Zoeva Brush Set in Rose Gold

I’ve been seeing these beautiful Zoeva Brushes in Rose Gold all over the Internet and Oh My Gosh they are just absolutely stunning! Quite possibly the most beautiful makeup brushes I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve been contemplating whether I needed them in my life for the longest time, especially considering that I already have quite the collection of makeup brushes including a different Zoeva set, but eventually I caved in and ordered them anyway. They were too pretty not to buy! And they come in the prettiest little bag.



I mean how stunning is this bag? Plus it easily fits all of the Zoeva brushes that come with the set and definitely a few more as it’s quite big. So the set comes with 8 brushes, three face brushes and five brushes for your eye makeup. And to my defence I did not just buy this set because it’s so pretty but most of the brushes it contains I don’t already own yet – at least not by Zoeva.


104 Buffer Brush: I was really excited to try this foundation brush because the only other foundation brush I own by Zoeva is the Stippling brush, which I don’t really get on with. It takes forever to apply my foundation because it doesn’t blend as evenly and sometimes seems to make my foundation look streaky so I just give up and switch to a different brush or use my fingers. This brush, however, blends my foundation perfectly and I’m really happy with it!

126 Luxe Cheek Finish: As you can already guess by the name this brush is mainly supposed to be for applying blush or maybe even bronzer and that’s what I use it for as well. This might actually turn into my new favorite brush for applying blush.

108 Face Paint: I’m not sure why this is called face paint because that sounds much more like a name for a foundation brush but I use it to contour. It fits perfectly in the hollows of my cheeks and I think it’s really great for contouring.

228 Luxe Crease: I already own this brush in the regular black and silver edition but it’s a nice brush for blending eyeshadow in your crease area and I don’t mind having two in case I lose one because this is definitely one of the brushes I use on a daily basis.

226 Smudger: Basically this is the perfect brush for smudging out eyeliner or I also really like using it to apply eyeshadow along my lower lash line.

234 Luxe Smoky Shader: This brush is supposed to help you smoke out your eyeshadow as the name already suggests but I actually use this to just pack on color onto the lid.

322 Brow Line: Obviously this is an eyebrow brush and having used it quite often now I really do like it. I don’t have a long and complicated eyebrow routine to be honest. My eyebrows are pretty dark and full naturally and they already have a shape, so literally all I do is use a bit of powder and fill them in.

317 Wing Liner: This is another brush I already own in the regular edition but can you ever have too many eye liner brushes? I think not! Especially if it’s a good one.



So in general I definitely don’t regret buying another Zoeva brush set. I think they are of such good quality and they look so pretty you really can’t complain especially considering the prize. And they always come with a really nice bag to store them in as well. But I do have a feeling this won’t be the last set of brushes I’m purchasing from them.

Thanks for reading!



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