The Beautiful Brussels

So just as promised I want to share another one of my summer travel adventures with you guys. It’s already been a while since I went on this trip but I absolutely loved it in Brussels, so I decided that I was going to blog about my trip there anyway. I still have two more weeks left before I return back to college and I thought I’d so much time to blog this summer but somehow time’s just been flying by and I’ve really been slacking lately but I’m very determined to work on a blogging schedule again because every time I do blog I realise how much I miss it.

Anyway.. back to Brussels. As you may or may not know I’ve been traveling to a few cities within Europe with one of my best friends, that I went to high school, this summer. One of the cities we visited was Brussels. We only went for a day but I genuinely hope I get to return to this place one day because I fell in love. I was really excited to go see Brussels because I’ve heard that it’s supposed to be a pretty city but I didn’t expect it to be this beautiful. I honestly feel like it’s so underrated.

Since we only had a day we tried to take in as much as possible, so we basically walked around the city all day and I’ve seen some of the prettiest buildings along the way. We were really lucky because the weather was amazing. Obviously we had to try some original Belgian waffles and oh my gosh they were delicious. I really wish we would’ve had more time because we came across a bunch of museums, that seemed really interesting, which I would’ve loved to visit. But since we had little time we decided to explore as much of the city as possible. We also went to go see the Atomium, which is located a bit outside of the city. I expected it to be a bit smaller than it turned out to be but it was definitely a cool sight to see. I’ve just included a bunch of pictures I took, so I hope you enjoy them.

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5 thoughts on “The Beautiful Brussels

  1. Your pictures just reminded me of how much mu husband and I loved Brussels! We went to Brugges, Antwerp and Ghent too – all worth a visit definitely if you ever get a chance!

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