A Beauty of a Lipstick – Tom Ford’s Indian Rose

I’ve mentioned several times before how much of a lipstick lover I am and there’s one brand in particular which I have been dying to get my hands one and that’s without a doubt Tom Ford lipsticks. They are the most luxurious beautiful little things ever but unfortunately their price tag is not so little. In fact, it’s quite the opposite with a whooping 47€ over here. A bit crazy, right? But even that price tag couldn’t keep me away (after a few months of consideration) and I used a bit of my Christmas money to finally buy one.


Now my friends have declared me for totally insane for spending so much money on a lipstick. I just wish I had a beauty blogger bestie I could text like every day and talk to about everything make up related as my friends in real life just can’t seem to understand my passion and often make me feel a little judged when splurging out on an expensive make up item. Anyway… Getting totally off topic here!


Back to the stunning Tom Ford lipstick. So shortly after Christmas, while I was in London, I went to the big Selfridges over there to look at all the beautiful Tom Ford make up items. It was so hard to pick out a lipstick but I eventually decided to go with Indian Rose. If you’ve read my blog before you know how much I’m into a bold lip, which is why I’m actually a tad surprised by myself that I went for such a neutral dark pink shade.


As for the packaging I don’t think I need to say much. You can see for yourself how pretty it is. Now on to the actual lipstick. Indian Rose is a beautiful dusky/ mauve kind of pink. I would almost describe it as a your lips but better shade. It applies so smooth, it’s an actual dream. I’m just in love with the texture of the lipstick because it’s just so soft and velvety. Another plus is how incredibly moisturizing it feels on the lips, which makes it so comfortable to wear. The lipstick lasts quite a few hours but unfortunately it doesn’t last much longer than you average much cheaper lipstick. Nonetheless this is just a stunning lip color I know for sure I’ll be getting a lot of use out of!

Here’s a swatch for you and how it looks on my lips:



Although Tom Ford has some amazingly bold lip colors in his range I’m actually really happy with the choice I made by going for a more neutral and quiet shade, which I think looks just as beautiful. I think this is such a great color that matches with so many things and will be suited for so many different occasions. All I can say is that I’m in love and this might become one of my absolute favorite lipsticks.

Have you tried any of the Tom Ford lipsticks? Which one is your favorite?



17 thoughts on “A Beauty of a Lipstick – Tom Ford’s Indian Rose

  1. This lipstick is so so gorgeous, I’m lusting over one big time!! You, as always, look gorgeous as well and that lip colour is a perfect match for you! Hope you are well lovely xxx

    1. Thanks, Kavi! You’re the sweetest! I’m so happy with this lipstick! It’s just so stunning. Too bad they are so expensive. I’m doing okay. Hope you’re well yourself :) xxx

      1. Heheh ;) you picked so well! I would’ve been so nervous about getting the wrong shade… Good good, I’m also good thank you – so happy it’s Friday!! xxx

      2. I was nervous though! They’re so expensive so I wanted it to be like perfect haha. Thats good to hear :) yeah, I bet! Luckily my lextures don’t start until February haha

  2. This colour is gorgeous, so so jealous. It really suits you beauty. I’ll be your beauty bestie hun, I know what you mean a lot of my friends think i’m insane for knowing the names of all my lipsticks without looking!

    What Abby Loves

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