Holiday Party Look II Guest Post By Sophia Smith

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I’m very excited to introduce another guest writer to you today. Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, makeup, fashion and jewelry design. She could be described as fashion addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is also regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to fashion, beauty and style. I hope you guys will enjoy reading Sophia’s article just as much as I did and don’t forget to check out her social media links, which you can find at the end of the article.

Holiday Party Look – Pure White and Golden Tan 

Every fashion-lover knows that the best colors to wear during the summer are light and bright. And the queen of them is none other than her majesty, white. This summer is no different, except you can wrap yourself in all white fabrics and look breathtaking.

White Collage 01

On the contrary to popular opinion, wearing all white doesn’t necessarily have to look boring and monotonous. It can be a stunning way to accentuate your sun-kissed summer tan and when accompanied with appropriate accessories it can transform into amazingly well combined outfit which will attract all eyes on you.

Let’s find out together, how can white clothes do magic for golden tan, and vice versa.

Playing with White

Since the color is not the only thing that makes one outfit special, you can do your best to make a statement with different fabrics and textures. The trick is to make all white not to look all the same. White pencil skirt by itself reflects business lady sex appeal, while combined with lace top it gives a sense of gentle femininity. If you actually want to add some touch of chic and glamour with accessories, the best way to go are golden pieces.

White Collage 02
You can combine your white dress with golden or silver jewelry, which will additionally enhance your tan, or you can wear a metallic or caramel shade belt. If you want to achieve boho chic, you can accessorize with interesting patterned scarves. Adding a pop of color will make your outfit even more summer-lovin’. Here, you can let your imagination run wild. From yellow stilettos to green purse, everything is an option.

Beach-Lovin’ Look

We all agree that white goes the best with golden tan. And we don’t mean that faux tan stuff, but the real deal. The lying-on-the-beach-for-days tan will look perfect in an easy-breezy white summer dress. And the tan is not all that should be natural.

To achieve that carefree and on-a-summer-vacation look, you should restrict from wearing too precise hairstyles. Avoid the ballerina precise up-dos and perfectly shaped curls. Instead, wear casual half-up-do and I-woke-up-like-this boho chic waves. And if you want to take that summer look even further, opt for balayage effect to create soft, sun-kissed appearance of your hair.

White Collage 03

Make it with Makeup

As with any other style choice, makeup should accompany this summer trend. Summer, of course, isn’t a season where plentiful of makeup should be used. It’s important to be moderate, while accentuating some areas. Your cheeks, for instance, should be enhanced with a bronzer. To draw attention to your eyes, use golden and bronze shades.

 White Collage 04

Last, but not the least, one of the most seductive parts of your face – lips. Nude shades or a colorless gloss are the right tools. To achieve the seductive look of a sexy diva (a la Kim Kardashian), you can turn to some makeup tricks and use a lip pencil in a nude shade. For a little permanent effect, if you’ve always wanted full lips, you can decide for lip enhancement.

White and gold should be a choice for every woman who wants to feel as a Roman goddess this summer. And no, it’s not boring. It’s divine.

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