A Blush Palette I Cannot Get Enough Of


Although I do use blush as a part of my daily makeup routine it’s not one of those products I tend to get massively excited about unless it either looks absolutely stunning or just really does something for my complexion. To be honest most of my blushes tend to be high end ones actually. I really love Chanel and Nars blushes, so they are probably my most used ones.

Now I’ve been eyeing up the Golden Spice Blush palette by Makeup Revolution for a while now because let’s face it, the palette looks beautiful! When I went a little bit crazy on their website a few weeks ago and ordered a bunch of palettes, this one was actually the main reason I decided to place another order. Of course I was ridiculously excited to try it out and see if it could live up to my pretty expectations.


Honestly since receiving this palette I haven’t used a whole lot of other blushes because I am obsessed! Seriously obsessed! This palette includes 8 absolutely stunning shades, it’s quite versatile and obviously it’s very practical for traveling due to the slim packaging. There is one shade that is more of a highlighter and one shade that is actually a matte brown, so more of a bronzer. However, all other 6 shades are very shimmery. But what impressed me the most was how pigmented all 8 shades are. Considering they’re blushes you really have to use a light hand and keep in mind that less is more because it’s very easy to go a bit overboard with these blushes since they are so pigmented. I’m definitely not one to complain about great pigmentation though!


I actually really like the highlighting shade as it is so bright and I do love a strong check bone highlight every now and then. From a light brown to a soft pink, a dusty rose and more of a coppery shade this palette really offers a nice variety of blushes. My personal favorite is the second shade in the bottom row, which is an incredibly beautiful duty rose and so nice and shimmery. This color just really suits my complexion quite nicely, which is probably why it is my favorite. However, there is not one shade I haven’t used from this palette.


I’m seriously impressed with Makeup Revolution for creating such a beautiful palette that offers you products with great quality for a very affordable price! Before purchasing this palette I was really hoping to love it but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution blush palettes? What are your thoughts?



Mac Favorites I Collab with Molly Isabel

Hey Lovelies,

today I’m collaborating on a blog post with the lovely Molly Isabel from mollyisabelsmith.blogspot.co.uk. One of my favorite parts about the blogging world is the community and getting to talk to and work with other bloggers. Since Molly and I both love Mac Cosmetics we decided to tell you all about our favorite Mac products! So let’s get right into it.



Let’s start off with the basic face products you need for a flawless complexion. I haven’t tried too many of Mac’s foundation to be honest but I do love the Studio Fix Fluid, which seems to be an old favorite of many people. I personally prefer a full coverage foundation and this definitely has great coverage without feeling too heavy on my skin, which is a massive plus for me! This foundation has never disappointed me, so on days when I need my foundation to look flawless and last this one is always a safe bet.

My absolute favorite concealer ever is by far Mac’s Pro Longwear concealer! It covers everything you would ever want to cover, it lasts, it lets any dark circles disappear and most importantly it does not crease! What more could I want from a concealer?

Lastly the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish is one of my all time favorite products and that says a lot because I have accumulated quite the makeup collection. This was my first ever Mac product and my first ever more high end makeup product. I’ve raved about this powder so many times I don’t think I have to say more.



My favorite Mac blush is Well Dressed, which is the perfect dusty rose matte blush! I love this for days when I want a really natural makeup look because this adds just the tiniest pop of color to my very fair complexion.

Mac’s Soft & Gentle is quite known in the beauty world and many people rave about this product. I think this one is definitely worth the hype! It’s my favorite highlighter by far and I use it almost daily. I’m already on my second one and as you can see it’s quite used up already.



Mac is probably most known for their lipsticks, which I currently own 23 of, so you can imagine it was pretty hard for me to just pick a few favorites as I do love them all very dearly. Yes, I’m definitely a lipstick addict. However, if I could only pick three and had to get rid of the others I would keep Velvet Teddy, Persistence and Sin.

Velvet Teddy is the perfect nude lipstick in my eyes because it’s more brown based and darker, which suits me a lo better than peachy or very pale nudes. Persistence is similar to Velvet Teddy but slightly darker.

I absolutely love dark lipsticks. Especially a dark red so Sin is one of my all time favorite lipsticks ever!



