like this would pretty much suit any type of skin color whether your super pale like me or really tan. It’ll look gorgeous anyway. I tried to take a picture of a swatch. My camera did pick it up but in reality it looks even more beautiful. I know this isn’t the cheapest highlighter out there and I was really debating whether to get it or not but it’s really worth the money. Besides it’s really going to last you ages as you probably won’t use it every day and you won’t need much of it because it’s really pigmented.




Last but not least we’re going to need blush to perfect our summer glow. One of my favorite blushers for summer has to be this Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. I believe this one was a limited edition but I think there are still some out there that are quite similar to this one. All of the colors included in this shimmer brick look absolutely beautiful on their own and add some shimmer to your skin to make it glow but you can also use one big brush and swirl them all up together to create a perfect light bronze shade with a hint of gold and light pink. I’ve swatched them all for you and also added a swatch of all of them mixed up together.

And we’ve already reached the end. These are the products I like to use to kind of recreate that bronzed summer glow you usually get when going on vacation somewhere warm and sunny.

Hope you like this post!

Happy Monday,


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