June Favorites

Hey lovelies,

how are you? I hope you’re all enjoying the amazing weather right now! Since today’s the last day of June I figured it’s time for my June favorites posts. Besides I think I haven’t done a favorites post in a while because I honestly don’t even remember when I wrote the last one, so here we go.


Mac Studio Fix Powder

I think I’ve made it more than clear that Mac Mineralize Skinfinish is pretty much my holy grail powder and the one I’ve been using ever since I was 14. However, I love Mac’s Studio Fix powder as well and I usually switch up between the two. This month I’ve been using Studio Fix every single day though. I just love how nicely it sets my foundation and concealer and it just gives that little bit of extra coverage.

Mac Mineralize in Gentle

I got this blush a little while ago and I’ve actually written a full review on it but it’s been one of my favorites and most used blushes this month. It’s just such a gorgeous shimmery pink. Perfect for an every day look.


Mac Twig Lipstick and Kiko Lipstick in 611

I got this Kiko lipstick a while ago and then a few weeks back I bought Twig and after using them both a lot I’ve realized how similar they actually are. Now it’s not an exact dupe but they are definitely very close in color. Only Twig is a bit lighter on the lips and has more of a pink undertone while the Kiko lipstick is a bit darker and more brown based. But I’ve included a swatch for you. Twig is the one on the right and the Kiko Lipstick is the one on the left. Now I don’t know the complete name of the Kiko lipstick because it says it nowhere on the packaging but I do know it’s number 611 and the packaging is one that definitely stands out, so it should be easy to find.


MaxFactor Blush in Alluring Rose

I just wrote a blog post about the MaxFactor powder blushes recently but Alluring Rose has been my favorite by far, so I just had to include in this post. I’ve been using it nearly every day because I like it so much. It just really warms up my complexion and adds this really nice glow to my cheeks. It’s just perfect for the summer.

Maybelline The Great Lash

This is just one of my absolute favorite mascaras and the one I’ve been using the most lately. It adds length and volume and it’s just a really nice mascara.


Victoria’s Secret Body Mist White Cotton & Pink Lily

I really like the Victioria’s Secret body mists. They’re great for days when you still wanna smell good but don’t feel like putting on a heavy perfume. This one looks so cute. I love the soft pink packaging but of course it also smells amazing! Now I suck at describing scents but this one is very light and fresh, which I very much prefer over sweet scents.

St. Moriz Self-Tanning Mousse

Since it’s finally sumer and I’m basically as white as a wall I’ve been self-tanning a lot this month. I love the St. Moriz one because it’s really cheap but still does the job. First I was scared it might turn me orange but it gives me a really nice and natural looking tan.


Yankee Candles

I used to not really get the obsession with scented candles. I’ve never really liked candles because I think they’re cheesy and I’m scared of fire. But then I was given a scented candle and I’ve realised that they can be quite relaxing and I love how they make my room smell. So early this month I went to my nearest Yankee Candle store and bought a whole bunch. My two most burned candles this month have been Sweet Apple and Midsummer’s Night. Sweet Apple is more of a sweet scent (obviously) but it’s not too overly sweet. It pretty much smells like one of those sugar coated apples you can get at a fair. I just think it’ s so nice for the summer. Midsummer’s Night is probably not for everyone because it has quite the masculine scent to it but it’s very fresh and I love the color.


So these are my June favorites! What have you been loving this month?

Much love,


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