A Blush Palette I Cannot Get Enough Of


Although I do use blush as a part of my daily makeup routine it’s not one of those products I tend to get massively excited about unless it either looks absolutely stunning or just really does something for my complexion. To be honest most of my blushes tend to be high end ones actually. I really love Chanel and Nars blushes, so they are probably my most used ones.

Now I’ve been eyeing up the Golden Spice Blush palette by Makeup Revolution for a while now because let’s face it, the palette looks beautiful! When I went a little bit crazy on their website a few weeks ago and ordered a bunch of palettes, this one was actually the main reason I decided to place another order. Of course I was ridiculously excited to try it out and see if it could live up to my pretty expectations.


Honestly since receiving this palette I haven’t used a whole lot of other blushes because I am obsessed! Seriously obsessed! This palette includes 8 absolutely stunning shades, it’s quite versatile and obviously it’s very practical for traveling due to the slim packaging. There is one shade that is more of a highlighter and one shade that is actually a matte brown, so more of a bronzer. However, all other 6 shades are very shimmery. But what impressed me the most was how pigmented all 8 shades are. Considering they’re blushes you really have to use a light hand and keep in mind that less is more because it’s very easy to go a bit overboard with these blushes since they are so pigmented. I’m definitely not one to complain about great pigmentation though!


I actually really like the highlighting shade as it is so bright and I do love a strong check bone highlight every now and then. From a light brown to a soft pink, a dusty rose and more of a coppery shade this palette really offers a nice variety of blushes. My personal favorite is the second shade in the bottom row, which is an incredibly beautiful duty rose and so nice and shimmery. This color just really suits my complexion quite nicely, which is probably why it is my favorite. However, there is not one shade I haven’t used from this palette.


I’m seriously impressed with Makeup Revolution for creating such a beautiful palette that offers you products with great quality for a very affordable price! Before purchasing this palette I was really hoping to love it but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution blush palettes? What are your thoughts?



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