What I Got For My Birthday

After a bit of contemplating and asking on Twitter I’ve finally decided to do a What I Got For My Birthday post after all. I, personally, always enjoy reading them, so I decided to write one up for you guys. But before I get into what I received, let me just say that I am very grateful for everything I’ve received for my birthday and I really appreciate everything I got and I would’ve been happy with a lot less. The most important thing for me was to just spend it with my family anyway! Now that I got that out of the way let’s get right into it.


If you’ve read my last blog post you know that I got to spend my birthday in London to go see Wicked, which was my main present and pretty much the best thing ever. But my parents also got me a pair of Beats headphones! This was my main wish ever since my brother got a pair for Christmas. The sound quality is such a difference and they are so much more comfortable to wear than my regular Apple earphones. Since I basically listen to music all the time I was so so so happy when I unwrapped these and my parents even got the color right. I have a bit of an obsession with everything white.


Another thing I got from my parents is the Urban Decay Naked 2. I already own the Naked 3 and I have the Naked On The Run as well and the Naked 2 was next on my wish list. I’ve already used it quite a lot and I think I might even like this one more than the Naked 3. Now I do feel like I need to get the Naked 1 though just to complete the collection.


So my brother has pretty much outdone himself. His birthday is in May and I already got his birthday present and I didn’t think he could top mine. My brother and I both listen to a lot of R&B and HipHop/Rap and I got tickets to go to a J Cole concert because my brother and I both love his music and though this blush can’t top that, it gets pretty damn close. Just look at this absolute beauty! I could just stare at it for hours! It’s so freaking beautiful I don’t even wanna touch it let alone use it.


If you’ve read my wish list you might know that I was looking for a new handbag and my lovely grandparents bought me this one for my birthday. I’ve already instagrammed it a little while ago. As I was in London and couldn’t celebrate my actual birthday with my grandparents they took me shopping two weeks before and I got to pick a present, so I went for this beautiful purse. Obviously it had to be white.


Since I also got some money for my birthday I decided to spend a bit of that on make up, of course. So when in London my mom and I went to Selfridges and I went for this gorgeous Tom Ford lipstick in the shade Plum Lush and this super pretty Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette. This is my first ever Charlotte Tilbury purchase and I’m already hooked. It’s such a lovely palette!


Yesterday I met up with my best friend and look what she got me! I’ve been lusting after Mac Sin for the longest time and she got it for me. It’s even in the Mac Toledo edition packaging, which is so pretty. The color is so stunning and I’m so happy to finally have it. And she also drew me this card! When I first saw it I thought she printed the images out and colored them in but she actually drew everything herself, which I can’t quite believe because it looks so perfect. I wish I could draw like her because I can’t even make a stick figure look cool.

So apart from this I just got a bit of money and some gift cards as per usual. I’m so so happy with everything I received because basically everything was on my wish list! I definitely do have some amazing family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post!

As always much love,


My Birthday Weekend

Hello lovelies,

how are you all? So as you may or may not know it was my birthday last Saturday and I was fortunate enough to spend it in London with my family. Now, I am one very lucky girl when it comes to my birthdays. My last three ones have been incredible and they kept getting better and I’m kind of scared that my 21st birthday is going to totally suck because all the others have been so amazing! On my 18th birthday I got the best of both worlds by being able to celebrate with my family during the day and one of my friends asked me whether she could have her birthday party that day even though it was my birthday and at first I wasn’t too keen on the idea but it turned out to be pretty amazing because basically I got to go to a party with lots of my friends on my actual birthday and the whole crowd sang happy birthday to me, which was so sweet of them. Since my 18th birthday was a day and night to remember I wasn’t really looking forward to my 19th birthday because I was in my first year at university back then and I had my midterms, so I couldn’t go home. However a really good friend of mine organised a huge surprise for me by getting together a bunch of friends and they all drove all the way to where I go to University just to surprise me. I honestly thought I had to spend my birthday all by myself writing essays so you can image my surprise when a bunch of my friends showed at my door. I was so touched I nearly cried and I hardly ever get emotional. The next day my family came to visit me and we had the most amazing day out in the city.


So my 18th and 19th have been absolutely incredible but this year it got even better. My amazing family took me to London for an entire weekend to go see the musical Wicked, which I’ve been wanting to see for ages. We arrived in London pretty early on Friday morning and after checking into the hotel we went straight to the city center. At first we just went for a little walk through St. James Park before we went shopping for a few hours. My dad absolutely hates shopping and my brother isn’t too keen on it either, so the fact that they would go into every store I wanted to go in was pretty nice of them but it was my birthday weekend after all. Basically I bought a bunch of make up. Yes, I know! Shocker! After a perfect day in the city we went to have dinner at one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants in London which was pretty good.


