The Perfect Pinky Nude – Mac Faux

Hey loves,

guess what? I’m back with another Mac lipstick post! Because what else would you expect from a lipstick obsessed girl like me? So Mac Faux is the newest member of my constantly growing very beloved Mac lipstick collection. To my defense though I did not actually purchase this myself.  Well I did but not really. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Back 2 Mac program, so basically I had once again used up 6 Mac products and traded them in for this beauty.


Although I love my reds and berries and crazy colors sometimes I also do love my nudes very much. On most days you will probably catch me wearing some kind of a nude lipsticks, since I spend most of my time in class or studying or doing assignments. What a very exciting life I’m living. Since I’m very fair skinned I usually like to go for the darker more brown based nudes because most lighter shades make me look even more pale and really washed out at times. Obviously that is not the look I want to go for, which is why I’ve been loving Mac Velvet Teddy and Persistence as my go to nude lipsticks these days.

Nonetheless I like to switch it up sometimes and I’ve been looking for a nice pinky natural looking nude for the longest time. But most of the ones I’ve come across I just find slightly too pink. The thing is I’m fair skinned with blue eyes and blonde hair so pink is my color. Especially cool-toned pinks with blue undertones to them. However, I’m not a fan of barbie pinks. I know a lot blonde girls love those barbie pink lipsticks but to be perfectly honest here I’m not a fan of those. Now I’m gonna admit that I used to wear lots and lots of pink clothes and pink lipstick once upon a time but I’ve kind of outgrown that phase and I just don’t like those super pale barbie bubblegum pinks anymore. If you love your barbie pinks go for it. No judgement. It’s just not for me personally. Or at least not anymore.


So the other day I went into Mac with my momma and we were looking at their lipsticks, when she suggested to try out Faux. After swatching it I knew that I needed this lipstick. In my eyes it’s the perfect light pink nude because it has such a neutral look to it. It’s a Satin finish, which is my second favorite finish from Mac. It’s very pigmented and feels so creamy and moisturizing on the lips. It doesn’t wear as long as some of my other favorite nudes but they’re all matte so it’s not exactly fair to compare them. Nonetheless this lasts a good 5 to 6 hours for me without having to touch it up unless I’m eating or drinking a lot.

As always I have a swatch for you but please note that for some reason it looks a lot darker in this picture than it actually is. Almost like a mauve color. But I also have a picture of how it looks on my lips and I think you can see that it looks a lot lighter on me than it looks swatched on my skin.



Ever since buying this I’ve been wearing it a lot (almost daily) and I feel like this is definitely going to become a staple in my makeup bag.

Do you have any other recommendations for natural looking slightly pink nudes? If you do definitely let me know!

Much love,


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