My Handbag Essentials


I’m one of those girls, who pretty much carry half of their belongings with them in their handbag and I never ever leave the house without one. I probably don’t even use half of things I tend to carry around but there are a few essentials I can’t be without and alway bring with me. As you’ve probably already guessed I’m also one of those girls, who owns quite a bunch of different handbags but there’s only one I tend to use on an everyday basis, so that’s the one I decided to use for this post. I only recently purchased it from H&M because I needed a relatively large bag that could fit some books, paper to write on as well as my laptop for my university classes. Most of my other bags either weren’t big enough or not the kind of bags I would want to bring to class. Additionally I ride my bike to school, as people do when you live in the Netherlands because that cliché couldn’t be more true, so I need a bag that’s quite sturdy. I found the perfect one in H&M because it is quite big and it’s black so it goes with everything. But now on to my essentials.


The Obvious ones

I never leave without my keys obviously (at least I hope I won’t ever). I have quite a lot I carry around because I have 5 keys just for the apartment I live in but I don’t even know what all of them are for to be honest. One key I have is for my parents house and then I need two keys for my bike and a set of car keys.

I usually always bring my wallet. The one I currently use is a Michael Kors one I got about three years ago but it’s gold and matches a lot of my bags because they tend to be black with gold or white with gold or any color really with gold.

Whenever I drive somewhere I always bring this little Vera Bradley wristlet because I keep my driver’s license and car documents and that kind of stuff in there.

And then I never ever ever ever leave without my phone and I tend to always bring a bottle of my favorite water, which would have to be Evian. I don’t know if anyone else has a favorite water brand but I can totally taste the differences.


The Makeup Stuff

My every day powder is and probably will always be Mac Studio Fix. I’ve tried a bunch of other powders but somehow I always keep going back to this one. I use this every single day and always bring it in case I need to do some touch ups.

I’m a lipstick addict. I wear lipstick almost every single day of the week. Don’t judge! I just feel a little incomplete without it now. So naturally I always bring the lipstick I’m wearing that day. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this one a lot already but my current favorite every day lipstick is Mac Persistence. I usually always wear this one to work and I wear this to class a lot as well.

Since I always bring lipstick I always bring lip balm. It’s usually an EOS one that I never take out of my bag anyway.

One thing my hair can’t live without is my beloved Tangle Teezer. I have pretty long hair, which likes to get a bit messy and tangled up sometimes so I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without my Tangle Teezer. I have a regular one and a travel sized one and one of the two comes with me wherever I go.

Lastly I like to take perfume samples with me, in case I was in a rush and didn’t have time to spray on some perfume before leaving or just to fresh it up a bit.


The Other Totally Necessary Stuff

I never go anywhere without Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel. I own a ton of these and have one in literally every single bag I own. My current favorite one is the Paris flavored one by Bath & Bady Works. It’s pink, it has blue glitter in it and it smells so good.

In case I’m not using perfume I like bringing a fragranced body spray/deodorant. I’m currently obsessed with the Vanilla Kisses one by Impulse. It smells really nice, so I always keep a bottle of this in my bag and one in my locker at work.

My hands tend to get very dry unfortunately, so I always have some hand lotion with me especially once the colder months come around. My current favorite is the Almond Nail and Hand Cream by the Body Shop. It really moisturizes my hands without being too sticky and of course it smells amazing.

The last thing I always have a few of in my bag are band aids. I’m ridiculously clumsy so I have to make use of them way more than I intend to. The ones I’m currently using are the Democare Plasters.* They come in Ocean life or Wild life themed designs. I think they are perfect for anyone who loves animals because of the cute patterns and the best thing is that by purchasing a set of these you are actually supporting the WWF. They’re waterproof, hypoallergenic and very gentle on the skin. You can find them at Ocado, Amazon and the WWF Shop for £2.99!

So this completes my handbag essentials. These are the things I try never ever to be without whenever I go places, whether that’s work, out with friends or a lecture on campus.

What do you like to keep with you?

Have a great Sunday,


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