I’ve only started building up a Mac eyeshadow palette fairly recently but I still do have some favorite eyeshadow. My first favorite is Mac Shroom, which was my first ever Mac eyeshadow and is also my most used one. Next up is Tempted which is a gorgeous bronzy shade, which I got about 2 years ago and still obsess over from time to time. Lastly Satin Taupe is one of my newest eyeshadows, which I only got very recently but it’s such a stunning color I know it will become a staple piece in my collection.

So here you have my Mac favorites. It was pretty hard to narrow it down to a few because I love so many of their products but these are by far my most used ones.

Make sure to go check out Molly’s favorites now!



Zoeva Brush Set in Rose Gold

I’ve been seeing these beautiful Zoeva Brushes in Rose Gold all over the Internet and Oh My Gosh they are just absolutely stunning! Quite possibly the most beautiful makeup brushes I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve been contemplating whether I needed them in my life for the longest time, especially considering that I already have quite the collection of makeup brushes including a different Zoeva set, but eventually I caved in and ordered them anyway. They were too pretty not to buy! And they come in the prettiest little bag.



I mean how stunning is this bag? Plus it easily fits all of the Zoeva brushes that come with the set and definitely a few more as it’s quite big. So the set comes with 8 brushes, three face brushes and five brushes for your eye makeup. And to my defence I did not just buy this set because it’s so pretty but most of the brushes it contains I don’t already own yet – at least not by Zoeva.


104 Buffer Brush: I was really excited to try this foundation brush because the only other foundation brush I own by Zoeva is the Stippling brush, which I don’t really get on with. It takes forever to apply my foundation because it doesn’t blend as evenly and sometimes seems to make my foundation look streaky so I just give up and switch to a different brush or use my fingers. This brush, however, blends my foundation perfectly and I’m really happy with it!

126 Luxe Cheek Finish: As you can already guess by the name this brush is mainly supposed to be for applying blush or maybe even bronzer and that’s what I use it for as well. This might actually turn into my new favorite brush for applying blush.

108 Face Paint: I’m not sure why this is called face paint because that sounds much more like a name for a foundation brush but I use it to contour. It fits perfectly in the hollows of my cheeks and I think it’s really great for contouring.

228 Luxe Crease: I already own this brush in the regular black and silver edition but it’s a nice brush for blending eyeshadow in your crease area and I don’t mind having two in case I lose one because this is definitely one of the brushes I use on a daily basis.

226 Smudger: Basically this is the perfect brush for smudging out eyeliner or I also really like using it to apply eyeshadow along my lower lash line.

234 Luxe Smoky Shader: This brush is supposed to help you smoke out your eyeshadow as the name already suggests but I actually use this to just pack on color onto the lid.

322 Brow Line: Obviously this is an eyebrow brush and having used it quite often now I really do like it. I don’t have a long and complicated eyebrow routine to be honest. My eyebrows are pretty dark and full naturally and they already have a shape, so literally all I do is use a bit of powder and fill them in.

317 Wing Liner: This is another brush I already own in the regular edition but can you ever have too many eye liner brushes? I think not! Especially if it’s a good one.



So in general I definitely don’t regret buying another Zoeva brush set. I think they are of such good quality and they look so pretty you really can’t complain especially considering the prize. And they always come with a really nice bag to store them in as well. But I do have a feeling this won’t be the last set of brushes I’m purchasing from them.

Thanks for reading!



Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit – Is it worth it?


Contouring is a makeup technique that seems to have become so popular in the past few years and is no longer a technique only used by professional makeup artist. It seems like nowadays we’re all striving for those perfectly sizzled cheek bones and try everything to sculpt our face the way we want it to look like. One contour kit in particular, that has been hyped up quite a lot is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit so it’s only natural for a makeup hoarder like me to be curious to try it.

But before I’m telling you my thoughts on the palette I just wanted to quickly share my thoughts on contouring with you. I think contouring can be a wonderful thing because it can help you emphasize your best features just that extra bit more. On a daily basis I tend not to contour much and when I do contour I usually only do so in the hollows of my cheeks, to emphasize my  cheekbones, along my temples and sometimes along my jar line, so pretty much in the three basic areas. I’ve never actually contoured my nose and I don’t ever do a full on Kim K style contour because it’s just not my thing. On the whole I’m pretty content with my facial features on most days (I’m sure we all have those days when we despise the face looking back at us in the mirror), so I only use contouring to emphasize certain areas but I don’t use it to drastically change my features. I think when it comes to contouring it’s each to their own. I personally prefer to keep it quite natural and rather go for a dramatic eye makeup or bold lip because I don’t like the feeling of layers and layers of product on my skin but these are just my personal preferences. If you love that full face contour on a daily basis, you rock it!

