A Palette I Neglect Too Much


I think it’s quite obvious that I have a teeny tiny okay maybe a huge obsession with make up. I always have a list on my phone of which products I need to get next and once I cross one item off I add another five. It’s a never-ending cycle. Just like every other make up obsessed girl I have to admit that I sometimes purchase products simply because I want them and not because I need them or will get a lot of use out of them. One of these products is my Urban Decay Electric palette. The palette obsessed girl that I am I immediately decided that I needed this palette in my collection when I first saw it. I have nothing even close to similar to this palette and I loved the crazy colors and the cool packaging. There’s nothing much to say expect that I just fell hard for the palette.


When I was in the hospital last summer my amazing mom actually went out and bought this for me as a gift to make me feel a little better and cheer me up! Well, her plan definitely worked and I was on cloud nine when I unwrapped it. When I told my friends about his palette none of them shared my excitement and they just thought the palette looked like a paintbox and I was crazy for wanting it.

Ever since I was quite young I’ve loved make up and I’ve loved experimenting with crazy and bold looks (even thought I wouldn’t wear them outside my bathroom) and that passion never went away. I know the colors this palette includes are very bold and loud and maybe look quite insane to some people but I love the challenge this palette brings a long with it and I love how you can create some really unique looks with it and add a pop of color to a more simple look. Especially during the summer months I’ve loved using this palette for some more colourful eye make up looks.


With this palette you get incredibly stunning shades and I’ve worn and love every single one of them except for the shade slow burn, which is an orange red that just does not suit me at all, but I imagine it to look absolutely stunning on someone with a darker skin tone. My personal favourites shades are Fringe, which is a gorgeous shimmery teal, Revolt (a beautiful silver),  Jilted (a shimmery blue based dark pink) and Urban (another shimmery dark purple). Except for Revolt every shade is so incredibly pigmented and they last so long!


Unfortunately this palette obviously isn’t one I grab too often because it doesn’t have the most wearable shades for a simple every day look, which is what I go for most of the time. However, I still don’t regret getting this palette. In fact, I’m really glad because it’s so unique and I wish I wouldn’t neglect it as much. Hence I can’t wait for the warmer months when I will have more time to do my make up in the morning and I always feel like bold and bright colors are much easier to pull off during summer.

Do you have any particular products that you love but tend to neglect a lot?

Thank you for reading!

Much love,


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