NOTD – Little Dose of Rose


So today I’m posting my first ever nail related blog post and that is pretty special to me for a good reason. I actually used to bite7pick at my nails a lot, sometimes even until they would start bleeding, whenever I would get nervous or felt anxious. My nails used to look really disgusting to be honest and I was always pretty ashamed of them but nothing could make me stop biting them for years no matter what I tried.

When I applied for a job in retail in August, because I wanted to earn a little extra money on the weekends, I knew that I really needed to change something about my bad habit. Before my job interview my mom tried as much as she could to make my nails look halfway decent, which was definitely quite the challenge. I ended up getting the job, so then I definitely knew that I needed to somehow break my bad habit. I’m not really sure how I managed to do it because I’ve been trying to stop for years but somehow I just did and my nails now look pretty decent and healthy again, which I’m so happy about.

So for today’s post I thought I’d just show you one nail polish I’ve been totally obsessing over ever since purchasing it. When it comes to makeup I know my stuff but not so much when it comes to nail polish because I haven’t been able to wear any in years. The other day I was browsing the aisles of my nearest drugstore and stumbled up the Catrice Cosmetics Luxury Nudes nail polish in 08 A Little Dose of Rose. 


When my nails were finally long enough for me to paint them again I was really excited to try out lots of different colors. One colour I’ve kind of been on the hunt for is a pretty soft pin that is perfect for everyday and just makes your nails look really pretty. However a lot of the pink polishes I came across were a little to pink or too light for me until I found this one. This is the exact colour I’ve been looking for and what I love most about it is that it dries to a matte finish.

I’m a total Instagram addict and I spend so much time just looking through pictures of makeup, outfits and nails. I don’t know how people take such great pictures of their nails because I’ve really struggled. Nonetheless I tried to take some pictures of the polish applied on my nails, so you guys can see what it looks like. Now I’m not that good at painting my nails yet and they are not as long as I want them to be but I think I’ve done an okay job for now. I’m definitely working on it and I’m so glad I can finally make use of my nail polishes.



I would definitely recommend the Catrice nail polish because it’s so easy to apply and it looks so beautiful. I honestly never thought I’d get so excited about a nail polish.

So since I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to nail polish please let me know your favorite brands, finishes and colors so I can put together a little list of what I need to get.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post!



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