Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace


If you’ve seen my London make up haul you might recognize this little blush palette. You might also remember that I bought it by accident (I actually wanted a different one) and was a bit shocked by the bright colors because I didn’t expect them and I usually stick to might soft pinks and corrals when it comes to blush. But since I spent my money on this I thought I might as well just give it a go and see what happens and I have to admit I’m actually really glad I ended up with this palette.


Sleek is quite known for their highly pigmented blushes and these are by far no exception, which scared me even more at first because these colors are so out of my comfort zone. So if you’re not familiar with the blush by 3 sleek palettes.. well basically you get 3 stunning and very pigmented blushes in a handy sleek looking little packaging, which is perfectly sized for on the go and traveling.


Let’s start of with the first shade. It’s called Crochet and it’s a rather light but still very bright matte orange. I’m a lover of soft peachy shades but I’ve never tried a blush like Chrochet before. I always thought oranges would never suit my skin type as I’m quite pale. Nonetheless I’ve used this blush a few times now and I have to admit that I do like it although it’s not my favorite in this palette. The good thing about this blush is that you can really build it up, meaning that you can also make it look very subtle. I really like the way it warms up my complexion but I do think this would be an even better shade for anyone with a nice tan or if you have a darker skin complexion anyway.


Now on to the shade in the middle, which is by far my favorite shade from the palette aside from the fact that I have no idea how to pronounce it. Good thing I don’t have a YouTube but just a blog so I can type it out. It’s called Guipure and it’s the most beautiful stunning rose gold with a hint of peach. This blush is the only shimmery one in the palette and it’s very universal. I’d say it would look good on almost everyone. Unfortunately the camera didn’t really pick it up but it gives you the most stunning shimmery glow and it’s perfect for an every day look.


Last but definitely is the shade Chantilly, which is a bright dark but matte corral and the one shade that scared me the most after swatching it. It is just such a loud shade and I usually never go for bright blushes. I always keep it fairly natural so this one was definitely a bit of a challenge for me but after testing it out this is the blush that surprised me the most from this palette. It is very bright but you can play it down a bit and blend it to create more of a subtle look. This might be a color I’ll be pulling out in the summer a lot for a fun and colourful look. So in the picture on the left I applied it a bit more heavily while on the right it’s very subtle.


Have you tried this palette yet? What are your favorite sleek blushes!

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Perfectly Pink Flushed Cheeks


I bought this little Sleek Blush By 3 palette quite some time ago, when I went to the UK in August last summer. I had heard so many great things about the Sleek blushes before, I just had to try them, so I thought why not try one of their  palettes? I did and I ended up picking up one called Pink Lemonade. 


This palette comes in a compact black little box and contains, as the name already suggests, 3 different pink blush shades, two being powder blushes and one being a cream blush. One thing that I really like about the packaging is that it comes with quite the big mirror, which always comes in handy for traveling.

Now, I really don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this one on my blog earlier as I’m absolutely loving this blush palette. Some people might say pink blushes are more suited for spring and summer but I actually quite like them during the winter time. Mainly because I usually skip out on blush during summer and go more for a bronzed look or I go for a more peachy blush.


But back to the actual palette. I really love how versatile it is as all blush shades differ immensely. First off Pink Mint is a rather sheer baby pink. It’s quite cool toned and contains some lovely gold glitter particles. It’s very pigmented but I think it’s perfect for pale skin as it is quite sheer after all. But you can always build it up of course.

Macaroon is the cream blush of the palette and definitely a cool toned pink as well. It kind of reminds me of a Barbie pink. It’s very pigmented but still very easy to apply as it blends perfectly even when you just use your fingers. I love how creamy the texture is and it has an amazing staying power. You can either use it on its own or if you want to add a bit of shimmer, you can apply either of the other two blushes on top of it, which will also prolong the wear.

The last shade is Icing Sugar and it’s more of a coral/slightly orange pink. It’s insanely pigmented and has a very metallic like shimmer as it has a frost finish. This one is my personal favorite from the palette because I love how it warms up my complexion and I love the golden shimmer it adds to my cheeks.


I’m definitely really impressed with this palette and those blushed really deserve all the praise they get. This December I’m already going back to England (I’ll be in London over New Years again. Yaaay) and I have a feeling I might try to get my hands on some more sleek blushes. Any recommendations?

As always thank you so much for reading! Also, I just noticed that I’ve hit 400 followers here on WordPress! Thanks so much to everyone that is reading my little blog, commenting or liking a post. It genuinely makes me so happy and I appreciate it so much!