On the day of my birthday I had to wake up pretty early and after receiving some very lovely gifts from my family we went to have breakfast at a Starbucks close to the Tower Bridge. Afterwards we just walked along the Thames River for a while before heading back to the hotel to get ready to see Wicked. The show started at 7.30pm but our hotel was a bit further away from the center, so it always took us quite some time to go back and forth. However Wicked was absolutely incredible. I don’t listen to a lot of musical songs on a daily basis (thought I love watching musical) but I’ve always loved the song defying gravity ever since I first heard it. I think there’s just something so empowering about that song, so I couldn’t wait to see it being performed live and oh my god it was incredible. It almost made me tear up and I don’t really get emotional about things easily. Basically it’s been perfect and even better than I imagined it was going to be. I loved every single second of the musical and if I could I’d go watch it again in a heartbeat.


I’m so glad I had another magical birthday and I honestly don’t think 21 can top this. I just had the most incredible birthday weekend and I don’t even mind that I have to spend the rest of the week writing essays and studying for exams.

If you’ve been one of the lovely people who wished me a happy birthday on Twitter then thank you so much again!

Would anyone like to see a ‘What I got for my birthday post?’ I personally enjoy reading those type of posts but I know they can be quite controversial and I don’t want to be showing off, so I’m never sure if I should go for it or not. Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading so much! It always means a lot!

Much love,


My 19th Birthday (What I did & What I got)

It seems like I haven’t blogged in forever though it’s barely been a week. I never believed this would happen but I miss blogging a lot, so I decided to take a break from studying for a little while and at least tell you guys how my birthday was.

I’ve mentioned it before, that I’m in the middle of exams right now and couldn’t go home for my birthday. At first I was pretty upset about that because the thought of spending my birthday in my little room all by myself working on a paper about the Great Gatsby just didn’t sound very appealing. The day before my birthday I just kept telling myself that there are way worse things in this world and that I should just appreciate the things I have and the opportunities I get. At first that worked but on my actual birthday I didn’t really. My family would always make me an amazing birthday breakfast and bake me a cake and I’d get presents and they’d just always make sure that my birthday was really special. Even though my housemates wished me happy birthday when the clock struck midnight and gave me an amazing present, a cupcake mix, a gift card to my favorite make up store and cookies, and I woke up to 20 lovely texts full of birthday wishes it just wasn’t the same. The texts kept coming and all my friends wished me a happy birthday and asked me what I’m doing, so having to tell everyone how I was doing nothing special except for studying made me even more depressing.

At 7.30 I was just about to put on my favorite pj’s, snuggle up in my bed and watch movies when our doorbell rang. I was wondering who that could be at that time so I made my way upstairs but one of my housemates had already opened the door. I heard these familiar voices and someone asking for me. When I went to the door I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seven of my really good friends, including my best friend, had come all the way to where I live in Holland just so I didn’t have to be alone on my birthday. They even brought sparkly wine and glow sticks. Trust me, I was close to tears. I’ve only known them all for about 2 and a half years because I transferred schools after my year in Louisiana and some of them I didn’t even become friends with until shortly before graduation because I never had classes with them and only met them through mutual friends.  I even got another gift card to my favourite make up store from them and my best friend got me the matching body lotion and shower gel to my favorite body mist from the body shop.



I guess I can definitely say I’ve found some amazing friends. I still can’t believe they did this for me. You guys should have seen my face when I saw them. My jaw just literally dropped and I couldn’t say a thing and just kept shaking my head in disbelief. After I realised that they really did come all the way we all tried to fit into my tiny little room and just celebrated me turning 19.

My parents and my brother told me that they were coming the next day, so I got up early on Saturday to clean up a little. They came at around 12pm and brought me a cake. YAY


So after unwrapping my presents we all sat down (along with my housemates) to have some cake. After that we went downtown. The city I live in is really beautiful. Its located alone a river and we had lovely weather. I don’t remember the last time it was that sunny and warm on my birthday. I still remember it snowing last year.  So we did a little bit of shopping and relaxing along the river side.


At around 7pm we went to have dinner and I had the best tomato soup ever.


Unfortunately my family had to leave after dinner but still I had one of the best days.

And here’s what else I got for my birthday.


From my grandparents I got this perfume I’ve been lusting over called Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf. And I also got a batman onesie. Yay! This was totally on my wish list. I can be a bit of a geek when it comes to superheros. Don’t know why but I just love them and Batman is, apart from Captain America, my favorite.


My brother got me a bunch of things from the Body Shop.


My parents got me a make up brush set.


I got this beautiful pearl necklace from my parents as well. Isn’t it absoultey gorgeous? I’ve been wanting to have a pearl necklace ever since I was a little girl. I kind of associate princesses and class with pearls, so I guess this is a childhood dream come true. From my (host)family in Louisiana I got these cute little earrings in the shape of Louisiana.


I also got a bunch of lovely cards from my relatives and 4 gift cards to my favorite make up store in total. I can’t wait to place my order and get some products off my wish list.


That’s basically how I spent my birthday. Even though I expected nothing from it it was definitely one of the bet birthdays ever. Sure I got some amazing presents but what made me happy the most was the fact that they all traveled all the way just to surprise me and celebrate with me. My friends and family totally succeeded in making me feel special on my day and I don’t even think I can put in words how much that means to me.

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

XX – Sophie