Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – New HG?

As I’ve mentioned before I don’t like to change up my foundation a lot and usually tend to stick to the same product but every now and then I do feel the need to try out something new. One foundation I’ve been lusting after especially is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. First off my skin is definitely more on the dry side so everything luminous always sounds nice to me and then I’ve read so many raving reviews about this foundation. The only thing that put me off for the longest time was the hefty price tag this foundation comes with but being the makeup addict I am I eventually bought it anyways.


I still remember how torn up I was about this foundation when it was delivered and I was about to try it for the first time. On the one hand I wanted to love it because I just spent a little fortune on it but then I also wanted to hate it because I was a little afraid that I would end up liking it so much that I’d always need to repurchase it. Do you understand my dilemma here?

But lets’s get back to the actual product and start talking about the packaging. The foundation comes in a very nice looking glass bottle with a simple black cap that has the logo on it and most importantly it comes with a pump! I personally love the very simplistic yet beautiful packaging because it adds a touch of luxury to the product but then again considering that this is a very luxurious high end foundation I wouldn’t expect anything less.


In the past I was always drawn to very full coverage foundations such as the Estee Lauder Double Wear or the Mac Studio Fix Fluid and while I still love them my skin has been changing  and so have I and I just don’t feel the need to wear high coverage every day anymore. The Luminous Silk foundation has up to a medium coverage, which is all I really need for every day as my skin is in a pretty good condition these days. What I really like about the formula is that it is not as thick as most of my foundations that I’ve used before but a lot more thin and watery without being too runny. I think it is because of the formula that it blends so seamlessly into my skin and feels so light as if I’m not even wearing any foundation at all.


I’m so happy that I found my perfect color match right away and I honestly love how it makes my skin look. I feel like it provides me with just the right amount of coverage and doesn’t sit heavy on my face but actually feels really nice. It doesn’t emphasize any dry patches and it doesn’t get cakey. It lasts all day even throughout work when I’m constantly active and it doesn’t settle into fine lines or breaks around certain areas. Basically it’s all I would ever wish for in a foundation! Having tried this foundation I can now definitely understand why it is so hyped in the beauty world and I my fear of liking this too much has become reality because I have a feeling that it might become my new favorite despite how expensive it is.

This really reminds of how when I was around 15/16 I used to think that Mac Cosmetics was already super expensive and I always wondered how anyone could spend more than maybe 20 to 30 bucks on a foundation and now here I am at nearly 21 practically writing a love letter to a foundation that retails for way over 30. Oh how times have changed!

Have you tried this Armani foundation? Do you love it or hate it? What are your favorite high end foundations?

Thank you for reading.



7 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – New HG?

  1. I’ve heard amazing things about this foundation, totally know what you mean about wanting to love it because you have spent so much on it but then if you do love it it’s such an expense to repurchase all the time, I love that it has a pump! This is on my list to try out.

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