A Glowing Complexion with the Sleek Precious Metals Palette

Okay, so I bought this little beauty of a palette all the way back in December! I’ve been wanting to review it for weeks now but somehow I never did. But now that summer is coming up I think it’s the perfect time to review this! While I rarely use bronzer on a daily base I can hardly go a day without using highlighter! I’m a bit obsessed with highlighter to be honest! I just love how they add a nice, healthy glow to your face and brighten your complexion. Over the past month my collection go highlighter has grown quite immensely but I just love to test them all out. I can’t help myself. When I stumbled over this Sleek highlighting palette while I was in London I just immediately knew I had to have it.


Usually I have more champagne, rosy kind of highlighter because I prefer them over the colds months. While this palette does contain one champagne shade it also includes 3 more golden highlights, which I think will be perfect for the summer to chi eve that golden blowy sun-kissed look! Basically this palette contains 4 shades; 3 cream highlights and one powder and all three are absolutely gorgeous! As always I’ve got some swatches for you! Just look how pretty those colors are!


So you have Platinum, which is beautiful champaign color, which I love using in the inner corner of my eye or my brow bone. Next to Platinum there is Royal Gold, which is a stunning glittery gold shade. In the lower row on the left there is Renaissance Gold, which is lee glittery than Royal Gold and more of a bronzed gold. The final shade on the right, Antique Gold, is more of a copper shade and it’s also the only powder in this palette. Since Antique is a powered and quite dark you can even use it as a bronzer if you’re pale like me, as it really warms up complexion! The packaging does come with instructions on how to use which shade but I don’t really follow those to be honest.

What’s nice is that the palette comes with a relatively big mirror, which I always love because they can come in pretty handy if you’re traveling. It also includes a brush, which I’ve never used though. I either use my Zoeva creme cheek brush or my fingers to apply the cream shades, which works well for me. But I think when it comes to application and which shade you want to use for what it really comes down to what you prefer individually


But to sum it all up I’m quite in love with this palette. I love how it offers more golden bronzed shades, because I don’t have any of those yet and they will be so nice once the sun comes out more and summer rolls around! If you want to achieve that golden shimmery summer glow I would definitely recommend this! The highlights are absolutely stunning and really easy to work with it.

Have you tried this palette yet? Are you highlighter obsessed as well?

Much love,


17 thoughts on “A Glowing Complexion with the Sleek Precious Metals Palette

  1. I absolutely adore sleek as a brand! their products are sooo amazing and you can’t beat their prices but I’ve never used this palette before I must try and see if my local makeup shop has it in stock! would love it if you took a minute to read my latest blog post :) would really appreciate it :) xxx

    1. Me too! I especially love their blush palettes! I can definitely recommend it :) thank you for taking the time to comment. I’ll definitely have a look! :) xx

      1. do you use the cream or powder? I’ve only ever used their powder blushes but was thinking on diving into the deep end and trying their cream ones! their trios are amazing! thanks so much lovely! xx

      2. I’ve tried both and like both about equally I think. It’s hard to decide haha. You should definitely give them a try :) xx

    1. They’re definitely one of my most loved drugstore brands at the moment. My favorites are they’re blush by 3 palettes. I can definitely recommend it :)

  2. I had a great Sleek eyeshadow pallet! They have pretty good lipsticks to (i’m a bit of a lippy hoarder) but they’re a bit smaller than a standard size. How much is this pallet? I literally need a whole new makeup bag – i cant wait for payday!

      1. They’re alright ! I guess i can’t rave about them too much though because i stopped using them a while ago. I’m in love with urban decay eyeshadow – i dont think that will change! …thanks for the price i might give this a whirl !

      2. I sometimes kinda stop using products because I have so many and just forget about them haha. Yeah, Urban Decay eyeshadows are amazing! Nothing beats the Naked palettes! no problem :)

      3. Tell me about it..i’ll have to dig deep into my shallow pockets and invest soon! Cant wait to revamp my makeup bag and write a fun post about all my brand new products. I’ll be like a kid in a candy shop !

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