My Artdeco Palette

Hey lovelies!

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! Who’s excited? I sure am. So I’ve talked to you about building up my own little eyeshadow palette with Artdeco before as my mom put 12 little eyeshadows in my beauty advent calendar for me. I know, I’m really lucky she did this for me and I couldn’t be happier with the shades she picked for me.


Building up an eyeshadow palette with the concept Artdeco uses is pretty much the easiest thing ever. They offer little boxes with the biggest one having room for up to 12 eyeshadows. The eyeshadow pans as well as the box you put them in are magnetic. This means that you can just easily pop them in and out. If you ever want to rearrange the colors or one is empty and you want to replace it or if you get bored of one shade and want to add a different shade it’s so easy to arrange them. So a big thumps up for that!


Another big plus is the wide variety of shades. They have an amazing color range in different finishes ranging from matte to shimmery or super glittery. If you can’t find enough gorgeous shades to put together a little palette with the choices you’re giving there must be something wrong with you. Obviously I haven’t tried every color from their collection but every shade I’ve tried so far ( around 14 in total I believe) has been of a really good quality. Each shade is very pigmented, super easy to blend and they last a fair share on the lid without a primer.


The only thing I’m missing when it comes to these eyeshadows is a cool name. I don’t know if it’s just me but I love when a make up product has a cool name. All of these eyeshadow just have numbers, which are printed on the lids (I’ve taken mine off) but you can also find them on the side of the little pan. Obviously this is just a minor thing though and I can only recommend trying out some Artdeco eyeshadows. They’re quality is amazing and I love their palette building system. It’s a super easy way to pick up some of your favorite shades and arrange them just the way you want without having to do any depotting or what-so-ever.

Here are some swatches of the shades I currently own.


(Top row including the shades 373 19s, 544 26s, 30 51k, 380 21s, 378 23s, 206 14s)


(Bottom row including the shades 271 27s, 314 44p, 316 24s, 311 40p, 45 31p, 38 40p)

I’m really happy with the shades my mom picked for me because now I have a nice range of nudes, browns and neutrals but I also have some great shades to use for a glittery smokey eye.

Have you ever tried any Artdeco products? What do you think of their palette building system?

Thank you for reading!



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