Tom Ford – First Time


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today I’m back with another beauty related post! Yay! As you can imagine the main part of my Christmas wish lists consisted of makeup, especially lipsticks. One of my absolute favorite lipstick brands is Tom Ford. I think their matte lipstick formula is amazing and I would own every single color if they didn’t come with such a heavy price tag. But I got lucky this year and got one Tom Ford lipstick for Christmas, which I can now add to my small collection.

IMG_3914 (1)

So the color I received is called First Time, comes in a matte finish and is a sightly coral nude. Usually I like to stick to my pink or brown based nudes and stay away from the peachy and orangey ones, because I feel like they don’t suit my complexion as much. But for some reason with this color its different. I feel like although it has some slight coral undertones to it, it is still quite neutral and such a lovely everyday shade. Also I like to mix it with a more brown based nude lip pencil and then apply this color to slightly lighten it up.

IMG_3911 (1)


Now as I already mentioned I love love love Tom Ford’s matte lipstick formula. Matte is my favorite lipstick finish but unfortunately matte lipsticks can be very high maintenance for every day wear sometimes as  they can feel and be very drying. However the Tom Ford formula is very lightweight and actually feels very moisturizing and nice on the lips. I feel like it doesn’t dry my lips out at all. It applies so effortlessly and stays on for hours. Basically it is everything I could ever wish for in a matte lipstick.

IMG_3909 (1)

I think I don’t even need to talk about the packaging because in my opinion it is one of the prettiest along with the YSL ones. As you can probably already tell I’m once in love with another Tom Ford lipstick and I just want them all if they weren’t so damn expensive.

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Blogging and Life Goals for 2016

I know I’m a tad bit late but happy new year guys! I hope you all had a lovely NYE. I thought I’d kick off the new year with a more personal posts so here are my blogging and life goals for the year of 2016.

But first let me take you a bit back in time. Since the last half of 2014 turned into quite the nightmare for me I didn’t set any resolutions or goals for 2015. All I wanted for 2015 was to get back to my old self and find happiness again and I think I came pretty close to that. Though I’m not entirely the same person I used to be I can finally recognize myself again. But honestly I think when you experience something traumatic it is going to change you and you can never go back to that exact person you once were because you cannot just forget what happened. I’m sure we’d all like to forget certain moments, experiences or even people but that’s just not how life works. In order to move on you have to deal with it.


While it took most 0f 2015 to get over 2014 I eventually managed to cope with everything that happened and now I’m finally at a much much happier and better place. I have my motivation back, which is why I’m determined to make 2016 my year!

  1. First off I want to get back in shape. After not being allowed to exercise and work out for so long I really want to push myself to hit up the gym regularly again and get back to a healthier me.


2. When I first started University I was so determined to do much better than I did in high school and get really good grades because I finally got to study something  I was really interested in. However, having to start my second year late because of health reasons I stopped caring about school for a while. I’m still not even sure how I made it through my second year sometimes. I guess I just forced myself to function but I didn’t actively put any effort into anything. Since I now finally have my old motivation back I really want to work harder for those good grades

3. I hope that just like last summer I get to travel again! Traveling has always been a huge passion of mine because I love to explore other countries and cultures, so I hope that I get to do a bit more of that in 2016.


4. One of my main goals this year is to focus more on my blog again! I’ve really been slacking with blogging lately. I used to enjoy blogging so much and I still do but life has been getting in the way so much lately. Additionally I just couldn’t motivate myself to write. I’m not really sure why because I used to want to write and post all the time. But I really hope I can go back to posting new and interesting content for you consistently again!

5. In 2015 I got the chance to work with quite a few  great brands, which was incredible. Honestly, when I first started blogging I never ever in a million years thought that any brand would ever contact me to work with them. So I’m quite proud of myself that that I’ve gotten some great opportunities through my blog in 2015. For 2016 I’d love to work with more  amazing brands and maybe some more great opportunities will come my way.


6. In case you guys didn’t know I’m a huge Instagram addict! I spend so much time on Instagram it’s probably not good. But it’s definitely my main source for makeup, nail and outfit inspiration. And obviously I also love posting on there myself. I’m currently so close to 6000 followers, which is so little compared to some but a lot to me. For 2016 I hope to improve my Instagram as well as my blog and hope to gain some more followers on the way. 10K would be like my ultimate goal for 2016.That seems like so many people to me but I’m already more than halfway there so who knows? Maybe I can get there.


So these are my personal goals for 2016. Basically I’m just really motivated to hopefully improve many aspects of my life, which will hopefully lead to a more confident and happier me. I guess happiness is my absolute main goal of the year because being truly happy isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be.

Did you set any goals for 2016? What are they?

Thanks so much for reading!

Lots of love,