FullSizeRender 2

But back to the Anastasia contour kit. As you can see if you compare the first picture to this one mine is looking very used now and is quite scratched up. I really like its sleek black packaging but I don’t think the cardboard like material is ideal if you use yours a lot and throw if from makeup bag to makeup bag like I do. I’ve only had my palette for about 3 to 4 months and look at the state it’s in. Definitely not cute anymore but then again I don’t mind as much because it doesn’t come in the most gorgeous packaging anyway. Plus the packaging is quite handy for a contouring palette, which makes it good for traveling and due to the cardboard like material it is very light.

FullSizeRender 3

So once you open the palette you see that it contains 6 different pans, 3 highlighting shades and 3 contouring shades. The shades in the top row from left to right are Vanilla, Banana and Sand. The bottom row from left to right is Java, Fawn and Havana. What I really like about the palette is that once you’ve used up a shade you can replace the pan with a new one. Also Anastasia Beverly Hills has come out with a bunch of different shades, so you could always replace some of the shades with other color that might suit you more.

FullSizeRender 4

My most used shades out of the palette are definitely Banana and Fawn. Since Banana is a yellow based highlighting shade it’s absolutely perfect to set your concealer with under the eye area as it cancels out any dark circles. Since I’m quite fair skinned Fawn is the perfect contour shade for me because it is a very ashy cool-toned brown. Since it is quite greyish/ashy it comes closest to looking like a natural shadow on my skin. Sometimes when I want a very strong contour (which is a very rare occasion) I go for Java as it is slightly more pigmented and also warmer, which makes it stand out more. However, I never really use Havana as it’s more reddish and doesn’t really suit my complexion.

All of the six shades are mattes except for Sand, which is the only shimmery one. I, personally, prefer shimmery highlights but Sand is not simmery enough for me, so I usually go for my beloved Mac Soft and Gentle, but I do really like to use Sand as a brow bone highlight.

I find that all of the shades are quite powdery, which is why they tend to leave my palette looking quite messy as you can see in the pictures but I do think they apply very nicely on the skin and are easy to blend.


Swatches left to right: Vanilla, Banana, Sand

FullSizeRender 5

Swatches left to right: Java, Fawn, Havana

So is the palette worth it? If you are either an obsessive makeup hoarder like me or really interested in contouring/contour on a regular basis I think it is. You get quite a wide range of colors, so the palette includes something for almost every complexion. I use three of the six shades on a regular basis and there’s only one shade I don’t use at all (at least not on me) so I think it’s definitely worth it,

One thing I’ve also noticed is that ever since I’ve gotten this palette I have contoured more often because it makes contouring so easy. You literally have all you need in one palette and the shades are so easy and quick to blend, which turns contouring from a chore into an easy part of your makeup routine. So yes, I’d definitely recommend it.

What are your thoughts on contouring? And what are your favorite products to use?

Much love,


NOTD – Little Dose of Rose


So today I’m posting my first ever nail related blog post and that is pretty special to me for a good reason. I actually used to bite7pick at my nails a lot, sometimes even until they would start bleeding, whenever I would get nervous or felt anxious. My nails used to look really disgusting to be honest and I was always pretty ashamed of them but nothing could make me stop biting them for years no matter what I tried.

When I applied for a job in retail in August, because I wanted to earn a little extra money on the weekends, I knew that I really needed to change something about my bad habit. Before my job interview my mom tried as much as she could to make my nails look halfway decent, which was definitely quite the challenge. I ended up getting the job, so then I definitely knew that I needed to somehow break my bad habit. I’m not really sure how I managed to do it because I’ve been trying to stop for years but somehow I just did and my nails now look pretty decent and healthy again, which I’m so happy about.

So for today’s post I thought I’d just show you one nail polish I’ve been totally obsessing over ever since purchasing it. When it comes to makeup I know my stuff but not so much when it comes to nail polish because I haven’t been able to wear any in years. The other day I was browsing the aisles of my nearest drugstore and stumbled up the Catrice Cosmetics Luxury Nudes nail polish in 08 A Little Dose of Rose. 


When my nails were finally long enough for me to paint them again I was really excited to try out lots of different colors. One colour I’ve kind of been on the hunt for is a pretty soft pin that is perfect for everyday and just makes your nails look really pretty. However a lot of the pink polishes I came across were a little to pink or too light for me until I found this one. This is the exact colour I’ve been looking for and what I love most about it is that it dries to a matte finish.

