Tom Ford Lips & Boys – Flynn


When I bought my first Tom Ford last December I also had a look at the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection and what can I say? I guess, I just got sucked in by the cuteness of size of these lipsticks and ended up buying one along with my Tom Ford Indian Rose lipstick, which I’ve already written a post on ifย you’re interested. In case you didn’t know (I’m sure you do though) the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection is a limited edition collection of lipsticks that are about half the size of the regular Tom Ford Lipsticks and are advertised as the perfect size for a clutch and instead of having fancy names are all named after a guy. As far as I know they are still available until the end of February but don’t quote me on that.ย SAMSUNG CSC

The one I opted for after a 30 minute swatching session with my best friend is Flynn. Flynn is described as a light pink to mauve shade on the Tom Ford website, which I would definitely agree with it. It’s such a nice soft light pink, which makes it a perfect shade for a very causal look or if you’re going for a heavy eye make up look and want a more neutral lipstick to even out the look, this is the one.



The formula is so nice and creamy and the lipstick feels quite moisturizing, which makes it so comfortable to wear. It applies so evenly and it is definitely very well pigmented, which is a big plus for me! It looks like such a tiny lipstick but you won’t need much of it because of its pigmentation. The only thing I find a bit of a bummer is the staying power which is around 4 – 5 hours for me before I need a touch up but then again this is a cream formula and I usually tend to go for matte lipsticks, which seem to stay in place so much longer.


Nonetheless I’m head over heels for this little stunner that is Flynn. Theย packaging is the typical Tom Ford one, which is so beautiful and luxurious. I also think Flynn is such a cute name. The light pink color is absolutely stunning and I feel like it would suit quite a lot of different skin types. I couldn’t be happier with this little beauty and I have no regrets having spent a little fortune on it.

Have you bought any of the Lips & Boys collection? Which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading!



9 thoughts on “Tom Ford Lips & Boys – Flynn

      1. I definitely want to take a look! Trust me! I will have a look! Though that probably won’t be the best idea as it’s probably gonna wanna make me buy more. But I’ll check it out anyway ๐Ÿ˜„
        Hope you have a great weekend too! ๐Ÿ’• xxx

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