An Old Favorite – Mac’s Well Dressed

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It’s another Monday but for once this one’s not too bad because I have my very final seminar of the semester today! Whooop Whoop! Tomorrow I have one more exam and then I can go home for Christmas. I literally can’t wait. But today I don’t want to talk to you about Uni. Today’s post is all about an old favorite of mine – Mac’s Well Dressed as you might have been able to guess from the title.

I’m not sure whether this was my first ever blush or my first blush by a more high end brand but I’ve had it for the longest time now and I’ve been loving it ever since I first applied it to my cheeks. Well Dressed is the most gorgeous subtle soft pink that gives you this really naturally flushed look. In my opinion it’s the most perfect blush for a causal every day make up look.

In general I already prefer powder blushes but this one really tops them all. It just feels so soft and velvety and perfect. The pigmentation is just right. It’s pigmented enough but not so much that it’s easy to go overboard and it blends like an absolute dream. It was one of my first ever blushes and it’s definitely a great blush to start out with because it suits a lot of skin colors and a subtle pink should be a part of every blush collection.

As you can see from the picture mine is quite dirty but also very well loved! I can only recommend this gorgeous blush and it’s definitely a favorite of mine that’ll never get old.

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