I’m a total Instagram addict and I spend so much time just looking through pictures of makeup, outfits and nails. I don’t know how people take such great pictures of their nails because I’ve really struggled. Nonetheless I tried to take some pictures of the polish applied on my nails, so you guys can see what it looks like. Now I’m not that good at painting my nails yet and they are not as long as I want them to be but I think I’ve done an okay job for now. I’m definitely working on it and I’m so glad I can finally make use of my nail polishes.



I would definitely recommend the Catrice nail polish because it’s so easy to apply and it looks so beautiful. I honestly never thought I’d get so excited about a nail polish.

So since I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to nail polish please let me know your favorite brands, finishes and colors so I can put together a little list of what I need to get.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post!



Building Up My Mac Palette

One thing I’ve been wanting to own for years now probably is my own Mac palette. If you read my blog or follow my Instagram you might know that Mac Cosmetics is probably my favorite makeup brand if I had to choose (though that almost seems impossible). I’m obsessed with lots of different makeup brands but it’s Mac that was my first more high-end brand that I’ve tried and it’s the one brand that really started my makeup obsession and kind of got me into the world of makeup, so I think that’s why it’s so special to me.


Now while I have quite the big Mac lipstick collection I don’t really own a lot of their eyeshadows although I’ve really been wanting to build my own palette for a long time now. I’ve recently mentioned that I’m working on the weekends now and I got my first pay check paid into my bank account the other day, which was quite the moment for me to be honest. It’s definitely nice to have some extra money to spend and it feels even better to know I’ve earned it myself. So my dad told me I should go and buy something special before starting to save up. I thought about what I might like and thought why not finally start building up that Mac palette I’ve been dreaming of? So I went online and ordered one of their Pro Palettes. Now I haven’t purchased one of the inlays yet as I’m not quite sure if I want one. I think they do make the palettes look more neat but then again I can’t fit in as many eyeshadow. So I’m still debating on that. Along with the palette I ordered 5 eyeshadows after watching tons of Mac eyeshadow must-have videos on YouTube.


I already owned 4 regular eyeshadows by Mac before, a limited edition one and two of the new extra dimension eyeshadows, so I depotted my regular Mac ones and put them into my palette as well. And today I thought why not show you the colors I purchased and then maybe I can do some updates once my palette is filled up more.


Now I’m going to start in the left top corner and work my way done just letting you know what shades I’m owning with a quick description followed by swatches of course.


Shroom was my first ever Mac eyeshadow and as you can see it’s also my most used one. It’s a gorgeous shimmery shade, which I mostly use as a brow bone highlight.

Naked Lunch

I think Naked Lunch is a gorgeous light pinky champagne color. I love to use this one all over my lid.

All That Glitters

This one is quite the popular shade and I can definitely see why because it’s such a beautiful rose gold like shade. This is another one that I think looks stunning applied all across the lid.


Woodwinked is another very popular shade and I absolutely love this one. It’s the most perfect bronzy gold.


This one is my second Mac eyeshadow I ever bought and I love this one because it’s a gorgeous shimmery brown with a bit of gold glitter to it.


Everyone needs a good matte brown, so I figured this shade would definitely come in handy. Especially for the crease.


Since I always hear everyone going on and on about how beautiful cranberry is for fall eye makeup looks and how it’s supposed to be especially flattering on blue eyes I finally caved in last year and bought it. And boy am I glad I did because it’s stunning and makes my blue eyes really stand out.

Green Smoke

My grandma actually bought this color for me a while back and why I’m not sure I would’ve picked it out for myself I do actually really like it. As the name suggests it’s like a muddy smoky green, that’s nice for a bit of a different smoky eye.

Satin Taupe

This is probably the one Mac eyeshadow everyone seems to own, so obviously I needed to buy it. After trying it out a few times now I can definitely see why as it’s incredibly beautiful.


(Swatches from left to right: Shroom, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Tempted, Espresso, Cranberry, Green Smoke, Satin Taupe)

Although Shroom and Naked Lunch don’t seem to really show up here on this swatch they definitely do on my eyes.

So these are the shades that I currently have in my Mac palette and I’m very much looking forward to getting more. I’m always looking for good recommendations, so please do let me know your must haves!

Much love,